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    You have to click on the link above that reads Be The First To Write a Review for it to go through.
  3. 4/5

    Final review!!!

    Energy 7/10 imo best energy from something that doesn't have dmaa, dmha or another stronger stim

    Focus 9/10 great for focus. Better than dexedrine. helps compartmentalize my thoughts not drastic but it does help.

    Mood 7/10 makes me slightly calmer and slightly better mood.

    Memory 7/10 this help my remember things that I didn't remember learning/subconscious memory. I've always been good at this but it was better with this.

    Other thoughts
    -mildly help hand eye coordination

    -VERY vivid dreams.

    Side effects

    -crash from 2 pills

    -dehydrateds me

    -dry eyes

    -Head congestion

    OVERALL 8/10
  4. 4/5

    Highlights for me while using NootropiMax:

    - Has the ability to potentiate and extend the effects of other stimulants
    - Hard to beat taken PWO and would be a great option to add to a non-stim PWO formula
    - Benefits can be felt using one pill from the first dose
    - Acutely improves motivation, mood, and concentration without jitters
    - Seems to be slightly anxiolytic
    - Has two forms of caffeine to enhance the duration of effects
    - Does not make you feel socially awkward like some nootropic formulas

    The only negative for me would be the hefty dose of Bacopa which can be tricky to get used to and potentially be problematic when combined with other supplements that contain Bacopa as well. Just something some may have to watch out for.

    Overall, it is an awesome product. I just didn't give it a 5/5 because it didn't have any kind of "wow" factor but I intend to always have a bottle on hand. One day I hope to wean off my stimulants and use a high quality product like this to keep me on my toes..

    - Thank you Performax Labs!
  5. 5/5

    Okay so here is my final review.. Sorry it took so long I am finishing up finals this week and have been getting ready to move.

    Dosing: I did 2 caps in the morning most days just to make things easier and more convenient. I did dose them spread out a few times but I didn't notice anything different.

    Focus 8/10: I did get a very intense focus after dosing for the first few days, but it went away after that. I believe this is from the Noopept, I tend to build a tolerance to it and don't notice it's effects after continuous dosing. But I did notice an overall increase in focus throughout the day while taking it.

    Energy 5/10: I already had a fairly high tolerance to caffeine so I didn't get much in terms of energy from this, but I know most people have gotten good energy from it.

    Motivation 10/10: This is where the product has really shined for me. During this point in the semester I have normally given up, but I am still going strong and not procrastinating.

    I did stop for a few days to see if I noticed a difference, and I definitely did. After a couple of days without dosing I could tell that I was much more uninterested in class and my mind was wondering like crazy.
  6. NootropiMax

    Final Review:

    Profile: 4/5- It has 10 well dosed research backed ingredients.

    Focus: 3.5/5- It provided a nice boost in focus.

    Mood: 1/5- I didn't experience any boost in mood.

    Cognition: 2/5- On some occasions I will get a slight boost in cognition.

    Memory: 2/5- No noticeable improvement in short term or long term memory.

    Energy: 2.5- At 1 cap ED it provides enough for a little afternoon pick me up.

    Price: 4.5- Very well priced considering the 10 ingredients are all well dosed.

    Convenience: 5/5- I much prefer my noots to be capped. It makes it easy to bring with you on the go. It also has a nice small sized bottle.

    Overall: 2.75/5- Decent all inclusive noot product which is actually hard to come by. If you use some of these ingredients it's worth giving this one a go.
  7. 4/5

    I want to apologize to Performax Labs and their reps for the lateness of this review and the incomplete nature of my log. Life has been insane for me lately!

    Here's my review of Nootropimax:

    Profile: 5/5

    Profile on this is excellent, with proper dosing on all of the ingredients at 2 caps. Bacopa, CDP-Choline, L-Ornithine, Caffeine and Dicaffeine Malate, L-Theanine, Theacrine, Sceletium, Noopept and Huperzine A make for an all-around quality nootropic powerhouse.

    Dosing: 4/5

    Throughout my use of Nootropimax, I used 2 caps in the morning (or afternoon when working later in the day) and 1 cap later at night.

    I loved the effects of Nootropimax, and the serving size actually makes it very versatile with dosing. For most (I am EXTREMELY stim tolerant!) users, I would suggest 2 caps a day (1 AM and 1 PM). I think this would serve to spread out the effects over a longer time period.

    I used the "extreme" dosing of 3 caps one time, and it was a bit too much of an edge for me. I was still focused, but it was just a bit too much, I felt a little overstimulated.

    My sweet spot was actually 2 caps in the AM or early afternoon (when I was driving late on weekends) and 1 later in the afternoon/evening.

    I was also able to take 1 cap with a preworkout and definitely felt that it added to my focus and concentration without overstimulating me.

    Effects: 5/5

    It had a very smooth feel to it, and definitely has some excellent focus and cognitive effects. I felt more zoned in, able to be more productive at work, and actually more verbally fluid and found myself more able to engage in conversation.

    Value: 4/5

    I think the price point is a little steep, and the fact that it is only 6 caps take away from the value a bit for me. I would most likely take 3 caps per day, which only lasts 20 days with that dosing. The most common price I have seen is $39.99, which is a little high for me. Most can get away with 2 caps, which would last a full 30 days at that dose.

    I realize that the included ingredients are pricy individually, so this still gets 4 stars from me, as most are as stim tolerant as myself.

    Overall: 4/5

    Overall, an excellent product with some excellent nootropic ingredients. I love Noopept, so the inclusion of that is excellent along with the other ingredients.
  8. 5/5

    Really good product that will give you a nice increase in cognitive function and focus with no jitters or crash.

    Most 'focus enhancing' products cause you to crash hard a couple hours after taking it but I didn't experience any crash at all with the product.


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