I was chosen to run a 30 day log on Massmax. My calorie consumption was just above maintenance and I was set for a "lean bulk". Typically on a lean bulk my gains are 60% muscle and 40% fat.

My goal for the run was to gain LEAN MASS at a better ratio than my typical 60/40 split.

I tracked my lifts, calories, total weight, and body fat (via handheld Omron).

My strength progressed and I put on a total of 4.7lbs on the 30 day run. Omron show I put on 4.7lbs. of LEAN MASS.

NOTE: I do not consider the Omron results 100% accurate and I don't think I gained 100% lean mass...but I DO believe Massmax helped me exceed my typical 60/40 gains by a large margin.

I WOULD recommend Massmax as a good bulking supplement.

Maxing out with Massmax XT