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  1. 5/5

    Unsponsered review - Iconogenin is now by far the best Laxo product available. What else would you expect from Iconic Formulations?
    Been using Iconogenin at 3-4 pumps pre-workout for about three weeks and have used many bottles Dermastrength and other oral Laxo products.
    Prior to this, Dermastrength was the best Laxo product imo.

    Value - I got this on a intro sale, but even at regular price - its a better value than its closest competitor (lasts longer / gives you more applications).
    Pump- gym and non gym pump - at least 25% better than its closest competitor
    Strength- at least 15% better than than its closest competitor.
    Application - consistent creamy solution dries faster, is easy to apply and bottle serves the same dose each time and right to the last drop (same bottles as Dermacrine). All these points are completely unlike is closest competitor.
    Cortisol Control - I feel leaner, tighter and have less water retention. Not sure what the carrier is - but I know i am getting more laxo than I ever did!
    Joints Joints are feeling good and better than they previously have. Especially my knees and I have been squating more.

    If you like Laxo, you will love Iconogenin!
    https://iconicformulations.com (Save 20% using coupon code AM20)

  2. @Admin iconic formulations still doesn't show up under the dropdown list of vendors.
    Iconic Formulations Rep
    Dermacrine is back
    Save 20% using coupon code AM20 at www.iconicformulations.com
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    I'll take a look

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  4. 5/5

    Initial thoughts on first application:

    I have used Dermacrine in the past & the carrier in Iconogenin was exactly how I remember it in Dermacrine. I love the fact that it’s not runny. Goes on like a body lotion. Has a Fresh Clean smell. It does have a slight alcohol smell, but nothing bad or too strong. Dried in 5-6 minutes. I applied to traps,neck, shoulders, & upper chest area.

    Benefits I noticed during the 5 weeks-

    Muscle Fullness - More in the beginning , and than sporadically throughout the 5 weeks.

    Strength - Started to feel stronger around the 2-3 week mark. Lifts were going up while bodyweight was going down!

    Endurance - Noticed a big improvement from 3 weeks on. I was adding sets, exercises, and reps!!!

    Vascularity - Noticed sporadically throughout the 5 weeks.

    Joints - Noticed after the first week. I usually have slight/annoying left shoulder pain during chest workouts. I have had zero pain after the first week.

    Misc - Noticed a slight increase in appetite during some weeks but I attribute it to higher volume and training in the gym.

    Extremely happy with the 5 weeks - This stuff just keeps getting better week after week. No doubt that I will go 8-12 weeks next time.

  5. nice reviews
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  6. Great review! I saw only great benefits. I noticed increased appetite as well but extended fasting took control of that.
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative
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  7. must you cycle it? Thanks

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Alexnvrmnd View Post
    must you cycle it? Thanks
    I haven't seen any study to suggest a need to cycle laxogenin, but you may want to take a break after 60-90 days.
    Iconic Formulations Rep
    Dermacrine is back
    Save 20% using coupon code AM20 at www.iconicformulations.com

  9. I wanna try this !

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Kaiyas_daddy View Post
    I wanna try this !
    me too, lol....very soon, hopefully!!!

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