Core FURY (380 Grams)
Core FURY (380 Grams)


Core Nutritionals

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Core FURY (380 Grams)

  1. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
    The Solution's Avatar


    One of the better pre-workouts on the market with a good dose of caffeine per serving (200mg) which is also giving you a legit amount of other goodies. I basically like to call this a craze with caffeine in sessence due to the additional nootropics. Legit amount of creatine in 2 scoops (5g)
    Agmatine is also very high to aid overall pumps in the product (1.5g)

    The Lucious flavor is actually very good. I am not a huge fan of that type of flavor but doug miller is very good with flavoring and using 0 aritifical flavors/colors in the his product, so while it mixes up clear you still get a great tasting product like his Core ABC.

    No mixability problems and a very cost effective product for what you get in the product.
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep
  2. 4/5

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    Flavor /Mixability 8/10 The flavor kind of reminds me of a cherry flavored Sweet Tart.I put it in 12 ounces of water and it mixed perfectly.I also like the fact that there is no artificial colors added.

    Energy/Focus 10/10 This is where Core Fury shined for me.I did notice some great energy and the focus was pretty good as well.The energy was not to over whelming but for me it was just enough.No jitters or crash.

    Pumps 9/10 The Agmatine does provide a decent pump especially noticed on forearms when I did my D/L's

    Overall 9/10 This is a very good formula and I do agree with The Solution that Core Fury is a top notched pre workout formula.I will be using again.

  3. Thanks for the awesome feedback guys!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  4. One of the best profiles in a preWO, from one of the most reputable companies around.
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  5. 4/5

    I actually took this intra-workout after 1 Scoop of Conqu3r. I was finding Conqu3r to have worn off by my halfway point in my workout. So I drank water for the first part of my workout....Then about 1 hour in I started sipping on this stuff. Anyway this stuff picked up right where Conqu3r left off. Taste was great, but honestly I don't really remember the taste because I had such a great workout. Sure it may be unconventional the way I took it, but hey it worked for me and I'd use it the same way again. Right when I started feeling tired I started drinking it. It honestly made the latter part of my workout feel just as good the first part!. Usually I'm low on concentration and energy by this point. Not today!. Concentration and energy through the roof, but not too much. I was slightly jittery but that just went away and everything was smooth going. I just don't know what else to say. I want more. If you don't like the way I took it, you can take a hike!.

    I'd purchase this. Why aren't more people giving this product the attention it deserves?. Gotta get this.

  6. Thanks for the amazing feedback! No doubt Core Fury is one of the top pre-workouts today, the ingredient profile speaks for itself
    Core Nutritionals Representative
  7. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
    The Solution's Avatar

    Wanted to update, Cherry Limeaid is one of the best flavors off the Core line hands down. There is a very similar taste to the white cherry ABC, but this limeaid is very good. it reminds me of Hemavol but with no artifical coloring or flavors, not to mention there is very little after taste. it is a very strong cherry and limeaid mixture that leaves a powerful flavor right from the get go. I found that 8oz per scoop is a sweet spot. I would not venture 2 scoops but have went upward to 1.5 and that is a very good amount for around 12oz of water. Great job Core and with the flavor.
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep
  8. 5/5

    Core Fury goes the distance and beyond. I can only state that the stuff may be a little too strong, but since when did that stop anyone lls

    Energy: 4.5/5
    This stuff blasts and keep on blasting. At 200mgs of caffeine a scoop 2 scoops is strong but it doesn't hit you all at once. Its a gradual buildup that hits right when ya need it and keeps ya rolling for the next 2hrs. The taper down effect takes awhile for me so there has been many nights I felt lost lol. A little less stim would be perfect for me but solid none the less it awesome. Found 1.5 scoops to be perfect.

    Pumps: 5/5
    You can read the profile for yourself. If you keep a steady tempo and the intensity high your veins will commence the transformation of roadmapping your body. Quite shocking but tested it a few times and I wasnt disappointed once.

    Flavor/Mixability: 5/5
    Beyond solid! Tastes great, I use 10oz of water and there is a little bubbling at the top but quickly dissipates and resolves. Never think twice about drinking it OTW to the gym

    Overall: 5/5
    I only have one small hickup and that was the 400mgs of caffeine. In all honestly 1 scoops good, but 1.5 holds true and lets face it 2 scoops reigns supreme but only if you have plenty of hours left in your day. Seriously good stuff and would actually buy this product.

  9. 2 more amazing reviews for what imo is the best pre-workout on the market.

    Thanks guys!
    Core Nutritionals Representative


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