All season salt(enough to cover pork butt which applies to all seasoning listed)
Garlic powder
Pepper(enough to speckle the pork lol this isn't blackened)
Good ole smoked paprika
Brown sugar(not necessary but does help glaze nicely)
Shake some cumin in there if ya like it to smell/ taste sorta chilli like lol
You can add or take away whatever you like really BBQ ain't a picky mistress I never stick with the same seasonings anyway cause I love to cook and experiment
Combine all seasonings and rub into pork.
Set in one of those glass bake ware dishes( ones you would use for brownies maybe? Something deep so you don't smoke your house out with a grease fire) Lol pardon my fancy terminology
Set oven to 220 degrees and set timer for 10-12 hours just depends how (12 hours is great really, you wouldn't believe the difference) this is also great in a smoker, although I don't usually break the smoker open unless I have a whole pig or probably 12 or 15 of these I'm making haha... anyway check for fall off the boneness cut that top layer of fat off and drain grease(just leave a tiny bit just to keep tenderness and flavor for when you reheat it so it doesn't dry out the next day) and pull and eat! Lol
Enjoy my friends