AMPilean (60 Capsules)
AMPilean (60 Capsules)


Lecheek Nutrition

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AMPilean (60 Capsules)

  1. 4/5

    i won this from the super bowl contest. since i have tried almost every other lecheek product i chose ampilean. this is not like most other in your face stim products, the effect is more subtle. the main feature being the mental stimulation and clarity/focus. also i should add that effects are very long lasting. i really didn't get much appetite suppression and didn't notice much thermo effect...what i did notice was good mood enhancement and a long lasting mental stimulation....probably the longest lasting stimulant type product i have used.

    the only issue i have is when i was dosing morning and afternoon i had insomnia, i cut out the afternoon dosing and sleep is slowly returning to normal....

    this is a more powerful supplement than i thought from 1st use, effects build over time versus other stims that diminish.

    the sleep issue is the only reason i give ampilean 4 instead of 5 that i have figured out how to dose and use it properly it is actually worthy of 5 stars.

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  2. 5/5

    -intense energy
    -complete shutdown of hunger
    - I mean absolutely no thought of eating whatsoever
    -if sensitive to stems, only take one pill at a time

    Bruiser shreds with Lecheeks AMPilean(Sponsered)+HyperT2
  3. 4/5

    Alright so a reason i wanted to try this was cuz of the new AMP ingredient a lot companies are starting to use. i read great things about and one thing that stuck out was that it didnt give the 1,3 dimeth jitters which i could not stand. so here goes

    Energy: 5/5 without doubt this will give you energy. first dosed in the morning when i wake up, 10min later you are fresh and ready for the day. best part of this type of energuy is its clean, i havent felt like this since i was a kid. was happy to go to class, was happy to hit the gym, didnt feel any dizzyness or jittery feeling like most weightloss supps. i honestly could take this stuff the rest of my life just how it made my day feel. im always lethargic or feeling like i need to sleep throughout my day but this didnt give me the tired eyes feeling or the just wanna lay down for a second feeling.

    Focus: 3/5 focus was great for the first few 3 weeks in the gym. hopped on the treadmill, time flew and was ready to lift. after that those weeks, the gym felt a bit dull but my workouts were still great. just the drive on the treadmill wasnt as good anymore. but focus was great out of the gy,, my memory even improved in school and at work.

    Strength: 4/5 this was extremely strange for me because i started AMPiliean day 1 of PCT. usually 1st week i still keep all my strength gains and then they go down a bit. but i actually was gettin a bit stronger weeks 2-3, no idea how but i would end up feelin like i was ON my cycle again toward last set. its that feeling of you think you did enough reps but you can actually squeeze out a few more. idk if it was my diet or the supp but im leaning toward the supp

    Fatloss: 4/5 for somethin that doesnt have 1,3 or ECA, this actually helped me shed extra fat while keeping muscle on me. as i mentioned in the log, my front belly was disappearing pretty quickly and im down 3 sizes in pants without havin the muffin top look. cant stand that ish lol. but def was great run, came down 4lbs and i can def tell you its fat. my back, shoulders and chest even look more vascular.

    Sides: 1/5 only one annoying this with AMP, i could not get to sleep for the life of me unless i smoked a bowl or popped a xanax or somethin prescription. i would sometimes have a tired feeling so i went to bed and id fall asleep for 3 hours and im up from 3am-7am and then i feel like falling alseep but gotta start the day. but i when i popped my dose of 2 caps, 10min later im back again fresh and stays throughout the day no problem but i just miss goin to bed and just knockin out till the sun comes up. this is somethin i was able to live with because cuz you just pop 2 and back again.

    Overall: 4/5 another great one by Lecheek. i grabbed a few more bottles from nutra since it was offering a deal with T2 and i would honestly take this than drink a bunch of coffee and feel a but jittery then crash and i get great results. if your a person that needs to take somehtin like Adrefinil or whatever its called to keep you from falling asleep throughout you day, this is what you want. you get fatloss, great focus, clean energy and decent price. will be stacking this in a month with some other stuff

  4. I recently had an 8 week run of AMPilean so it gave me time to play around with it a bit and see what worked best for me. I didn't have the same issues as others with falling asleep at night at all and found the best time to take it was 2 caps after lunch. I lost 7 pounds over the 8 weeks while keeping the majority of my muscle. The energy was good as was the focus. I used to forget things all the time, especially when leaving the house to go somewhere. While taking AMPilean that was no longer the case. All in all I would say this is another winning product for Lecheek Nutrition and I will gladly recommend it to others looking to shed some fat!!
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