Orange Triad + Greens
Orange Triad + Greens


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Orange Triad + Greens

  1. 3/5

    This stuff is pretty good. Taste isn't great but it grows on you. Tastes like mashed up veggies, a little dirt and a hint of orange. I like the effects of this product though. Within a few days after starting taking this I actually felt more generalized energy throughout the day. Also before I started taking it I was having some trouble with my elbows, with pain and clicking noises. After 5-6 days of taking Orange Triad + Greens the pain was gone and the clicking very significantly reduced!.

    I doesn't mix great. A few times I tried it by just dumping a scoop in my mouth and chasing it with water. Not bad that way, but still the flavor leaves much to be desired.

    Price wise it's really expensive. It's a daily non-cycled product so it's something that can be difficult to afford for most people. Another positive is I notice it helps a lot with digestion, where the regular tablet pills I didn't notice this effect.

    Good stuff, just wish it tasted better and was less expensive.

  2. I think it tastes pretty good actually if you mix it with the right stuff. As far as the price, I think for what you get it's well worth it

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