So @AlexRogers, I remember using a similar product a few years ago ~2011/12 called "Super Plasma Protein (Super Bovine)". It did amazing things and felt that I got stupid strong just mixing 5-10 grams in with other proteins I got from PF. Before that I was using Ergopharm's GF Pro (with spray dried plasma), must have gone through 20-30 5lb tubs of that, better than the others in terms of results but it wasn't even close to SPP from PF.

Come to think of it PF's proteins gave me better results than any but it was just a PITA to order and shipping was high.

So in reading the writeups, SPP's main ingredient was IgG but no claim to that with Bio-serum1. Almost ready to pull the trigger again but trying to decide on the other proteins as you used to have an app to build your own that I can't find. You were out of the SPP for so long I gave up. If I'm not being out of line, could you post a little background on the differences between the old and new? You obviously changed the name so I will naturally assume it's different in some way. Different supplier, process, country of origin? The 3rd party analysis goes to a "server not found".