Does it make a difference how I cook my eggs?

  1. Does it make a difference how I cook my eggs?

    Like many other people I HATE scrambled eggs. HATE them.

    So, I usually just cook 4 eggs sunnyside up for breakfast+a bowl of oatmeal. Does it make a difference at all if I do this? I even just make an omelette sometimes, to switch things up...but I absolutely can not stomach scrambled eggs.

  2. from my experience it should not matter an eggs an egg your not taking any part of it out cooking so your getting same nutrients.

  3. Well..sure. They taste different.

  4. Still a cooked egg; no difference in my book

  5. just use a healthy oil when you cook your egg, that's really the only concern.
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  6. It makes a difference for me; the guilt factor. I feel less guilty waking up to 6 hard boiled egg whites and one yolk w/a bowl of oatmeal than making an omlette or scrambled. Not that those are bad but I usually reserve those for my weekend caloric rich days. When an omlette becomes the refrigerator garbage can.

  7. the only thing about sunny side up is that you might not eat all of the yolk because it runs all over the place, but thats not really a bad thing because thats where all the fat and cholesterol is.

  8. I usually just eat mind hard boiled and stick a bunch in the freezer. Tastes fine with a bit of salt

  9. I like eggs every which way but loose, (pun intended)

    Some are more convenient than others; the hardboiled are the most convenient due to being able to make the decision after cooking whether to include the yolk. I love eggs, gonna cook up a bunch tomorrow morning!
  10. Post

    I'm pretty sure that by not breaking the yolk you'll get more arachidonic acid...which is good

  11. Actually, it does matter. Raw eggs contain a large amount of protein avidin, which requires your body's biotin when ingested. Once a bond between the two are made your body cannot break it apart. This not only leaves your body at a deficit for biotin, but it also only allows your body to absorb approximately 50% of the egg's protein. Cooking your eggs (or egg whites) will quickly denature the protein avidin and will allow you to absorb 98% of the protein.

    So however you cook them, just make sure to do it thoroughly.

  12. Cook them how ever they taste best to you.

  13. No difference. Just eat them!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by TexasTitan View Post
    Well..sure. They taste different.
    HehHehHeh-best answer

  15. Most important thing is don't overcook them... I like 2-3 eggs over-easy on top of some brown rice. Maybe some salsa or shriracha.

  16. OK I know this is going to sound gross, but try it once before you knock it

    Take 4 egg whites, plus 1-2 yolks
    1/3 cup of cottage cheese

    Mix the hell out of this mixture with a fork for like 20 seconds.
    Add some salt and pepper.

    Scramble them up like you would regular eggs. They taste amazing. I dont like scrambled eggs myself, but these taste great. They may seem a little watery or under done, but that's just water from the CC.

    Just try it once, youll never eat them the same eggain...

    haha, like the pun?

  17. How do eggs cooked in a microwave taste? Seems to be my only option at this point

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Rah22491 View Post
    How do eggs cooked in a microwave taste? Seems to be my only option at this point
    They aren't bad but they aren't delicious either. Pop some cheese or hot sauce on them and they taste the same.

    However, if cooking in the microwave, the yolks do not cook as quickly as the egg white. So, when cooking the microwave, I usually only cook the egg white for a little less than a minute (I have an old ass microwave...if new might take ~30-40 seconds).

    You'll hear a bunch of explosions as the egg cooks, haha. Don't worry this is normal.

    I took my morning sandwich creation down to a couple minutes instead of getting all the pans and stuff out to cook the eggs on the stove.

    OR just pop the damn things into a protein shake raw. Walah!

  19. what do you mean by difference? as in nutritional content? how you cook them may (don't hold me to this) slightly affect some things, such as vitamin absorbtion or potency, but nothing that would make any noticable difference. eat them the way you like.

  20. Don't be worried or concerned about the cholesterol in the yolks.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Rah22491 View Post
    How do eggs cooked in a microwave taste? Seems to be my only option at this point
    the texture is a bit weird... takes some getting used to.

    what i usually do when im in a rush is use a square, bread sized tupperware container... scramble up some eggs or egg whites and then just microwave it for a few minutes till the whole thing puffs up like a souffle while i toast some bread. throw some cheese and veggies and whatever condiments you like on there and bam! egg sandwich in about 3 minutes and you're good to go.

  22. scrambled eggs do not absorb as well as sunnyside up or over easy. I am not 100% sure of the explaination but it has to do with oxidation of the yolk when you scramble it up. Maybe someone else can clearify?

    Microwaving eggs = terrible idea, just cook them in a pan on the stove on low heat.


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