AminoD (30 servings)
AminoD (30 servings)


Purus Labs

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Rating: 4.67 out of 5 stars, based on 6 total reviews.
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AminoD (30 servings)

  1. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Killer Flavoring, has 0 problems mixing up, and the strawberry limeaid is to die for. Litreally could not describe this between a mix of kool-aid and lemonade and you get 0 bad aftertaste and nothing but refreshing on your taste buds the entire way down. When utilized as a pre-workout and intra workout for fasted training i found this to aid me in overall recovery form day to day basis and also between sets. Overall this product is solid and 100% recommend it. a good profile, and most of all a very cost effective intra/pre-workout product. I also dosed this between meals on off days which i found to be very effective.
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep
  2. 4/5

    This obviously is just a flavor review:

    Strawberry Limeade is a good flavor. You definitely get the limeade flavor first, and then the strawberry flavor comes second. I'd personally prefer a little more strawberry, but I really like real limeade so this flavor is a nice change from the typical watermelons and grape etc etc.

    Mixability is great, no floaters that never dissolve.

    Overall I'd give this flavor a solid 8.5/10, I repeatedly drink it without getting tired of it.

    One of the best things about this product actually is the lack of food coloring. Artificial red dyes in large amounts (like you find in Crystal Light, Fruit Punch, etc) give me killer headaches. Awesome to see a company going this route and not using large amounts of dyes.
  3. 5/5

    The Review

    So I want to first say there isnt too much that I can base my review on so im going to talk about the couple things that mattered most!

    Recovery 5/5- The most important aspect I saw while taking this was recovery. I stated numerous times within my log that it was absolutely amazing and probably my 2nd favorite recovery supplement that I have ever taken. In fact I hadn't changed my diet at all, but at the same time I felt that it was better than intra workout carbs as well as post workout carbs (extraneous as in a gatorade or dextrose). This was important to me because I trained 4 days in a row every week and then had a 5th day that I trained. Going with just 1 scoop (although I used 2 scoops on occasion) I noticed that my recovery had picked up, doms were not nearly as bad. I also squat 4 days a week and my legs were probably 80% recovered after every workout. Definitely a great product if youre lifting everyday or very frequently. On occasion I felt like I could have went back for 2-a-days.....

    Endurance 4.5/5 While I know this is something you dont actually FEEL with aminos, I noticed that when I took it about 15-20minutes before my workout, my recovery in between sets was faster and so I could prolong my workout and do extra lifting/core/etc without feeling like total garbage after! Also, because I am a Athlete, I actually have practices after lifting and this was the first time in my 4 years of conditioning that I have not felt absolutely horrible post workout heading into practice. This was huge for me given that practices usually last about two hours after the hour+ of lifting. Absolutely great for keeping you up when you should feel toasted!

    Taste/Mixability 5/5 First and foremost I know just about anybody who has used BCAA's can vouch for me when I say they genrally mix horribly. Not AminOD. Not only did it mix well (1 scoop in 20-32oz of water) but there was little to no foaming at the top which is something Ive experienced with ALL other Amino Drinks. No left over particles, no frothy top, just a smooth clean finish. And then not only was the mixibility on point, the Flavor was great as well! Probably the best flavored Amino's Ive ever had! I had the strawberry limeade (and cherry is my favorite flavored anything but this tasted just as good) and the taste was on point. Wasnt really any type of fake strawberry and the limeade flavor. wasnt super tart but did have a bit of a tart finish. I think its tough to describe taste in general so youll have to get some for yourself and try!

    So in conclusion, after all is said and done, workouts were had, and gains were made, I would like to rate the Strawberry Limeade AminOD a 5/5!

    Thank you Purus Labs for the opportunity to log a great amino product for you and I do hope that many others get the chance to at least try this! I know Ill be a repeat buyer if I can find it on sale in the near future!!

  4. AminOD

    Big thanks to AaronJP1 for choosing me to log these products!

    Profile : 8/10
    Instantized L-Leucine (2.1 g)
    L-Phenylalanine (839 mg)
    L-Lysine (719 mg)
    L-Valine (600 mg)
    L-Threonine (600 mg)
    L-Isoleucine (480 mg)
    L-Histidine (480 mg)

    I would have liked to seen these 3x as high to be honest. But taking 3 scoops each day would only give me a 10 day supply.

    Taste : 8/10
    Pretty good, nothing special, pretty standard flavor as far as supplements go. I'd definitely buy it again though if the price was right. This one for me was very light and refreshing. Mixability was excellent. One other thing I noticed was that my intra was clear as water, no dyes whatsoever! I'm used to really strong flavors of intras that really kick you in the mouth... this was just a simple drink. Not sure which I prefer. This is much better to mix with a variety of other powders though.

    Effectiveness : 7/10
    When taking a BCAA the only thing you can really gauge for effectiveness is recovery, DOMS, and perhaps workout endurance. At 1 scoop intraworkout for me this product performed well. I certainly can tell a difference when I'm not taking a good intra, I still experienced some expected soreness but overall this product performed.

    Value : 5/10

    Not sure that's worth while. It comes out to $1 per scoop or even a bit more depending on where you get it. There are some other BCAAs on the market I'll leave unnamed that I would go to first if price was what mattered most, and considering the weak profile it seems poorly planned.

    Overall : 7/10
    This is a good basic profile of BCAA/EAAs. Great taste, mixability, and the fact that they really focused on a lack of dyes is HUGE in my opinion. It would be excellent if ALL other companies follower suit with this. Some of the stuff out there is nasty as!

    I wish they could up the value by jacking up the doses a bit and making this a true one scooper. I think that would increase the appeal of this product dramatically. It seemed to have been a few days short of the 30 day supply.
  5. 5/5

    I had the Jolly Watermelon flavored tub and my mouth is watering thinking about it, lol. Seriously the taste is amazing on this! Mixes very easily and I genuinely enjoyed drinking every workout. I took this as an intra workout drink and found that it helped me with recovery and staying energized throughout a workout. I would also take on an off day with my lunch, cause it tasted so good!

    So 5/5 for me for having a great profile, great taste and for being very effective for me. My new go to amino product.

  6. Everyone knows how important Amino Acids are for protein synthesis and every one knows how much research and testing Purus Labs puts into their supplements. Well if you don’t you should. Purus Labs puts more time into their products then most any other company out I have seen. I have yet to receive a supplement from Purus Labs I didn't like. The only downside to AminOD is Dosage. Most will need to take two scoops to receive recommend Daily dosages.

    Amino acids are essential for muscle growth and recovery. The good thing about Amino Acids is the timing of them. There really isn’t a bad time to use them. Research has shown you can take them anytime and receive great benefits from them. Purus Labs makes sure to use only proven and well research doses in their supplements and AminOD is no different.

    When researching Amino Acids and timing. I came across a research article that tested amino acid uptake before and after working out. It was a very small controlled group, but had interesting results. This might be very helpful to some people; if you’re burnt out on Pre-Workouts, need a break from stims or want to add some punch to your pre-workout. Taking Amino Acid beforehand increased muscle phenylalanine concentrations by 130% and remained elevated 2hrs after working out.

    “These results indicate that the response of net muscle protein synthesis to consumption of an EAC solution immediately before resistance exercise is greater than that when the solution is consumed after exercise,”

    If you’re looking for an Amino Acid Supplement look no farther, Purus Labs is top notch and will not disappoint you.

    The flavors Blue Razz Lemonade, Jolly Watermelon and Strawberry Limeade are all pretty good. I like Strawberry Limeade the best out of the three. When mixed with water and shaken it only takes a few shakes and everything is dissolved. Even after sitting for a bit there is nothing settled at the bottom.

    My Rating..8.5/10
  7. 4/5

    Taste is great. Smooth and refreshing. Can sip it all day no problem.

    Used this as a supercharger for meals and between meals to keep protein synthesis maximized. Worked great as far as I could tell. No muscle loss while cutting, increased nitrogen retention, and good gains when bulking.

    Rated a 4 only because of cost. Costs nearly as much as protein. If it was always available under 20 bones it would get a five.
  8. 5/5

    Short and simple, Purus Labs definitely put out some solid, quality products. This one is no different. Mixes super easy with no foam or particles floating around and the taste is awesome. I like to use this stuff intra/post, helps me feel a tad fresher during the longer, heavier sessions. I have never had a supplement from Purus Labs that I didnt like, you cant go wrong with their products.


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