DCP Authentic?

  1. DCP Authentic?

    Hey wassup guys. Not here to question RPNs Products. But I just purchased 2 bottles of DCP from the only website that currently carries it. I have a few questions about its authenticity though (the DCP).

    1. The pills are a different color then the ones in the display photo and decribed a bit different in size from how previous users describe them in there logs. Not to mention they look alot like my mens one-a-day mulits, and have a slice accross the middle which are mainly for pills of one ingrediant that have equal doses (Ex. a 20mcg tab of clen could have a split down the middle making it easy to brake apart and take one half as a single dose of 10mcg.)

    2. The bottle caps a biiiit different in size as compared to the display photo.

    3. The lable looks a bit "foggy" like if it was xerox copied.

    And not to mention i'ved searched the web just about everywhere and found nothing on RPNs part about there DCP style changing.

    Here is the sample pic and 3 of my pics. Btw the pics are a bit not to clear but the lable really is that foggy, and pills are light redish. Thoughts?
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  2. The foggy label sure is suspicious. And I never once got a bottle of DCP that had scored tablets...though the tablets themselves look real.

    How about a lot number from the bottle, that you could ask a rep about?

  3. Naw man there not scored, they jus have that gash down the middle. Oh yea and on another note:

    The bottle has the "For your protection" plastic sealer on the outside of the cap, but thats it. Once i took it off, the bottle cap just twist right off and theres no inside sealer to rip off just open bottle and cotton. That sealer in not in the display pic and it does not say anything like RPN etc.

  4. Looks legit to me brother.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  5. Quote Originally Posted by 3clipseGT View Post
    Looks legit to me brother.
    Did u have the same product?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by DaSlixter View Post
    Did u have the same product?
    Ive used DCP many times and thats what it looks like.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  7. I did come accros a deeply black 6 digit number printed at the bottom of the lable which i think could b that lot number you mentioned methusaleh. And next to that it reads 12/2012 which is either the experation date or the date the world ends! lol

  8. Quote Originally Posted by 3clipseGT View Post
    Ive used DCP many times and thats what it looks like.

  9. It's Legit.
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