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  1. After logging Brawn for 30 days @ 200 mg /day. Here is my review:

    Strength / Endurance
    I was able to increase volume and intensity as programmed into my training schedule. To be fair, that doesn't always happen for me. After lifting the better part of 20 years - although still weak - big jumps in strength are nearly impossible to come by. So, no exceptional jumps in strength, though I did feel as though I needed less rest between sets.

    I didn't notice any decrease in DOMS, or other indications of increased muscle recovery rate.

    Body Composition
    While following a bit of a reverse diet, I increased kcals from cutting to maintenance. I gained approximately 4 pounds in 30 days and did not gain any inches to my waist circumference. Some of this was obviously diet and training, but I'm pretty confident that Brawn was assisting as well.

    Joint /tendon Health
    This was where my hopes were highest. I've had great success with Androcrine, in the past, helping to recover overworked tendons and joints. My niggling joints definitely feel better after 30 days of Braun. Maybe not as great as they did with Androcrine, but still better than many joint specific supplements are able to help them feel.

    I would suggest picking up a bottle if you haven't tried a laxogenin supp before. I know there are some non-responders out there. But there are also folks that get amazing results while supplementing. I'm somewhere in the middle, but will definitely be picking up anther couple bottles for an 8 week run in the fall climbing season - when I'm cutting hard and putting my tendons through hell.

    Thanks again @BPS and @ lukehayd for the logging opportunity. BPS comes through again.
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    What I experienced

    - Increase in Muscle Protein Synthesis by 200%

    o This I really cannot tell. While running the bottle its very hard to note this regardless of how well you know your nutrition. To comment on this would be next to impossible. I kept my calories & macros the same the entire run so that way there would be no skewing of final feedback.

    - Reduce Cortisol and Manage Stress

    o Throughout the log I never felt this was changed. I tried to resume my normal routine and work flow the entire process of the bottle. I tend to be very laid back in general so that did not change. Hard to note this one as well.

    - Boost Strength, power and Endurance

    o This is the biggest note from Brawn. The endurance factor is very present even into the first week of the product. You will notice less rest between sets, and being able to swing from exercise to exercise with less rest. I also found throwing in extra intensity techniques (dropsets, rest pause sets, accumulation, and super/tri sets were easier to fatigue the muscles due to enhanced recovery). Overall strength maybe a touch higher after the run, but I did not max my big 3 during the process.

    - Enhance Metabolic rate and fatloss

    o During my run I did not get any harder or lean up. I kept my calories the same and did not notice a recomp effect at all. Actually I do not look as lean as before the run. I cannot attribute anything to Brawn with a recomp effect during my run. Perhaps I was a non-responder to this aspect? It is really hard to say, but the pictures donít lie I donít look any better.

    - Fight Inflammation and Promote Recovery

    o Could not agree more here. Recovery from a day to day basis was great the entire log. DOMS felt the same , so that was not changed. Even throwing in extra intensity techniques I could really see my recovery and endurance rise. This is hands down the best aspect of the product and it makes you train much harder and quicker. I was able to blast out some top sets of squats with a minute rest. Where sometimes it use to be 2-3 minutes between very heavy sets.

    - Would I recommend?

    o I personally would not suggest picking this up. While I 100% agree the recovery and performance aspect are on par, everything else I did not pick up on even with a double dose and above scientific research dosing. Just like with HMB-FA I just really found a glorified endurance product. If I would of saw some kind of recomp effect included then yes I would of suggested this one. Overall I enjoyed the performance benefits, but besides that I did not get a whole lot more.

  3. Final Review -
    Let's cover some of the claims made by BPS regarding Brawn...

    Enhanced metabolic rate / fat loss - 5/5
    Weight was 238.8 at the start, but I dumped a ton of water and was down to 228.2 in week 1. Final weight is 223.0. Depending on how you look at it, I lost 15.8 or 5.2# in just a month. I'm going to say I lost at least 5# of fat there. Which is plenty awesome in just a month!

    Boost strength, power, and endurance - 4/5
    Strength shot up within a few days and never went back down. Every day I feel a little stronger and more prepared for my lift. Even cardio endurance seems to be improving. Not sure if it's due to the extra strength just making things easier, or if Brawn is helping cardio endurance directly...

    Fight inflammation and promote recovery - 2/5
    I was hoping for some anti-inflammatory effects like I had with the former topical version of this product, Androcrine. Unfortunately, I did not see any joint relief with Brawn. No biggie, but worth mentioning. Why did I still give it a 2? I have a feeling I was still better off than without, but it just wasn't as good as expected due to previous experiences.

    Total score - 5/5
    All in all, I could not be happier. I give Brawn a 5 out of 5! Count me in for running this product many more times. Next time, I'll be stacking it with Epidrone, for sure. Keep an eye on my main log for that one!
  4. 5/5

    Let me start by saying thank you to @BPS and @lukehayd for giving me this opportunity.

    After logging BPS BRAWN for about 45 day at 100mg dose for 33 days and 200mg dose for the remaining days until the bottle was empty these are my thoughts....

    - Increase muscle protein synthesis by over 200%*
    This one is hard to measure, but I remained in a caloric maintenance daily for the duration of the log, WITH the exception of a higher protein intake of 300G per day. From start to finish I gained a total of about 6lbs (198lbs to 204lbs) so I would think that protein synthesis was affected.

    - Reduce cortisol and help manage stress
    I did not really notice a change in stress management.

    - Boost strength, power, and endurance*
    I absolutely noticed an increase in strength.

    I wasn't doing a whole lot of flat bench, but my incline bench continued to get stronger every session.
    Starting Incline Bench: 215
    Ending Incline Bench: 225

    I had not been squatting much prior to this stack, but I did continue to add weight to the bar...
    Starting Squat: 225
    Ending Squat: 275

    Starting Deadlift: 425
    Ending Deadlift: 440

    *Cheat Rows and Cheat Shrugs only got stronger and stronger, and stronger.....

    - Enhance metabolic rate and fat loss*
    Fat loss I did not notice directly, but I did manage to add some size without noticeable softness on top of it. Maybe for a cut it would help retain muscle and lose the fat, but at maintenance or surplus intake it will more than likely help minimize fat gain.

    - Fight inflammation and promote recovery
    I will say that I was hoping for a little more of a decrease in soreness/inflammation, but I will say that recovery did pick up considering that was simply eating maintenance calories and not a surplus. I would not recommend this product as an anti-inflammatory anyway, so don't let this deter you from picking up this product.

    OVERALL: 9/10 and I would absolutely recommend that you try this product out to see for yourself. No sides and the benefits that I had, it's a no-brainer.


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