Cannibal Swole (30 servings)
Cannibal Swole (30 servings)


Chaos and Pain

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Cannibal Swole (30 servings)

  1. 5/5

    If you aren't into pump products, as Jamie said, this might not be your cup of tea, but if you enjoy the full, tingly energized feeling this is a good one. Also good for those who are a bit sensitive to the stuff that is more stimulant based. I myself have no problem with that and love to stack this with Cannibal Ferox. A very flushed, full, solid feeling is what I got from it, and like the other products of this brand I find that for me it only took 20 minutes or less to kick in. Tasty too.
  2. 5/5

    Nice N.O., trained back. Got a nice "swole" haha and felt the tingles fairly quickly. My only gripe was the color was kind of a blah green, but that is a stupid value to judge a product on(just means they didn't overload it with Artificial colors). It tasted fine and had a nice sweet apple taste. The powder didn't seem to mix as well as Ferox, but It wasn't clumpy and went down smoothly.
  3. 5/5

    I tried my sample and it was great.The apple taste is pretty good.I agree with andreaelmeyer's comment above that there products do kick in quickly.I look forward to using a whole container of Cannibal Swole.
  4. 5/5

    CnP was kind enough to send me a sample.
    The flavor is green apple candy. Tasty enough, if particularly sweet. Looks like algae water with oregano floating in it.
    Decided to try it on "arms day," the one day a week I aim for pump, even though I don't enjoy it much, alongside a scoop of Ferox. About 60 minutes after dosing, 20 minutes into the workout, I swelled up like a cooked sausage... my arms, chest, and back were comically large. Felt pretty nifty, though strength and endurance seemed on the "good day" end of normal. Deflated down to normal something like 130 minutes after dosing. I'd say it does everything it says on the label admirably well. "Shirt splitting" indeed.
  5. ProteinFartss
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    This stuff is the tits. Insane focus. Crazy pump. Energy to kill it through those two and a half hour gym sessions. Definitely brings that X-Factor I've always looked for in a pre-workout!
  6. 5/5

    If you are looking for a no-nonsense pump product to add to your arsenal, Cannibal Swole is it. Bottom line. Just like the other CnP products, these guys put the actual dosage of each ingredient right on the label. No proprietary blends, no more confusion or concern when stacking products. This product delivers beyond what is promised (or expected with a pump product), tastes amazing (I take this stuff as a powder, not mixed in water), and just plain works. I have found it pairs perfectly with Canibal Ferox, with the combination really giving you that extra drive to maximize your workout. I will admit that I have caught myself checking the mirror more often as well, which helps to boost your confidence when lining up to blow your old PR's away.

  7. I just got my free sample. "Pumped" to try it after reading these posts. I'll make sure to use it on bicep day.

  8. Workout tonight was sponsored by CNP Attachment 97214 cannibal swole.

    Flavor: hulk green apple
    - taste was spot on. However it left a weird burning/itching on the back of my tung.

    Mix ability: 8/10
    - it mixed but there was gritty particles at the bottom that I had to swirl to keep it mixed in.

    Pump 10/10
    Idk what it was tonight, I didn't even drink near enough water throughout the day, for me to have that good of a pump. Confidently say, it came from the product.

    Now onto the workout. (Just for show lol)

    My ego got ahold of me on national chest day (mainly because the owner of the gym was lifting with me and the dude is a beast)

    Flat bench- 135x10, 8 185x4 205x4 225x4 230x3 245x2 225x6
    Incline db- 55x8 65x8 75x8 80x8 80x7 80x5 - drop a notch, 80x5 drop a notch 80x5 drop a notch 80x4 80x4 (this dude had me doing a marathons lol)
    Dips- 10,7,7,6
    Rope tri ext- 70x13x4

    That was it. I had super pump goin. Chest was stupid full, triceps were ballooned up. So, I'd say it was successful.

    Would I use cannibal swole again? HELL yes.
    Psalms 62:1-62:2

  9. I had a sample of Swole and used it on bicep/leg day. I used it stand alone preworkout - taking a break from stims. I must say that it delivers. Mixability could be better, but you just pour a little more water in after drinking and you are fine. Green apple taste is great. It does have a pretty big bite to it. Performance - my biceps were pretty well swolen after just the second set. This product would be good to take alone because I did notice a my endurance was great. Even though it's stim-free, my energy levels seem to remain high and I had a good drive throughout the workout. I can't imgaine what a workout would be if you combined it with Ferox. Great product Chaos and Pain!

    Addition - wanted to say that I can tell this stuff sucks up water into your muscles because my lips are abnormally dry a few hours later and I think I drank plenty of water.
  10. 5/5

    Taste: typical sickly sweet supp, who cares? Easy to drink.

    Effect: Incredibly powerful pump.

    Stack with Ferox for an unbeatable combo. These products compliment each other so well. Just don't try to take on more than you can handle, because you will definitely want to!
  11. 5/5

    I got a sample of green apple hulk. First off it smells great. It had a little sediment in the bottom after mixing. I used 12 oz of water. The first couple drinks had a slight after taste,but after that it tasted damn good. I love the feeling i got with this stuff. I had a great focus and drive to not stop lifting. The pump was second to none. All in all i am very imprested with Swole. I would love a tub to run and see how long the effects last. Thanx again CNP guys!
  12. 4/5

    I got a simple of the green apple from CNP and gave it a run on my chest/triceps day. Mixing it was a bit of a chore as 90% goes away right away, but leaves what looks like parsley flakes all over the top (like bcaa floaters) that never disolved and were in my teeth ha. None of this matters to me though as the product did exactly as it was stated. I felt like I blew up like a blimp only 1 set into my chest exercises and maintained this feeling throughout the 75min workout and even a bit after. Overall, its a great product and worth the $ since its effective at one dose.
  13. 5/5

    Allright, some background info. I am a competitive rower, and for me it is important supps dont contain anything that is not on the label as I am WADA tested. Cannibal Swole does not have anything on the WADA 2014 banned list. I had to make sure though that there is no chance of cross contamination, so I asked the guys at C&P if the product is made in a cGMP Factory - Yes it is. Also that factory does not handle DMAA. So there is no concern about cross contamination.

    I am a believer in NO products for endurance in the sense that increased nitric oxide has been shown in studies to improve blood flow, reduce oxygen cost of exercise and thus may improve performance.

    I have now continuosly used almost a tub of Swole, 1 serving a day as I train pretty much every day. Here's my review.

    Profile & Value: 9/10
    Profile looks very good. Agmatine, Norvaline and NA-R-ALA are all well dosed. Can't comment about the resveratrol, but it looks there's plenty. COP is slightly underdosed at 500mg (2g would be the full dosage) and Citrulline Malate dose is low. Still, I think the value is excellent. I'd have paid the same from just using bulk agmatine and NA-R-Ala for the price of one serving. Also price/serving seems to be very good compared to other popular pump products, which usually require double scooping. One scoop of swole is definitely enough! And, if desired, you could easily add the remaining COP and Citrulline Malate from bulk ingredients, as I usually do, to get full doses of those (and still the value would be great).

    Taste: 8/10
    Tastes like sour apple juice. Reminds me of the taste of apple juice made from real fresh apples a farm nearby used to make when I was a kid. Took a few servings to get used to but now I love it.

    Performance: 9/10
    Now these are the ones that really matter.
    - Vascularity: I see some increase during workout, but nothing crazy. Seems to get better post workout.
    - Pump: Now this is where this product really shines and lives by its name - Swole! Strongest pump I have gotten from any pump product. In fact, I don't think I knew what pump meant before I "accidentally" used 1.5 servings of this in a workout where I was doing multiple sets of high rep chin ups (1 scoop turned out to actually be 6.2g, so a heaping scoop would be close 1.5 servings). My arms felt so full it was hard to squeeze my chin over the bar. Also I once did 1.5 servings when doing intervals on the rower - at one point my quads felt so pumped I could not extend my knees fully at the finish position of the stroke. I now make sure to use one even scoop only. The pump is still there, but it does not hinder performance/range of motion.
    - Endurance: I think I have noticed on occasion a small boost in muscular endurance, particularly when doing high rep exercises in the gym I can squeeze that extra rep or two. This actually surprised me a little: at my performance level the performance boost from supps is usually so small it's hard to notice, as it is with the possible cardiovascular endurance this product might offer. Still, even a tenth of a second counts in a race.
    - Glucose Disposal: Tested with glucometer, Swole stabilizes blood glucose after having carbs.

    Negative side effects:
    Just one side effect (apart from too much pump with overdosing): The next dump(s) I take, usually 3-6 hours after drinking Swole, I have loose stools. I googled and it might be the resveratrol in it that's causing it - it appears that not everyone's stomach can handle it. However it does not affect the training session in any way, as the sides show up so late, so it's just a small concern.

    Swole is an excellent pump preworkout that lives up by its name. Also the value is hard to beat. I recommend. Rating: 9/10 - rounds up to 5/5.

  14. Wayne was kind enough to send me a trial of Ferox and Swole. I tried half the sample of Ferox on Friday and really didn't feel anything. So taking a page a out of Jamie's book of crazy. I mixed the left over sample of Ferox with the whole sample of Swole.
    Not the greatest taste, but easily drinkable none the less.
    Started my warmup and felt nothing, so I started feeling disappointed. Then after about 15 minutes this mixture kicked in. I felt like a tazmanian devil and destroyed the remaining of my work out and could have gone through it all again. My squats were easy although no real pump on my legs. But, after chest press, bent over rows, and some cheeky barbell curls. My arms and chest were blown up like a puffer fish. After finishing I left feeling euphoric with more energy than when I started. Plus a nice smooth lift of energy throughout the rest of the day with no crash. No soreness today which is a plus too. I am going to buy both of these and stack them as mentioned. I look forward to even more great products from C&P.
  15. 4/5

    Definitely works, feel much more vascular and pumped during workouts. will definitely rebuy
  16. 5/5

    The folks at Chaos and Pain deliver. At first I used Permaswole by its lonesome and found it to really give that full, tight feeling. Great pump, with the strong tingle in the extremities, I found. Additionally, the taste is good - got the 'Rasbloody Lemonade'. Mixes very well and hits quickly. I now use it with Ferox for an extra boost. If you are not accustomed to this sort of supplement then use caution as this will most likely bust you up - especially when combined with Ferox. Work up the tolerance and use this. Use both.
  17. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    At 1 scoop you are getting
    2g Citrulline (which most need 6-8g to seek maximum benefits)
    500mg agmatine (which is a good dose but most notice 1-1.5 to be very good and get the benefits)
    1.5g BA which is good amount and can aid performance/endurance.
    250mg COP which most need 2g from all studies (over a decade old) to reap the benefits
    150mg Resveratrol is used to help with performance enhancement not only training, but also cardio as well.

    While some items here may be under-dosed it was noted in my first 5 workouts using this product all in a fasted state upon waking. A small increase was noted on performance and endurance (BA), but besides that pump was not increased, tighter skin, or harder skin was not noted, and I did not seek much overall benefits in the product at a 1 scoop dose. With that said everyone reacts differently for some it may be good, for me it was nothing to thrive on, but I am just trying to be 100% honest with my review.

    1.5 Scoops

    At 1.5 scoops you are getting
    3g Citrulline (which most need 6-8g to seek maximum benefits)
    750mg agmatine (which is a good dose but most notice 1-1.5 to be very good and get the benefits)
    2.25g BA which is good amount and can aid performance/endurance.
    375mg COP which most need 2g from all studies (over a decade old) to reap the benefits
    225mg Resveratrol is used to help with performance enhancement not only training, but also cardio as well.

    I stated to see some pump shine now at 1.5 scoops upon waking and fasted. While it was not awesome, it was showing. Endurance and performance began to pick up and rest times were slowly starting to be cut back. Overall i felt this will be a very good dose for most individuals. It may not be what all need, but for me I started to see a lot more benefits, and a lot better recovery, endurance, and performance at this dose during my run (5 workouts with)
    That took down 13 of the 34 Servings leaving 21 left and 10 workouts.

    2 Scoops

    At 2 scoops you are getting
    4g Citrulline (which most need 6-8g to seek maximum benefits)
    1000mg agmatine (which is a good dose but most notice 1-1.5 to be very good and get the benefits)
    3g BA which is good amount and can aid performance/endurance.
    500mg COP which most need 2g from all studies (over a decade old) to reap the benefits
    300mg Resveratrol is used to help with performance enhancement not only training, but also cardio as well.

    This is where the product shined the most. My pump was awesome, my workouts went to another level, and I was smashing PR's even 8-9 weeks into a cutting cycle. I have to say that with that amount of Citrulline, Agmatine, and COP (even still a bit under dosed) it really shined through. Not to mention how BA heavy that was to aid the endurance and performance for some grueling workouts and pushing myself to new limits. Even though if you double dose that is only 17 workouts per container. The flavoring is strong, the workouts were awesome, and I found this to be my sweet spot with 20oz of liquid.
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep
  18. 5/5

    This thing will make you explode. I'm not usually one for pump products but this works...I wonder if it's spiked O.o

  19. Alright I've had 20+ workouts on this so I'll throw in a review

    Pump- 3.5/5
    It will certainly enhance your pump and have you feeling more full, but it's not an overwhelming skin splitting pump

    Endurance: 4/5
    This is honestly one thing I really like about this pre. Without having stims it's really nice to have that little extra "push" from the BA and COP. Great additions imo

    Taste: green apple hulk 3.5/5
    Razbloody lemonade: 4.5/5
    Both of these flavors are fairly mild, as in not too tart or sweet. They were both enjoyable but I'm just not much of a green apple person to begin with. That being said I really enjoyed the RL

    Overall 3.5/5
    It's a pretty solid formula but I'd like to see a little bit more from a scoop (more citrulline mostly) but where it's at makes it a great addition to any pre to set it over the top. If you combined it with out


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