Incinderine (90 Capsules)
Incinderine (90 Capsules)


Black Lion Research

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Incinderine (90 Capsules)

  1. 5/5

    this product is legit everything is properly dosed and delivers. i just bought another bottle of this for the summer to use. the energy this provides lasts very long without the crash. I do need to eat about 30 minutes after taking this because how strong it is.
  2. 5/5

    This is my first time even finishing a full stimulant type fat burner. I usually can't even make it through sample packs. My stomach gets nausea and I get anxiety, etc. However, as I get older and my metabolism has slowed this category is more important. I actually really enjoyed my run with this. I also paired this with Exotherm and the fat torching combo was insane.

    Convenience 5/5:2 caps per day. Doesn't get any easier.

    Profile 5/5: Awesome well-rounded and solid profile in the proper dosages.

    Value 4/5: A complete 45 days for 30 bucks or less. Not bad at all!

    Results 5/5: I'm very stimulant sensitive to things like Yohimbine and other common fat-burner ingredients. The doses were just right to make for smooth clean energy all day with minimal jitteriness. It really helped me control my sweet and salty cravings and avoid binge eating. I kept kcals at maintenance, but this and Exotherm
    had me shedding fat and maintaining my muscle weight. Great mirror results:)

    Overall Opinion 5/5: Incinderine is an overlooked or unheard of product that has taken a backseat to BLR's other outstanding products. It definitely lives up to BLR's high standards. Better yet, stack it with Exotherm and you will get shredded like lettuce!

  3. Incinderine

    9 out of 10
    Super simple just follow the label instructions. Really as straight forward as they come

    Side effects
    9 out of 10
    Really nothing bad to report here. Overall great feeling while on

    9 out of 10

    Pretty effortless fat loss

    Final notes

    This stuff is great. If you're looking for something to take you into the sub 10 percent body fat range, this stuff has your back.

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