Contraband (25 Servings)
Contraband (25 Servings)


Iron Forged Nutrition

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Contraband (25 Servings)

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  1. Initial observation on Iron Forge Nutrition's PWO called Contraband. I am a confessed stimulant PWO lover that has tried over 20 PWOs. I enjoy a good PWO's energy level and like the results for my early morning workouts. With this said here are my observations:

    Mixability: 8/10 mixes but leaves a white residue at the bottom. Nothing swirling while drinking doesn't solve.

    Taste: 5/10
    Flavor reminded me of tropical punch jello with an aftertaste. The white residue was bitter tasting. Hey, it's supposed to be a PWO not a delicious drink.

    Effectiveness: 8/10
    Smooth and clean energy but I needed the entire packet to feel it. Have to say that I like more energy than the average person, this is low stim PWO. Hang time was about 3 hours.

    None. No crash or GI issues at all.

    Recommendation I would definitely recommend Contraband as a low stim PWO to my lifting friends.
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  2. Thank you for your honest review brother! Sorry you didn't enjoy the taste much. Everyone is different. I personally think it tastes like a melted Rocket pop lol . I am glad you enjoyed it for the most part! Thanks again for taking the time to review it for us!
  3. 5/5

    First and foremost, i want to welcome IFN to the forum, and want to also thank IFN for the samples I received of their p.w.o "CONTRABAND" .
    Now talk about fast shipping, i believe i received the samples maybe 2 or 3 days after request was sent. Which isn't too common nowadays.

    O.K so now that that's taken care of and out of the way lets get down to the nitty gritty, what we all been waiting for; the review right, well her it is:

    Lets start of with...

    Taste: 10
    Just because it took me way back to my adolescence, when i would go to my neighborhood pizza shop and get some cherry Italian ices, even though its fruit punch flavored, lol. Also a plus is that even though it contains red dye#40, they must of not put much of it in cause its a very light pink.

    Effectiveness: 10
    This is the first pwo of its kind that i tried, that lets you keep working out without your muscles getting tired or too tight, that it prevents you from extending your lifts. I did arms and chest today, that consisted of calesthenics and dumbells, and im still in the midst of my session but just felt that i had to pause just to submit this review cause the product is so freaking profound and feel that the world should know that such a product exists. I know im going to wake up sore as hell tomorrow but who cares, "no pain no gain". Fellas no **** you's got to try you's some, so take complete advantage of the samples that they're offering at the moment. You's dont want to miss this. The pump is just constantly there.
    I started off with just a half of a sample yesterday, cause i had already ingested some stims earlier in the day and didnt want to OD, and the session went superably. So today i consumed the whole packet and was and still "SUPER-AMP'D" no BS!!!


    Just thought i'd share that with you folks, so yall dont hurt your heart..

    I put in my shaker with about12-16oz. of water shook and "viola" gone, just like magic. Nothing left at bottom, but maybe a few specs.

    Value: N/A
    I cannot comment cause i didnt have to pay for it. But its definitely worth the $30-$40easily. Hands down....You wont regret it, I promise you's.

    Overall: 10/10
    Alot of the existing pwo's out there are going to experience a level of slower sales once the word is spread. Now i know everyone remembers the hype with USPL Jack3d, right? Well this is it 100 fold, trust..... I guarrantee you that the ones who applied for the samples will tell you the same, just watch. I dont work for the company, obviously, so theres no need for my to lie, but i have to call a spade a spade. I'm sold IFN. As soon as my finances allow me to, im not wasting anytime procastinating, im going staright to the cart and submitting order.

    NUTRAPLANET, do your self a justice, and get this at your store asap!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad i only have 1/2 a packet left.

    Thank you again IFN, for blessing me with the 2 samples. You got me, and i'm definitely going to spread the word to my bros.
  4. 5/5

    Before I start my review I want to say that I HATE fruit punch and I have a HIGH tolerance for stims.

    Ok here we go..

    For those of you that never heard of Contraband by Iron Forged Nutrition..

    The pump blend looks awesome! Even though I do not know the exact amount of each ingredient(I HATE that we are not told exactly how much it is of each) I was still curious and wanted to give this a try.

    Call me weird but I did not ask to try this cuz of the pump. I don't care if a pre workout has a pump mix, i can get a pump from workout alone. But it doesn't hurt that pre workouts have a pump ingredients there. And the pump was serious on Contraband! I used 1 sample on chest yesterday and the other sample today with Arms. I woke up this morning and chest felt like it was still pumped and sore lol. Arms were pumped from the freaking beggining! I started with cable pushdowns and 1 set in I could already feel it. By the time I was on my second exercise(CG presses) I was full on pumped! After 4 exercises I moved on to Biceps and right off the bat on the 1st exercise(ez preacher curls) I was pumped! I moved on to incline db curls and damn the weights felt light but i was so pumped that it hurt! 3rd exercise was cable hammers... fock that **** was hurting... specially since when i train biceps i like to hold and squeeze at the top of every exercise. Last exercise was reverse ez curls... forearms were on fiiiiiiiiiiiiire, biceps were so pumped and hard that i couldn't curl all the way up.

    The focus was really focking awesome. The more it hurt the more I wanted to do. Resting period was kept really short. I would say 30 second max. I only got distracted a bit when this girl in what looked to be booty shorts was lunging in front of me lol.

    Am getting ahead of myself.. Lets back up to the mixing and taste. lol i got a tendency to shake pre workouts only a few times. 5 to 7 times max. Yesterday it left a trail of grains on the side of the cup after I was done drinking, no big deal to me just pour a lil more water in and drank it down. Today I used a bit more water and after shaking was a bit foamy for 10 seconds but it died down and there was a few grains on the bottom this time, again no big deal. The taste yesterday surprised me at first sip... First sip tasted really good which surprised the hell out of me cuz fruit punch supplements suck! BUT after the 2nd sip i was like hmmm not bad.. 3rd sip i was like ok the taste gets old really fast, not something i would enjoy drinking everyday for 30 days. Flash forward to today.. Like i mentioned before I used a bit more water and I actually enjoyed the taste! I didn't love it but I enjoyed it, it was much better than yesterday! Good job IFN this might be the first time I won't rate a fruit punch supplement a 0 for taste.

    Ok back to what really matters on a pre workout.. The Energy! Right on point! Again not sure how much caffeine in this but I usually need over 300 of caffeine to get me moving and feeling anything. Contraband did just that! Beta Alanine must be really low cuz I felt no tingles. I love the tingles. But this left me disappointed. Back to energy. I went different after about 15, maybe 20 minutes after taking Contraband, felt like I was ready to hit the gym. No rush of energy or anything like that though. For a while now I been feeling blah at the gym and just wanting to get done with my workout and leave but didn't feel like that yesterday or today on Contraband. I could had done more at the gym yesterday and today but shoulder started hurting yesterday and today the pump was just so much that it hurt like i said, couldn't do full range of motion and curl all the way up. Haven't felt like that from a supplement in a while!

    Overall I would def buy a bottle of Contraband. Even though I wish they would tell us exactly how much mg for each ingredient I would still buy it. Only thing I would change about this profile is increase the beta alanine.
  5. 5/5

    Taste & Mixability:10
    I had the samples of Twisted Punch. Mixed with about 8oz water mixed very easy and tasted very good !

    Effectiveness: 9.5
    I took the first packet before my evening cardio session, had very good energy, extra good focus ant it seamed like time went faster than usual, the cardio took less effort and still kept my heart rate higher ! On the way home from gym almost had a euphoric feeling...I felt GREAT !! The next morning I took the second packet at 4am for my 4:30 am work out (Biceps) Had great energy and again the focus was incredible the only thing that I think could have been better was the pump. it was not bat but not great (That is way the 9.5) other wise would have been a 10

    Overall: 10/10
    I would give this product a 10 the focus and drive is incredible. I will buy it !!
  6. 4/5

    I had great pump when i used both servings of contraband! they really got the tingles and left me ready to workout! I really recommend this pre workout if you need an extra boost of energy!
  7. 4/5

    Attachment 105941

    Taste/Mixability I mixed it with 6 ounces of water and it mixed perfectly fine.The taste reminded me of Fruit Punch flavored soda.

    Energy/Focus About 10 minutes after taking this my whole body got warm.I was sweating profusely during my whole workout.The energy was pretty strong.

    Pumps Today I did forearms & calves with GVT 10 x10 sets.The fullness & pumps were pronounced.This could be due to high reps and the agmatine.

    Over all I would give this a solid 9/10.

  8. Got 2 samples today, took 1 preworkout, did back, traps, and bi's. It was a pretty good workout, contraband kicked in about 10 minutes after drinking, you can definately feel the beta-alanine in it. It was not the most cranked out feeling but good energy and focus and definately didn't want to stop. So for ratings on a 1-10 scale I'd say-

    The endurance was the best part for me as I just wanted to keep going and going! I like a big pump in my pre w/o so just a little suggestion would be add some pomegranate extract to it as this really helps with agmatine. Thanks IFN15
  9. 4/5

    I was sent two samples by Iron Forged of their Pre-Workout Contraband.
    Flavor-Twisted Punch

    Flavor-4/5- Flavor itself was good just was a little strong for my taste.
    Energy-5/5- Energy wise it delivered. Didn't take long to kick in and lasted through and past my workout. Also problems with crashing and when it was time to go to bed had no problems falling asleep.

    Overall a good pre-workout that I would definitely use in the future.

  10. Got my sample yesterday. Perfect timing to try this out for my back workout. So I hit the gym at 5am this morning to give Contraband a try.

    Mixability - 7/10 - Mixed a full dose serving in 10 oz. of cold water. Sample pack did not state what is a suggested amount of water to mix with so I just guess. The stuffed mixed really well with no residue, but it did foam up quite a bit.

    Taste - 9/10 - The Twisted Punch flavor is definitely different from the normal punch flavors out there. To me, it has a bit of orange taste mixed in there. Maybe that is the twisted part. LOL. I did like the flavor. I did notice that the smell had a bit of a chemical smell to it. I have noticed this with other pre's also, but not really that big of deal.

    Focus - 10/10 - This product is not over loaded on stims so it makes it hard to tell when it kicks in. Thinking back to my workout, I remember going from exercise to exercise with absolutely no distraction. My workout started off with me realizing that I had left my phone (for music only) in the car, but I didn't care and just wanted to hit the weights. I was able to really connect with my lats and middle back with the extra focus.

    Energy - 8/10 - Like I said, this product is not a major stim product. Energy was good and perfect for my workout.

    Pumps - 10/10 - This is another great area for this product. My lats and middle back are one of hardest muscle groups to get a pump or actually feel the muscles working. With the extra focus, Contraband proved to provide the pump that I have been wanting to get in this area.

    OVERALL - 9/10 - Very good product for those looking to get the mind right during their workouts and get that extra pump.

    I greatly appreciate the opportunity to give this product a try.
    Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
  11. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
    The Solution's Avatar


    Twisted Punch - This was an interesting kind of Fruit Punch knock off. It was not the strongest Fruit Punch I have ever had, and I kept the water down (See mixability). Overall its not bad, but would probably grow on me with continued use, I have had so many fruit punches in the past that it is a very common flavor and top seller on the market. Overall no complains, no artifical flavoring, but tasted smooth from initial taste to after taste.


    Used 1 sample pack (1 scoop) in 8oz of water. No debree or floaties, this mixed very fine. The powder was very fine so I knew this would mix very easy. 0 complains here at all!


    I am not a big fan of prop blends because most of the time blends are made to underdose ingredients . lets break it down

    Energy Blend
    2.2g total of Caffeine, Amp Citrate, and Tyrosine, Theoboromine and Glucuronolactone.
    Caffeine was around 200mg as stated on the previous page, and the Amp Citrate is a great addition to really amplify the energy.

    Pump Blend
    8.5g Total
    Creatine (Which should be 3-5g for an adequate dose)
    BA (Should be at least 3.2g for adequate dose)
    Citrulline malate (Should be 6-8g total for adequate dose)
    Taurine (Should be around 500-1g)
    Agmatine (Should be around 500mg - 1g for adequate dose)

    as you can see at the bare minimum for proper dose it would need to be at least 13g, so things wont be up to par as far as how much is in the product, but overall you get decent amounts of each ingredient.

    Workout Reaction

    Energy was strong out of the gate taking it on a fasted stomach in the AM for 5 AM Training. I consume this 10 minutes prior to my leg workout and then rumble rolled for 10 minutes.

    I noticed that my body temp did rise a bit during the workout, and my pump was strong on a drop set i did on squats from 365 x 6 --> 315 x 10 --> 225 x 20 which left my leg almost blue. This was awesome. Energy was strong from the start to the end and into the post-workout period.

    I also noted that my endurance was good, going to assume the BA is on the higher end and in the adequate dose, but the CM will probbaly fall short in this formula, agmatine i respond well to, so even at 500mg pre-workout i bet that would aid well as well as taurine for a pump.

    Overall a decent formula, just that some of those ingredients in the pump blend will be underdosed in the end. 0 Complains on energy as I do not take stims often, so when i do they blow me out of the water.
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep

  12. I've always loved stim packed PWOs, and this is not one of them. What it is is a PWO that will give you laser like focus without any crash. A lot of PWOs claim no crash, but this one actually delivered on that promise. In addition, the product was one of the few that I actually liked the taste of. I will definitely be picking up some more when I get the chance.
  13. 4/5

    Taste / Mix: 2/5

    Straight up didn't like the taste, but then again I'm not a fan of fruit punch supps. There was also a bunch of residue at the bottom.

    Pump: 3/5

    Pretty decent, have had better have had worse.

    Focus / Energy: 5/5

    Clean focus, definitely need one full scoop. It was subtle focus too. Nothing like a switch being flipped. No tunnel vision, but still great energy.

    Sides: 5/5

    Zero sides. No poopies, no crash. Nothing at all.

    Profile: 4/5

    I hate prop blends :( but the profile seems pretty good. Quality ingredients but again no one knows the dosages.

    Overall: 4/5. A good pre workout, definitely very easy going energy wise. Won't crack you out IMO but will get the job done. The taste, which is subjective, was pretty bad IMO. But again I've yet to find a fruit punch I like.

  14. ^^^ Have you tried the fruit punch flavor by VPX? I swear it is hands down the best tasting fruit punch.
  15. 4/5

    Contraband twisted punch review:

    Flavor: It was twisted punch taste. I don't like fruit punch all that much but I did like how it had a sort of lemon flavor. I thought it taste great. Taste 10/10

    Mixability: The mixability was good. No chunks of product after I added water. There was little to no foam. However it did leave a bit of residue in my cup. I only mixed it with around 6 oz of water as I walked into the gym before refilling my shaker with water anyway. 6/10

    Focus: With in about 7-8 minutes I started to feel focused and a flushed feeling along with the BA tingle. I ended up loosing track of time at the gym. I didn't want to leave. 9/10

    Intensity: This product definitely had me feeling pumped up. The energy was high throughout my whole workout. I did not experience any gitters, anxiety, wire me out all night, or crash after I was home. 9/10

    Pumps: I thought I experienced good pumps. It didn't feel like my blood pressure was all jacked up either which is a major plus. But it felt like there was a little something missing. AAKG always gives me awesome pumps. Might want to think if adding that in to the mix. 7/10

    All said and done Im definitely going to buy this product and add it into the mix of pre's I circulate. It gave me some great focus and a euphoric feeling which I think attributed to loosing track of time. I trained for almost 2 hrs. after a 12 hr work day.

    Thanks again for this chance IFN

  16. Hands down the best "smooth energy" pre-workout on the market. I am not a fan of to much stims and heart racing PWs. Pump was nasty, focus was laser like and energy was great! 12 hours later I was still in the same mood as I left the gym so no crash. Taste was delicious, mix ability was if it were kool-aid, effectiveness was damn good to get me through a heavy leg day at 3 weeks out of my upcoming show; which if any of you know is exhausting. I would definitely purchase this product from a retailer if there were any around the area. I even referred a few people to test it out as well. Thanks guys for a good product that will allow me to continue to push hard in the gym and dial in for the next few weeks.
  17. 5/5

    I am very high tolerance of pre workouts. I have tried a bunch. If you're looking for that surge of energy that just makes you wanna lift anything infront of you this may not be for you. This was definately a great product tho. I felt awake, not jittery. like when you get that perfect amount of sleep and you're just ready to go. It was a clean controlled energy. I had a 2hr workout and never crashed. I was steady all the way thru and felt great the rest of the night. Normally I like the sudden surge of energy I get from other pre workouts but after the trial I ordered the contraband. Thank you for the free trial!

  18. Taste - Fruit Punch, taste was pretty good, no complaints
    Mixability- Mixed it with a spoon 10 ounces of water, easily mixed, no clumping
    Blend- its a prop blend so its hard to determine what is in each serving but that is common among most pre workouts, it has the common creatine, beta aline, type ingridents but added amp citrate to separate from the pack
    Took it about 15 minutes before my workout, kicked in solid energy, pumps on average, good focus. There was no crash, it didn't keep me up late at night

    Overall its a better workout than the more popular chain store pre workouts, would recommend.
  19. 4/5

    I was looking forward to testing this PWO out today and everything seemed to click into place. My garage wasn't over 100 degrees like it has been all summer, I ate early enough, and had plenty of time to workout.

    I took the one pack at 11:45 and started my warm up lifts at 12:00. By 12:15 I started my main lifts and definetly felt a nice increase in energy and felt mentally ready. It was a major leg day 1x30 bar squats, 1x20 65lbs front squats, 3x15 135lbs and 1x30 95lbs. Then 3x5 45lbs each hand meadow shrugs. Then supersetted arm curls 45lbs (bar) and skull chrushers 25lbs 1x10 slow, 1x20 fast, 1x10 slow, 1x20 fast, to try and get a real pump.

    Taste/Mixability - I loved the taste, I could actually drink this flavor if it was just a flavor for my water. It mixed in easily and left a little froth which settled in seconds. There was a tiny bit of residue, but if I had mixed it longer this might have disappeared too. The only issue is the powder seemed clumpy and hard to get out the packet. 10/10.

    Energy/Endurance - Nice smooth increase in energy, hit exactly when I needed. It kept me going throughout the whole workout easily. I really could have done another 2x15 squats in the middle. But I am having hip issues and didn't want to push it to far just because I could. No jitters or shakes. 10/10.

    Pump - Not too bad, I have had better. Maybe, I will mix this with a non-stim pump product I use and see the results. 7/10.

    After workout - This is where it gets a little weird. I finished my workout grabbed some food, washed my dogs, showered, and then layed down to cool off on my bed at around 2.30. I actually passed out and was woken by a phone call at 4. I have felt sluggish for the rest of the day. I felt great after I had finished my workout and was ready to keep the day going. I don't know if this was an aberration or from the product. 5/10.

    Overall, I was happy with this product and will give the other packet a go and see if I get the same results.
  20. 4/5

    Iron Forged Nutrition's

    Empty stomach AM workout

    Mixability: 100% fast & easy
    Taste: pretty good it got the twisted punch flavor. Not a watered down flavor at all even at half scoop.

    Powerful! Felt the Beta Al kick in before I started the jeep. Couldn't imagine taking the whole sample at once, good thing I put the other half in bottle for intra boost.

    Focus: absolutely a winner, of course it was super early and I was virtually alone in the gym. But I was feeling the movement and vibing with my music selection.

    Intensity: easily pushed past every rep count in my program, even my last set to failure I got a few extra reps than normal, I wanted it that bad.

    Energy & endurance. Rocked three sets of 40 + dips at the end of hour one, got bored but still could've gone on.

    Pump: pretty nice, skin stretched leaving the gym lasted for about an hour that way. Still searching for more agmatine in these supps, but not beyond adding my own, that would make this a truly awesome pre supp.

    Writing this review 3 hours later and could go for another session. Wide awake still tingling in my quads, and still got a little pump left

    Value : at 40$ for 25 workouts, very solid deal, I bet I could've taken just half and used some waxy maize intra and been good, so realistically 40$ for 50 workouts. Definitely worth the money. Definitely.

    4/5 cuz I think the Agmatine needs a bump.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by IFNutrition View Post
    Product information
    Private message sent. Really looking forward to giving this a go!
  22. 5/5

    Iron Forged ContraBand Review

    Wanted to give this product a real try. worked a 12 hour shift got off at 7am this morning. Mowed yard and done a few things around the house, no sleep so I could get revamped for my days off. Mixed and Drank my contraband at 4 pm this afternoon. By 4:30 was feeling pumped and ready to go. Chest day added 5 extra lbs onto my 5x5 bench routine and started. warmed up at 195 lbs and finished my chest out at 235 lbs 4 sets 5 reps each. followed up Decline 3x6 at 215 lbs. Reverse grip bench 145 lbs 4 sets 8 reps each. Finished up with curls bar 95 lbs 10 reps for 3 sets then dumbell 45 lbs 3 sets 10 reps. added 20 minutes cardio in and finished my workout with 8 minute abs. Will give this product a two thumbs up. Mixability 10 /10 dumped shook it twice and it was mixed a little fuzzy but i can handle that. Taste a 10/10 great taste and no funky after taste. Energy 9/10 nice smooth pickup no jitters gave me a nice smooth glow when it kicked. plenty of energy to get through my workout. Not quite the kick I'm used to but it does work. Gonna be adding this into my pre's no doubt. Used the one packet would love to have mixed both samples packets think I could've added more weight onto each set. Review written 2 hours after workout and still feeling a nice even flow of energy and focus. Thinking about going for a run to max this day out. No crash, Most Definitely worth the money a great pre workout would be awesome for someone just getting into a pre workout, Or for the more advanced that doesn't want to get the jitters. Will rate this a 10 out of 10 because they got the taste energy and pump just right with this one. Could be a little more but great just the way it is.
  23. 4/5

    I give this a six because the taste is a little “cheap” for lack of a better word. It tastes like a melted pop ice like when I was a little kid. That being said it was smooth going down and pop ice isn’t as good as I remember being little.

    This does have a proprietary blend in it so, I cant really tell how much caffeine is in contraband. No jitters a little bit of tingles. Overall it kicked in pretty quick about 15 minutes after consumption.

    No tunnel vision or sharpness. But my focus was defiantly there my mind wasn’t racing off in other directions.

    Pump was pretty good. It kicked off just one set into the workout and stayed there pretty much the entire workout. I wouldn’t say it was mind blowing but it defiantly was solid.

    This is where Contraband becomes really worth it. I had a 1hr plus arm workout when I used this and even though I was drained I still felt like I could rep out a few more sets if needed.

    Mixes well with a few swirls in the cup but, there was a little grit left. No big deal.

  24. 3/5

    Mixing this pre was great. I did use a blender bottle but there was no residue at all. Tasted yummy mixed with around 20 oz of water pre workout on an empty stomach. Energy wise it was just ok, not nearly strong enough. I don't like to feel cracked out but I want something to give me a boost that is a bit stronger than this. I did have some good energy though during my first exercise. After about 30 minutes though the energy just outright stopped. It was just gone. Personally when I take a pre I want it to last my entire workout. That was the downside. Focus was also pretty good which I noticed within 5 minutes of drinking the product. Recovery between sets was increased too. The reason I gave it three stars though is because these feelings/effects didn't last my entire workout. They just went away real quick. It'd be a better pre workout if it lasted and was a bit stronger.


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