Protein Waffles (or pancakes if you choose)

  1. Thumbs up Protein Waffles (or pancakes if you choose)

    1 24 oz. container lowfat (1%) or FF cottage cheese - depending on your pref
    3 Cups Dry Oats (Old Fashion)
    32 oz. Egg Whites
    4 Scoops Protein Powder
    Cinnamon to taste
    Vanilla to taste
    Honey/ Agave Nectar/ Stevia or Splenda to taste (depending on the macro's you want/ your opinion on Splenda)

    Blend until smooth .. food processor probably works best.. spray your waffle iron or skilet, cook and enjoy.

    I use Chocolate Protein Powder and make a batch up. It makes a ton of waffles in one of those "replaceable plate" George Foremans. I put the batch in the fridge and when I'm ready to eat, throw it in the toaster for a few and spread some Natty PB on it...chocalate PB waffles.. YUM!

  2. I wonder if this will work in a Belgin waffle maker. My son got one for Christmas...must try!

  3. Sounds good. Might have to try that out this weekend.

  4. sounds good i usually get the Aunt Jemima wheat pancake mix, throw in some oats (after i run them threw the blender into a power) cinnamon and a couple of scoops of whey. sounds similar

  5. yea probably pretty similar just this recipe is a little more "whole". As long as you aren't avoiding dairy there is no cheating about these

  6. Yum, Ill use organic maple syrup on these tomorrow!

  7. how long do you cook it for? Oven right? AMJUNE50 50 % off

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  8. well if I make waffles .. i just use the green and red lights that are on my george foreman.. I have one of the grills that you change out the plates and it has a waffle iron... if I make pancakes with them .. its on the stove on med to med-high with a skillet or hot plate.. honestly, they cook in about 1 - 1:30 mins total .. really, really quick

  9. Quote Originally Posted by TheLastRonin View Post
    Yum, Ill use organic maple syrup on these tomorrow!
    thats what i use or reduc some bluberries/strawberries/raspberries (a load of antiox's/vitamins/minerals) with agave nectar or stevia on the stove..

  10. Quote Originally Posted by smeton_yea View Post
    how long do you cook it for? Oven right?
    oven? we're talking pancakes here son, not brisket


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