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    i might try a bottle if you can convince me...

    why would i prefer your 278mg prop blend to, say, an equivalent amount of straight dicaffeine malate or caffeine anhydrous? it seems to have very similar properties at first glance and i don't want to be paying for novelty which is pursued just for the sake of itself.
    i remember someone complaining that the 50mg of theacrine in the shred xt powder won't really to much in and of itself (that one is very very caffeine loaded btw), and here we are looking at between ~1mg caffeine, ~1mg theacrine and 276mg dicaff malate, so ~185mg of caffeine if its 2:1, and at most 90mg caffeine, 90ish mg theacrine and and 90ish dicaff mallate for 150mg caffeine and 90mg theacrine, so that alone doesn't really make me want to buy it unless you have additional information why i would want to. we will have more synergism here than in the shred xt as far as i am aware, but straight caffeine malate powder + sam-e tabs may just beat you on price.

    the rest of the formula looks really good for an energy pill btw, i might be a bit biased because i do well on sam-e and low dose rauwolscine but it looks like it allows for very flexible dosing and it might 'get a lot out of' the caffeine.
    Very solid post, I have been meaning to reply to this since I saw it but my work schedule leaves much to be desired when it comes to posting some days.

    The reasoning for our addition of Theacrine and getting exclusive rights to it is the potential shown in the study above. Though the study has many areas that could be improved upon it still was a very nice study done in healthy subjects and not a petri dish or in other animals. The results showed a positive potential for Theacrine at 200mg (which can be done with our product) in many areas that we as an athletic population covet.

    We also did not just throw this compound in a random formula, we used different amounts with the caffeine in our own subjects and liked what we saw from the final version we put out. I've used it several times and it has been better than I expected in the mood and energy department. Nothing crazy stim wise but very smooth and long lasting and the sam-e is noticeable.

    Sraight caffeine malate powder and sam-e tablets could probably beat the product but theres more than that in our product and I'd put it up against just that any day.

    Purus doesn't come out with products just to have new products and try to stay relevant. From the CEO down it is composed of people who are passionate about the industry and the gym and the products are in use by them personally. Anything we come out with has been thought through, studied, tested and are ultimately products we ourselves would use.
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    Just dropped at Orbit
    Nice! As stated above Purus is giving people a chance to try it for free!
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  4. Seems interesting
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  5. Grambo just taught me something :-)
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