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Ultimate Orange

  1. 2/5

    This is a very interesting product to review... different than most on the market (closest I would compare to would maybe be the new Quake?...) as its not just an energy based supp. The addition of carbs and protein to a decent stim blend had me very curious how things would sit in my stomach, as well as kick in/taper off/crash.

    Over the last week or so, I have dosed it pre on 5 separate workouts (3 afternoon, 2 late morning). I IF so this was what broke my fast each day (around 4-5pm on the afternoons and 10-11am on the mornings). A typical evening has me eating from about 7-11pm so the degree of fasting was different for the am vs pm doses.

    Taste - an interesting "creamy" orange flavor. Not quite a "creamsicle", but also not just orange juice esque. Its something that I very much enjoyed solo, but also not the best candidate for mixing with other flavored products. I prefer to use a decent bit of water to mix my pre's (jsut to stay hydrated) and found that 16oz or so was my personal "sweet spot" to get enough flavor and creaminess, but without watering down.4.5/5

    Mix - No issues in anywhere from 10-20oz.Personal sweet spot was 16oz and had no issues in a basic shaker cup. One thing to note, is that this isn't a "swirl" type of pre where you can just add a scoop and swirl some water around... needs a little vigor to it due to the consistency. 5/5

    Energy - This was where I was most intrigued... With the stim blend I expected a pretty solid kick, but what I got was a very slow taper up and down of energy. There was almost zero "feel" to the product, even on almost 20hrs fasted (which I've never seen before in any DMAA pre). I expect this is due to the carb and protein content. Since there was no "energy point", I found that about 35min after dosing is when I typically became more chatty and positive (my usual sign of stimulation ha). This was a key point to get the timing right as taking it took late led to very delayed benefits. 45min or so before your first set seems to be a good time to ensure that you're seeing the effects during your workout (from the start). The energy was never very strong, but was sustained. It was well over 2hrs by the time I began to feel tired and settle. The same slow taper up was true for the downside as well, but there was a much clearer "end" than beginning. I would't say the was a final "crash" but a noticeable end point where you were just done. Overall, a solid ride, however nothing groundbreaking in this dept and wha tI would consider "average". 2.5/5

    Focus - There isn't really anything in the profile that I expected to give me anything special in terms of focus, but I have to say that the blend together seemed to work reasonably well. Again, nothing earth shattering by any means, but it was enough to get me into my workouts and stick to the task. I think this was more from the energy perspective than true focus as I was by no means "in the zone" or locked into just my own head and the weights as I ahve experienced with some other blends, but I was certainly "into" my workout. Again, average (but better than anticipated). 2.5/5

    Pump - As a fasted trainee, I typically only get decent pumps during my sunday morning workouts (Sat is almost always a cheat day and the workout is much closer to the last meal vs weekdays 16+hrs). I expected to see somewhat better pumps from the carbs and protein content and not being truly fasted anymore during my workouts. As expected, the pump was slightly better than just a normal stim blend, but certainly not up to the level of a good pump product. Another "average" delivery from an area that I had much higher hopes for. 1/5

    Overall - For me, this was an interesting product to experiment with as its dramatically different than my normal pre's as well as it really changed my typical diet/training lineup. I would say that this is an average pre, that would fit better with certain individuals vs others. For someone who likes a milder stim, or wants the caloric content for their workout, this certainly could fill the need there. For me, this was a miss though as the combo of "just average" impact on my workouts (pumps + focus + energy) paired with the caloric content (101 cals/srv - which eats up a portion of my already small daily intake ha as well as breaks my fast early on the weekends) and the pretty massive price tag (~$2/srv). For the value per serving, the energy, pumps, focus, and overall impact on my workout just was not nearly up to par with that price and therefore I would never be able to justify buying this. Would I recommend it?... Unfortunately, no here as well. It just doesn't live up to the "Ultimate" name. Overall rating 2/5

  2. ^Great review. I have a few samples and tried my first one today on an empty stomach. I would agree with your review, but I did notice a good focus aspect to it and yes a definite crash hit me about 2.5 hrs later. I had to pull over for a cup of coffee during my commute to work. DMAA almost always does this to me.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Mowglisml View Post
    ^Great review. I have a few samples and tried my first one today on an empty stomach. I would agree with your review, but I did notice a good focus aspect to it and yes a definite crash hit me about 2.5 hrs later. I had to pull over for a cup of coffee during my commute to work. DMAA almost always does this to me.
    yeah the "crash" was definitely wayyyy less than a straight stimmed dmaa pre (which for me usually comes with wanting to just curl up on the couch and never move again + sometimes even depression). I couldn't truly call it a crash since it really wasn't that so much as an "end". Similar to other high stims (non-dmaa).
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  4. Now that I've been able to use Ultimate Orange a few times, I can post up my review.

    Flavor 10/10: The flavor was very unique, like an orange creamsickle in a sense. The flavor isn't overwhelming, and I have yet to lose any interest in the taste.

    Mixabilty 10/10: Asides from a very small amount of foam, mixability is perfect; a few shakes and you're done. No clumps, nothing floating, and nothing settling at the bottom.

    Effectiveness 6/10: This product is a throwback to the original, with very few adjustments, and with that being said, you won't see the typical arginine, beta alanine, and many other ingredients commonly found in newer preworkouts. In other words, its not a product I'd necessarily go with if you want an insane workout. On the other hand, I found it to be great for stacking with other preworkouts as it contained a hefty dose of dmaa and ephedra.


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