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  1. 5/5

    Big hulk
    Put me right in dream land everytime
    Being that this is my first attempt at trying to sleep aid . I found this extremely helpful with PTSD and explosive disorder. Sometimes I stay up at night and think about things that happened in my life and there's nothing really to explain how horrible those flashbacks can make anybody feel especially when you were the bad guy. But taking sedation 15 minutes before bedtime put me right out every time without an issue. I also have another product called Comatize, I can't wait to try that. So five stars across the board Effectiveness perfect. I will definitely pick up a few of these to keep on hand it also calms my shakes down at half a scoop. GET ON THIS !

  2. Awesome! Brother

  3. Quote Originally Posted by BEAST73 View Post
    Awesome! Brother
    Great products!
  4. 5/5

    Sure, I am a rep for the company that makes this product but I need to sleep too, and this supplement is legit. It's an open label, and I love that.

    Let's get it on!
    From opening the lid, the aroma hits you right away and it's pleasant.

    This isn't your typical orange with a bite, it's a nice almost fragrant orange with floral notes. It's really great with ice.

    It mixes pretty easy, with a slight clump that worked out easily, and stayed in solution for the duration.

    At first I got very slight tingles all over, but that's because of the non flush Niacin, and I'm not used to that. It subsided with continued use, but I like that feeling. Definitely felt relaxed after 15 minutes, and at 30 could go to sleep with ease.

    I cannot say enough about this supplement. If you cannot get to sleep, take this with confidence and you will be pleasantly surprised at hoe effective it is.
  5. 4/5

    The first thing you notice when using this product is how well it mixes, (1) scoop in a shaker, a few shakes and it's done, no grit or chunks. The second is the Great Taste, (Orange Gummy Candy) they hit this right on, a pleasure to drink. This is where things get a little weird about 5-10 minutes after drinking I started to feel warm, a tingle in my ears and face, in fact after the first time I tried it, I went out to my kitchen just to make sure I did not drink a Pre-Workout by mistake!!! Once the tingles (and elevated heart rate) go away you start to feel relaxed, it still takes awhile to fall asleep but once you do, you sleep very deeply and wake up feeling refreshed but not groggy or tired. I'm not sure I like that PWO effect of this supplement but I do like the sleep quality. Give it a try for you self and chime in with your opinion.
  6. 3/5

    *Sedation Final Review*
    Taste: 8/10
    It isn't bad, i can kind of taste some gummy. Not a bad tasting product. I started tasting a medicine like hint with the correct dosage of 2.5 teaspoons.

    Mix: 10/10
    No issues. Mixes perfectly

    Effectiveness 8/10
    I ranked it down, because of the consistent groggy and cloudy head feeling I get when I wake up. I feel like I am just drinking nyquil or some other sleep cough/cold syrup. It will knock you out though.

    Conclusion 7.8:
    Make sure you take proper dosage as increased dose can feel like a warm preworkout and something I personally did not like. At proper dosage (2.5 teaspoons) you get a warm feeling then it knocks you out, but you wake up foggy. I personally would not use this. It works by putting you to sleep, but I do not get any major recovery benefits. Feels like a cough/cold medicine when you wake up. Foggy head feeling.

  7. Short and sweet.
    I was fortunate to sample this product. Mixed easy, good taste. Had a great nights sleep, just like having a new mattress.
    Awesome company
  8. 5/5

    Seems like I've always had issues sleeping. Stress from work and too many stims have taken their toll over the years, so I'm always on the lookout for something that works. After reading some comments I had made, @justhere4comm sent me some samples of Sedation to try. 5 grams (about half a scoop) mixed easily and the taste was incredible. Like, I wish there was more just to drink! After about 30 minutes I began to get drowsy, went to bed and was out in minutes. Woke up 7 hours later (before my alarm went off) and felt great. No fog, no groggy feeling. Just felt like an incredible nights sleep. I like the fact that you could use this every day if you wanted. Solid product from a solid company with a solid Rep. Thanks for sending me the samples! Sedation just became another supplement that will always have a place in my cabinet. Sleep is one of the things that really impacts your quality of life, and Sedation delivers that sleep without disrupting rem sleep, so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

  9. Just a quick follow-up to my review. I've noticed in other reviews (on other sites) the mention of grogginess upon waking and the rapid heartbeat/breathing. If I take the full dose, then these descriptions are accurate. I've dialed the dose in and the best (for me) is 4 grams, or slightly less than 1 teaspoon. At 3-4 grams I get none of the sides mentioned, my sleep is very restful and I wake up with zero grogginess. Plus, I've just taken my 30 serving tub and extended it out to 82 servings. Which brings the price per serving down ridiculously low, considering the benefits. Just wanted to clarify.
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