Body Performance Solutions (BPS)

Price: $34.99



  1. Final Review:
    COMMAND & CONVERT: For a small profile this stuff really works. helped with my energy and aggression in the gym. My lift weight or reps went up every workout. (HST)
    I did lean up a little from the CONVERT. noticed it the most losing that last bit of chest fat that guys my age struggle with.
    (I call it the milk titty)

    Strength 4/5
    Leaning effect 4/5
    Libido 5/5

    Was given a bottle of each and enjoyed it so much I also purchased a bottle of each.
    I have been a natty lifter for 35 years and have tried a lot of natty products and this is in my top 5.
    Pro God, Pro Gun, Pro Life.

  2. Good stuff! Glad you liked it!

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