CONQU3R (20 Servings)
CONQU3R (20 Servings)


Olympus Labs

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Rating: 4.81 out of 5 stars, based on 32 total reviews.
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CONQU3R (20 Servings)

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  1. 5/5

    I got a sample of this and I loved it. Amazing profile, everything you need in a pre. I def will be picking this up in the future. Amazing job by OL.

  2. Thanks for the review!
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  3. 5/5

    I am stim tolerant, and I usually need 1.5-2 serving of most pwo's, I just needed 1 serving (the sample I was sent) and I have to say, this stuff is THE BEST PWO I've tried hands down! I personally had no Jitters, great focus, and NO fatigue it seemed.... The longest workout I've had in a LONG TIME, in fact it got to the point where I would probably be over training a bit if I kept going, and the pump/fullness is crazy.
  4. 4.5/5

    Before even trying the product, the ingredient blend immediately sticks out.

    Combing clinical doses and no prop blends separates this product from 99% of the sport's PWO industry.

    The taste was smooth and mixed relatively well for such a large serving size.

    I would have to say it's a great product for sport's performance measures in terms of energy, delaying fatigue, and vasodilation.

    Not recommended for the first time stim user as the dose can be a bit overpowering, but an incredible product, nonetheless.

  5. Im running my sample today! Very excited
  6. 3/5

    I was very excited to get my sample the profile is awesome. Had a good workout today, but I didn't get the hit like I was hoping for. Taste and mixing were good. Beta alanine took longer to kick in and wasn't as strong as I expected. I love the pull your hair out feeling from an overdose of ba. Focus was decent, but no tunnel vision I could turn it on and off, but there was
    No crazy energy, like I had hoped for. Pump didn't hit me hard either. Now I am fully aware before today that I am a Jon responder to agmatine sulfate. I get a better pump from a high dose of arginine. I am very stim tolerant, and the caffine didn't hit me hard enough. That being said I was hoping for a new pwo. This won't be it for me.
  7. 4/5

    Thanks to the guys over at Olympus Labs for the chance to try out the new preworkout CONQU3R. After seeing others reviews on how strong it was I saved my sample for my favorite day Back & Biceps FST-7 style.

    Taste 5/5
    Fruit Punch Blast was on point. I was in mid conversation with my fiance on the way to the gym and I stopped to say " OMG this is amazing!" Then she swiped it from my hand and took a sip...she agreed.

    Energy 4/5
    Now I'm a very big stimulant guy, but this being the week after contest I tend to taper my stim use down a bit which let me get the full strength out of CONQU3R. I was speeding through my workout like a mad man! My focus was great. It definitely gave me a crash towards the end of my lift.

    Endurance 3/5
    The first 50 minutes out of 75 were amazing. The energy did wear of towards the end and I began to crash when I started my second of four bicep exercises. Kinda bummed about that one, but all in all it did well.

    Strength 4/5
    I did rack pulls for the first time ever for 5\4 sets. Ended up pulling 375lb for 8 clean reps to finish it off. I felt like I could move mountains! After rack pulls I did FST-7 Stretchers. I stayed strong at 120lbs 10-12 reps for 7 sets with 3 second breaks which is a huge PR for me.

    Pump 5/5
    This is the bread and butter! After my second back exercise I had trouble keeping my arms at me sides my lats were so pumped full of blood. I could literal feel the blood rushing in every rep. This was a great. The full clinical dosages really shined here

    OVERALL: 4/5

    I am very satisfied with this product and I would recommend it to friends and clients looking for a stong well rounded preworkout with great energy & pumps. Looking forward to hopefully getting a full tub of this sometime soon!

  8. Used my sample today. Quick little notes...

    Took the packet straight to the mouth so no comment on taste

    Felt it hit pretty quickly. Perfect blend of stims in this for me, enough to get me going but not become cracked out

    Pumps were noticable, almost too much for me. First exercise, lat pulldown, biceps were excessively pumped to the point it became uncomfortable

    Tons of people were/are buying half of the individual ingredients used in conquer and adding them to existing pre's. Conquer is definitely the easier and probably more economical way to go

    "if there's one thing women love, it's a vascular man" - stewie griffin
  9. 5/5

    I received a sample awhile back without knowing the profile and here was my review:

    Back day (I couldn't wait ha). First thoughts: flavor was great, very fruity and no chemical taste or anything like that. More sweet then tart. Mixed it in 20oz of water and only had to give it about two shakes before everything was dissolved. No sinkers or floaters at all even as I sipped it over about 10min.

    First thing I felt was about 10min after finishing it was the tingles. Ears started to get that tingle which I assume was a good dose of beta alanine. Energy came on slowly at first but within about 15min I was feeling extreme motivation, aggression, and focus. I had tunnel vision going on my drive to the gym which was awesome. This reminded me of the first time I took og jack3d. Throughout the workout I felt energized and powerful even though it was not a strength day for me. Higher reps and I felt like my recovery between sets as well as endurance during was greatly improved. The pump from this was just ok and nothing to rave about. Vascularity was totally normal (ie nothing that a day without a pre wouldn't produce). Energy last throughout the workout and even still about 3 hrs after taking it. No crash thus far and as I feel the energy slowing I can't see a crash coming.

    Overall this was a spectacular pre that gave exceptional endurance, recovery, energy, and focus. Only low rating for this product would be in the pump/vascularity dept. I'd put this top 3 all time for overall energy and focus.

    Since seeing the profile I can now see why this was so effective. This is by far the best dosed all around pre that I've come across

  10. So first thing I notice is that one serving is a lot! That package was stuffed.
    I received the watermelon flavor and it both smelled and tasted like a Watermelon Jolly rancher. So well done on that
    CONQU3R mixes really easy in 6 oz of water and had zero clumps two spins with a spoon and it was mixed.
    No stomach issues to report when taken on an empty stomach either which is nice some stim heavy preworkouts make me want to take a dump right after the first gulp.
    The energy was clean and sustained me through my work out, not once did i feel tired even though I went heavy on back, I was actually bummed that I had to call it quits to go to work.
    The pump was solid but at about the 45min mark my forearms got so pumped it effected my grip.
    I can tell that the focus aspect of CONQU3R is on point because I felt my self zoning out to the music I was listening to couple of times.

    Overall this is a very solid preworkout that starts out with an awesome taste gives great energy and makes you feel good throughout your work out. This will be on the list of sups I need to try for a sustained period of time because I can see this being an very effective "staple" supplement.
    Hit me up with any questions any time.

  11. Used my sample of fruit punch this morning for back & bi's

    Taste: 5/5. Easily mixed with 6-8 ounces of water and tasted like sweet tarts.

    Energy/Endurance: 4.5/5. It definitely gave me enough to rock through my workout but I didn't feel like it made me want to keep going and going. Also, I guess Beta Alanine doesn't have the tingle effect on me anymore....

    Pump: 4.5/5. It did provide a good pump, however I didn't really notice it until I was almost finished working out. Then I realized that my lats were in the way of my arms and my bi's were so pumped I could barely wash my hair.

    Profile: 5/5. Obviously, this is a solid profile.

    You couldn't go wrong by using this as your pre.

  12. Good thing I saved conqu3r for arms day because this **** was ****en sweet! Literally, it was awesome. And the fruit punch flavor I got tasted like sweettarts the candy.

    Endurance was pretty exceptional on this preworkout. I've heard great things about agmantine and strangely have never tried it before until now, quality ingredients I'd say. The pump was overwhelming today haha, my arms kept throwing the weight up even when it got difficult and too heavy, I still kept getting it up. I had so much blood flow and my arms were filled with blood right after my warm-up set.

    Taste: 5/5, was amazing. Sat in my stomach well too.

    Pump: 5/5, let's roll.

    Mental Focus: 4/5

    Endurance: 5/5

    Overall: 19/20

  13. Man I am loving the reviews guys. Great feedback!
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
    Current Training Log -
  14. 5/5

    I love this stuff. Excellent doses of each ingredient and no Prop Blends!. Mixes instantly. Taste is great. No residue after mixing/shaking. Didn't get any jitters at all. The energy is very smooth. I particularly like the boost in confidence it seems to give me. Like right before a big lift, it seems to take away any doubt that might be in your mind. The thing is with this pre is you hardly notice the effects because you are so focused on what you are doing. Kind of strange but great at the same time. Really an amazing pre workout product and the great thing is you only need one serving. This is definitely a pre workout I'd spend money on. Maybe they will have more flavors but really I would drink this stuff no matter what it tasted like. I haven't been so happy with a pre-workout since Enhanced!. T-bone approves, and that's saying a lot.

  15. You can buy one off nutri-verse.
    Olympus Labs - Turning Men Into Demigods

  16. 5/5

    Got the fruit punch flavor and it was more of a pink lemonade imo. It mixed perfectly and energy was very good. I was moxing things rather than working out and it did produce a nice pump and the endurance is what really got me. I would much rather buy this over pre-jym, scream, or other 20serving preworkouts.
  17. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Good. I would give it around 8/10 in flavor ranking for a watermelon. I have found c4 and volt to be a bit better, also alpha amino and Cor-BCAA, the old xtend all of these resemble a jolly rancher in flavor for watermelon. This had a good hint but very little after taste on the way down even with 8oz of water per scoop. 10oz was my sweet spot tha was not too strong nor too sweet.


    This is where the product shines. In my opinion one of the best on the market hands down because you get adequate creatine at 5g per scoop
    You also get 3.2g of BA which is the studied dose of beta-alanine
    6g of Citrulline Malate again is pub med studied as adequate doses to aid in overall pumps and preventing lactic acid build up as well
    1.5g of Agmatine is massive on top of the 6g of CM to aid in overall pumps
    300mg Caffeine is a bit high for myself, so I try to save this for NOT leg days because I find the pump takes away from my workouts, if you blasted this on a chest/arm/back day be prepared to see vascularity absolutely pop.
    2.5g of Betanine have been shown to increase overall performance on top of the BA in the formula and this really rounds a very clinical dosed and studied formula. This is hands down one of the better ones on the market and I rank this very high among the best.

    Workout Reactions[

    I train upon waking at 5:30 So I am usually up by 4:30 and take my pre-workout about 5 and drive to the gym. Doing so allows the stim to really hit in its hardest state then dosing it around food.

    Honestly you take this and it puts you in the zone. I used this for an arms and chest/back workout and also on a back only workout and I have to say that my energy never dropped or faded. I got a touch jittery because 300mg is a bit too much for me, but honestly with the amount of BA/CM/Agmatine/Creatine at adequate doses it makes you feel like you have tunnel vision. I kid you not. This stuff is cream of the crop if the caffeine was a touch lower. but overall I cannot complain. Since I am cutting right now this is perfect for me to really help steamroll through workouts, but also keep my focus/energy high to really push myself and preserve strength while training heavy.

    Olympus Labs has a keeper with Conquer and this pre-workout will make some noise on the market especially with how they have set up their formula, decent flavoring, and adequate doses of ingredients.
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep
  18. 5/5

    Wow! I received a sample of this, and just used it for OHP/Arm day. It was amazing!

    Taste: 9/10

    I REALLY liked the flavoring of this. It was a sweet (bot not too sweet) taste, and retained it;'s flavor well even in 20 ounces of water. I felt a bit dehydrated from a long weekend, so that's why I used so much water.

    Profile: 10/10

    I rarely give a 10/10 score to anything, but this deserves it. IT has an amazing profile with clinical doses of proven ingredients.

    6g Cit Mal, 1.5 g Agmatine, 300mg Caffeine, 5g Creapure, 2.5g Betaine, among many others.

    Effects: 10/10

    The focus and energy were great on this, and the pumps were outstanding. I had a good focus going on that really allowed me to push myself and concentrate on form, which is great.

    My muscle felt full and hard, and veins were popping everywhere as well. It was a good pump too, not too painful.

    The endurance aspect was awesome as well. I had a long weekend with lots of driving and crappy eating, and really needed that extra push this morning, especially while cutting and right after a deload. CONQU3R delivered!

    Grab some of this!

  19. This is the only preworkout I can think of thats properly dose and has all you need in one package!

    I have been adding caffeine and creatine to my current PWO becuase I thought that was my only option. That or paying another 40 $ for a pre with some caffeine in it, then stacking it with my current pwo.

    Not only is that expensive but I'll end up feeling like a walking chemical plant. Fuk that, been there, you get head aches, shakes, feeling like sh*t and sometimes blow your routine! This has what all you need in one scoop. Not that two scoop sh't. I can keep rambling on about this. But on with the review, ordering a tub and about to go return my current PWO.

    I had the watermelon flavoured sample. It smelled great and the flavor was no let down! It tastes like water melon bubble gum. No after taste.

    Pump: 9/10
    good pump, was hoping for more. But pumps are effected by diet. So my diet may have been a factor.

    Vascular: 9/10
    On point. It did the job.

    Focus + energy: 11/10
    About 15min into the routine I had to stop for a second...I felt great!, my music started to sound incredible!, I started feeling super amped

    I broke from my routine and started to superset everything! I got a jumpstart on the next days routine. There were pools of sweat building up everwhere.

    If it wasn't for the time I could have kept going!

    Over all.... I hope no one gets upset over this.. but anything else is a waste of money, Really!

    Good job Olympus! Amazing price for a great product. 20 true servings! Complete PWO! Full dose!!...
  20. 5/5

    Shoutout to OL for the sample!!

    Energy: 5/5- Had awesome energy, and felt really uplifted

    Focus: 4/5- Focus was good, but not as good as the energy

    Pumps: 5/5- Pumps were awesome!! Had a pretty sick pump

    Profile: 10/5- Best pre-workout formula I've ever seen :D No prop blend, properly dosed, many staples included...

    5 star pre
  21. 5/5

    I received a sample of this, and just used it for my Chest and Arm day.

    Taste: 10/10

    I thoroughly enjoyed the flavoring of this. It was a sweet taste that i really fell in love with. The only problem was that i drank it all and wa ssad that it was gone when I was done with it.

    Profile: 10/10

    IT has an amazing profile with clinical doses of proven ingredients. based on what the label provides, and I think that's why it was so effective for me. Te Cit mal and agmatine are a few of my favorite ingredients in a pre workout and the dosing was perfect for my liking. The amount of caffeine helps out a lot.

    Focus 10/10

    The focus and energy were great on this, and the pumps were outstanding. I had been reffing for about 3 hours before I took this so I was a little tired and had no real motivation to lift, but this changed it for me. I had a good focus going on that really allowed me to push myself and was able to lift a lot more even though I hadn't eaten and been doing cardio for about three hours.

    My muscle felt full, and were popping out of myt arms more than usual. My chest was also very full, something that I noticed right off the bat

    Endurance 10/10

    The endurance aspect was what really gave me the best overall impression on this product. I had an early morning up at about 3am and didn't lift till about 1pm, different from my normal schedule and I had been reffing before so I was shot and my body really hurt. But once I took this my endurance came right back and I crushed a 1 hour and 20 minute workout and still had a lot of energy left.

    If you are looking for a product that gives you laser like focus, good energy and makes you feel like you could lift for 3 hours than get yourself some conqu3r, you will not be disappointed.
  22. 5/5

    I loved the ingredient profile, this product has amazing pumps, and long lasting energy. the taste was not a 10 i would give it a 8.5 but the effectiveness is definitely 10/10. i will be using this preworkout once i finish my current one.
  23. 5/5

    Recently got some samples of Conqu3r the last time I ordered supps. I tried it out, not having too high of expectations.

    This stuff blew me away. It has to be the pest pre workout I've taken since the original Jack3d. And don't get me wrong, there will never be a replacement for the original Jack3d, but this came damn close. I think this is the best PWO out there that I know of right now. It's comparable to C4 which is also a great product, but this was much more intense. And I believe the focus from this was greater as C4 just kind of hypes me up.

    To give you a bit of background on how high my stimulant tolerance is, I currently am prescribed 30 mg of Adderall (the max dosage legally). It takes a lot to get me going. I took a HALF scoop of this stuff and still had an insane workout.

    Being on the meds I'm on I try to cycle PWOs. I don't want to overstim myself too much. But I will be def be buying this when I do my next cycle Sept 1.
  24. 5/5

    Love the complete profile, no artificial colors and spot-on flavoring! The aroma of the powder is quite pleasant as well. I truly enjoy the watermelon flavor, perfectly sweet with no chemical taste. The energy provided is quite smooth and long lasting. I find that AMP citrate gets me focused and keeps me that way for hours! I got great pumps, strength increased a lil' bit and endurance was outstanding. Y'all really have a winner with this formula. I more than likely will use this product again, thanks for the sample.


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