Only 21 doses of DAA in my D-pol

  1. Only 21 doses of DAA in my D-pol

    I recently bought and used D-pol from nutraplanet in my pct and the label says its supposed to have 30 servings, it only had 21. I scraped off top of each scoop to make it level and 100% positive it was short many servings. I enjoyed the product, the effect and taste are great but am a bit disappointed in the servings not matching the label.

  2. Should of weighed the first scoop to make sure the scooper is accurate. They almost always aren't

  3. The powder packs well due to the mesh and micronization, Onionknight is right, scoopers can be subjectively packed in via more weight and serving beyond 1 serving size. Can be avoided with pills lol, its awesome stuff!

  4. Dude you just bumped a 6 month old thread

    Edit: ok I just bumped a 6 month old thread lol

  5. About 75% of all dpol tablet bottles are 1 short..89 caps most of the time..awesome product but why come short...and yes with the custard creme also short by a bunch



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