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  1. 4/5


    Very solid product.

    The profile is outstanding.
    I do recall extra veins being common, and an over-all performance boost rather than skin bursting pumps.

    I noticed more-so once I had completed the tub, like I said I felt like it gave me an over-all performance boost.
    I did have some days where I had amazing pumps, I may of been doing more volume on those days but generally I stick to the 7-9 rep range & I'm constantly eating at maintenance or below diet wise.

  2. 4/5

    I love using pwo without caf and cit or arg. Yes both of those are good, but I just wanted something different.

    I picked this up a few months ago and since then bought another. it did take a few workouts to adjust to this. If you are used to using the norm pwo, you should understand what I mean.
    if you haven't used any pwo with the above, then this shouldn't be an issue

    taste- 4.5- ras/lemonade isn't bad at all. no after taste or grit
    mix- 5- few shakes and good to go, cold water may take a few shakes
    price-4 would like to see a full 30 day, but still not bad
    effect-4 1/2 - 5
    stomach issues- 0

    this is where the product differs from others. the pump comes on slowly and you will start feeling it. Is it skin tearing that makes you want to cry during your reps? No- Honestly as good as those sound, theres a difference between no pain no gain and pain that wont allow you to gain.

    you will get a great pump during your time at the gym and it will last for about 20-30 min afterwards. would be great if it lasted longer, but that's why you go back to gym.

    if you are looking for a change in your pwo and want to get a break from beta, cit anf arg- give this a shot.

    ps- remember, the pump comes on slowly, which I believe is much better than some other products as this will allow you to push yourself harder.
    2nd and 3rd workout, youll have it down.

    good product guys
  3. 5/5

    Ingredient Profile 10/10: Upon release I was immediately intrigued by the profile. Well dosed ingredients and a sneaky impressive focus blend in there as well. Obviously on paper it looks great, but some supplements just don't hit as hard as you think they'll do. For 25 servings and the amount of fully dosed, proven ingredients isn't very common.

    Mixability/Taste 8/10: Pretty much needed to give an extra shake before each sip but nothing unmanageable. I find the hydromax to be the dunce here, but I don't mind. Hydromax is one of the best. Raspberry Lemonade was quite refreshing really no complaints here. Not a super tart taste but I recognized the raspberry and lemonade. No issues drinking every day and actually mixed quite well when I used it with a high stim pre workout. I liked mixing with about 16oz cold water, hit the spot.

    Pump/Focus 10/10: Alright let's get down to the meat and potatoes here. The important stuff. Vasomax promises skin splitting pumps and it delivers on its promise. I experienced a noticeable difference in pump while working out. Absolutely loved this stuff on arm/back day. I would not recommend on leg day haha I work until 6pm and on workdays this was the perfect way to go in order to avoid being up all night with a normal high stim preworkout. The focus portion of vasomax was an unexpected additional bonus. When used consecutively for 4-5 days or so the focus benefit does become less pronounced. Taking a few days off and it was noticeable again.

    Value 8/10: I was obviously given this tub in exchange for an honest log and review. That being said, I will definitely be purchasing again. You can find vasomax for around 30ish dollars and $37 on the Performax Website. Not an awful deal for 25 servings. I find that most pump products nowadays will come with "40 servings" but need to be double scooped to notice any effect. Definitely a fan of the 25, would've liked to see 30 though.

    Conclusion: I tried to find something bad to say or something I did not like, but I couldn't. This is a product that you should keep in stock. Like I mentioned above, I will be purchasing again and I actually am missing it already. Thank you to Performax Labs for the opportunity to take this for a spin and I am looking forward to doing more business in the future. If anyone has any further questions, let me know and I will be happy to share my experience. Happy lifting friends and thanks to all who followed along.

  4. Final review

    Vasomax is without a doubt the best pump product I've tried and I've tried a bunch over the years. My pump product before this was performix pump, and when I really wanted sicknpumps went with pj by gaspari. That product though is a little tough in me though but the pumps are unreal so I deal with the effects.

    Vasomax gives u very very close to what pj gives but zero of the negative effects I get with that at all. It far surpasses pump.

    The pumps are not superficial in nature. They are deep getting all the fascia and deep fibers expanded. It creates this crazy fullness st times where it's a "cool" uncomfortable feeling, where u just don't think it's possible to move that body part anymore. The pumps last way longer than any product I e tried and while I'm not typically a fan of using pump products for leg day it really is cool having super pumped quads abs calves deep into the night after legs.

    A lot of these types of products and e had to cycle bc by the end of a bottle I noticed diminished returns in pump production. Not the case with Vasomax at all. The pumps I got in stature were the same today with the last scoop as they were on day one with the first.

    An amazing secondary feature of this product is the extremely clean and lasered in focus Vasomax provides. A lot of products toss some mood enhancer or nootropic in and make focus claims,knowing the consumer will prob take a pre or another focus product and won't know the difference. This produced without a pre or anything else that could produce a focus effect at all. Very pleased with this surprise.

    This is my new pump product going forward, it just does what it says it does and does it damn well. I imagine it stacks great with any press well as it's non stim. Vasomax gets 10/10 for pump duration, pump fullness, time til initial pump, and for focus.
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  6. Performax Labs Vasomax

    Flavor - 9/10 (Raspberry Lemonade) Proper rasp. lemonade flavor. Tastes great, but feels a bit chalky.

    Mixability - 8.75/10 Mixes very well. Although, there's quite a lot of glycerol, I didn't notice any unmixed particles, but shake does feel a bit chalky.

    Pumps - 8.5/10 Solid pumps. I would say addition of citrulline would make this supp one of the best.

    Muscle fullness was much improved, in comparison to actual pumps.

    Focus - /10 TBH I didn't notice any improvement in focus.



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