Greek Pizza

  1. Greek Pizza

    With all the great recipes on here, I thought I'd contribute with a specialty of mine

    Greek Pizza:
    If possible, I prefer a fresh baked whole wheat pizza crust or Artisan bread, it has a fresher taste and less garbage preservative stuff.
    Ingredients I like to use:
    Extra virgin olive oil
    Feta cheese
    Greek Olives
    Parmesan cheese
    Red/purple onion
    Pepper - green or red
    Sun dried tomatoes --> I load it up with these as I love sun dried tomoatoes
    Optional ingredients:
    Sliced mushrooms, chicken, lean ground beef or ground turkey, artichokes.
    -Brush layer of olive oil over crust
    -Chop fresh garlic in little pieces and spread over crust, you'll have to experiment with how much garlic you like, I like using 3-4 little cloves.
    -Spread feta and Parmesan cheese over pizza
    - Use non-stick spray to spray foil, put on pizza pan, then put pizza on top
    -Put in oven for 10 minutes at 400 for base to bake in, then pull out and add ingredients below:

    -Spread greek olives over, I cut up around 5 typically, just depends on size of pizza. Greek olives also have a saltier taste, so you'll have to play around with how many you cut up to meet desired taste.
    -Put sun dried tomatoes over this, I prefer the ones already soaked in an olive oil garlic/herb bottle
    -Layer spinach over tomatoes so it's a nice flat layer
    -After this, layer onion, pepper, cucumber slices over spinach
    -Top it off with more feta and Parmesan cheese and a little olive oil.
    Put back in oven at 400 and depending on thickness of crust, leave it in there about 10-20 minutes, it all comes down to how crispy and cooked you want the pizza, so just check it momentarily during that time frame. You'll have to experiment with the quantity of ingredients you like. By the time I'm done layering everything, the pizza is usually 3-4" thick. I'll post a picture up soon, the computer at work won't let me upload attachments.

    When I was experimenting with this years ago, I used too much olive oil one time and it caught on fire in the oven, so exercise discernment with how much you use.

  2. Here is a picture of a smaller one I made, I usually get a bigger pie

  3. Dude, that just made me hungry, another recipe I have to try.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by boomer411 View Post
    Dude, that just made me hungry, another recipe I have to try.
    I made it with bison meat recently

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