STIMUL8 (40 Servings)
STIMUL8 (40 Servings)


Redefine Nutrition (FinaFlex)

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Rating: 4.13 out of 5 stars, based on 24 total reviews.
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STIMUL8 (40 Servings)

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  1. 4/5

    Well I was generously sent a bottle of Stimul8 by Snagency(thanks again) of Finaflex after being very skeptical of the profile on paper. I have experiences with the majority of he compounds present in Stimul8 and was unimpressed in the past but promised I would take a break from stimulants and give the product a fair chance.

    I have about 3 weeks of usage under my belt and felt I had tried it out enough to make a fair assessment. The tingles are very pronounced from the beta-alanine which tells me they have a fairly solid dose per serving. The energy is strong so I would say start low, I am very stim tolerant and found 1 scoop to be too much. At a half scoop the product was fairly enjoyable but 1 scoop was too much and the sides from yohimbine such as cold sweats and shaking was present. 1 scoop was actually detrimental to my workout as my HR would go to high so definitely keep it conservative with your dosage as most will not need much. 1/2 scoop is definitely where I intend to keep my dosage at for the remainder of the tub making it a very cost effective product that I like very much as a pick me up in the morning but I'm not as high on before a workout. If you like HYDE and other stim heavy formulas that utilize yohimbine and don't get the sides you will love this product. For those of you that like numbers I would give it a 7/10. Thanks Snagency and Finaflex for being confident enough to send a skeptic like me a tub to try out.
  2. 2/5

    I've tried this product twice. Both times it made me feel nervous-tired. It's like the ingredients were fighting each other or something. I felt tired, but at the same time worried/nervous/jittery. My heart rate was up significantly, of you would expect that from stimulants but this was different. Felt my heart pounding. This is coming from someone that can take 2.5 servings of enhanced and be happy. I absolutely had the worst experience with this pre-workout I have ever had with any pre-workout. The only reason it gets 2 stars is because it tastes pretty good. This stuff belongs in the trash.
  3. 5/5

    This product was a great source of clean energy/good mood:
    I would dose Stimul8 approx. 20-30 minutes before training during the first couple days of usage then I changed it to about 10-15 minutes. The energy becomes noticeable in a short amount of time without feeling overwhelmed. There were several days when mentally I was not there but once Stimul8 begins working its magic the desire to train comes around full force. The energy is definitely clean when dosed correctly and lasts for hours with a slow taper! This also came in very helpful for days when I would be going to work shortly after training. I could take that lift in energy with me to the work place and ride on it for several hours.

    Rating = 5

    This product helped me power through my training sessions:
    OH HELL YES IT DID! Stuff was amazing at getting me through tough training sessions. During my log I decided the only way I would know if it was truly making a difference would be to change up my routine. I opted for increased volume and endurance over what I had been previously doing. Those workouts went so well on many days I had to think about how much work I was doing and tell myself to stop. I also used Stimul8 for some intense cardio work without breaks and only when my muscle group would reach failure would I quit. Some of the best training sessions Iíve had in years came at the result of Stimul8 helping me power through.

    Rating= 5

    This product enhanced my mental focus:
    This review question required me to take notes/journal entry a few times over the past 4 weeks so I could look back and really think about how Stimul8 helped here. I have a hard headed belief that PWO supplements will not increase anyoneís mental focus, which is totally up to them. What I can agree on is this product will make you want to train! There is an added confidence that you can finish, go longer, lift heavier and just plain out due whatever it is you did before because of how Stimul8 makes you feel. So mentally you are just all in!

    Rating= 4

    This product did not give me the jitters:
    Jitters will be so different with different people and how they use it. If I used an entire scoop I would experience jitters. Then again if I was on a completely empty stomach but it wasnít extremely noticeable. I preferred to think of the feeling as vibrations. Read the directions and work your way up to tolerance and jitters will not be an issue. I shared Stimul8 with several friends and only one of them experienced jitters but that was also because he insisted on one heaping scoop. Lesson Learned!

    Rating= 4

    This product tasted great:
    PWOís donít typical taste great! I like to judge them on just being able to drink them down without squinting and wanting to chew some gum right after. Stimul8 taste refreshing and almost good. In the world of Preís this one falls in the GREAT category! Adjust water amount for desired flavor and I cannot see how anyone would say this product doesnít taste good. I vote the flavor guy/girl gets a Christmas Bonus!!!

    Rating= 5

    I really enjoyed this product and would recommend it to friends and family:
    Done! I recommended Stimul8 to everyone I talk about health and fitness with. Shared the information with another person last night! I also gave several scoops away during this time with every single one of them came back with positive results. 3 of my referrals purchased there on tubs due to Stimul8 being the best PWO they have ever used and the flavor hit the spot. Finaflex created a solid product in Stimul8. Anyone could benefit from its energy boost and feel confident friends or family would appreciate their recommendation.

    Rating= 5
  4. 5/5

    Averaging a 3/4 of a scoop per dosing - this log seemed to last forever (which is a great thing in my books). A couple of hightlights for me were the clean energy matched with a long hang time and no crash, the appetite suppresion and the powerful focus. Finaflex certainly nailed it (again) with Stimul8.

    This product was a great source of clean energy/good mood: 5/5

    I'd typically dose Stimul8 right before my warm up run in the mornings. Which is about 40 minutes before lifting my first weight. This really worked to my advantage as I felt the energy kick in usually around the midway mark of my run - this resulted in a quicker pace, deeper breathing and a 'feel good feeling'. By the time I hit the garage most days, my focus, energy, and state of being were right in the zone. From 1/2 a scoop to a rounded scoop my energy levels were always great. Of course the more powder in me, the more powerful the kick and the stronger the thermo properties. It was always a clean ride, with hang time being anywhere from 4-7 hours and with no crash at all.

    This product helped me power through my training sessions: 5/5

    This is an understatement as I truly owned some of my sessions while taking Stimul8. The physical aspect of German Volume Training was perfectly matched with Stimul8. I had the power and drive to push through my workouts with confidence and a physical ability to push out my reps even when typically there would be nothing left in the tank.

    This product enhanced my mental focus: 5/5

    As mentioned throughout my log, I experienced tremendous focus while using Stimul8. With exception of 2-3 workouts (where I was just suffering from outside stress) I was always in the zone. Mind and muscle connection was great and my focus was on point. There were some days where the outside world just didn't exist - it was like 'I was at one with the bar'.

    This product did not give me the jitters: 5/5

    I found the energy I got from Stimul8 very smooth. No 'stimmed out', or 'jittery' feeling at all. After dosing, the first thing I always felt was the beta-alanine 'fuzzies', which would quickly be followed with an abundance in energy. Even when running and my breathing would intensify my heart rate never got rapid, nor did I have any strange feelings.

    This product tasted great: 5/5

    It seems most preworkouts are better tasting then as little as a year ago. Stimul8's flavoring system is top notch. A quick shake was all that was needed, resulting in a nice smooth texture, and a tasty flavor. Not too strong, nor mild.

    I really enjoyed this product and would recommend it to friends and family: Absolutely.

    I enjoyed more effective workouts, faster runs, appetite suppression, focus and thermo effect. Anyone who needs a strong preworkout that will enable them to push themselves to their fullest potential, with superb hang time would really benefit from Stimul8. The fact that most users will find 3/4 of a scoop their sweet spot, makes Stimul8 very cost effectiveness as the tub seems to last forever.

    On the flipside, those who cannot handle stims would need to tread lightly. Even though I did not get the 'jitters' from Stimul8, others might. That said, starting as low as 1/4 to 1/3 of a scoop would be a great way for this type of user to feel the benefits and evaluate the affects of the ingredients.
  5. 4/5

    Had the pleasure of reviewing Finaflex earlier in the year, had great results and was excited to try this combo as well. I will break each product down in different threads...

    Review for Stimul8

    So I was under the impression that this was a PWO......which I love to use. Let me say it was much more than that, nobody had mentioned (perhaps I overlooked it) that this was also a Thermo as well which I really liked.I train first thing in the morning fasted and my PWO is generally the first thing I ingest.

    Stuff hits quick and hits fairly hard.There is a little of a neurotropic effect so like always stated take 1/2 dose for tolerance which I personally did and worked up to one scoop.

    After my first set of lifting there was also a nice warm/heated sensation and when fully into my workouts I always had that nice layer of sweat under my shirt and let me say, I work out in a 55 degree basement. Lifts always continued to progress and I also started to loose weight. Pants got looser and belt had t be taken over a notch. Onto my ratings

    Please rate on a scale of 1-5: 1=Strongly Disagree; 2 = Disagree; 3 = Neutral; 4 = Agree; 5 = Strongly Agree
    1) This product was a great source of clean energy... 4.5 (Definitely no crashes = awesome)
    2) This product helped me power through my training sessions...4.5 (Lifts continued to go up)
    3) This product enhanced my mental focus...4.5 (definitely)
    4) This product gave me the jitters...2 (95% of the time no jitters but once and a while I would get them)
    5) This product tasted great...3.5 (Flavor was decent, I have tasted better but also tasted worse. I know some of the ingredients in this blend are hard to mask but all in all a great job)
    6) I really enjoyed this product and would recommend it to friends and family... 10 (forget a 5 scale, I give this a 10)

    Let me say, another great product by Finaflex. I have only used one other product that has a great Thermo effect but I have to say Stimul8 is on par and will be a definite staple specifically when trying to shed weight. Would I recommend this to a friend??? Hell ya.

  6. Tried my sample today I know it says 40 serving but woah my mind was blown it is exactly what I'm looking for great energy and had me sweating I love that I killed shoulders with it was in the gym for 3 hours and didn't notice solid 5/5 it's my new go to preworkout!!! It had it all
  7. 5/5

    Please rate on a scale of 1-5: 1=Strongly Disagree; 2 = Disagree; 3 = Neutral; 4 = Agree; 5 = Strongly Agree

    1) This product was a great source of clean energy/good mood... 3.5. A lot of days it worked great for me, but I had a few days where I would feel really tired afterwards or crashed. Overall it worked well but those few days were a bummer. That's really out of the norm for me which is the only reason I mention it. I have had this issue with out PWOs before though and don't fault stimul8, but fault my personal body for the way it responds.

    2) This product helped me power through my training sessions... 5. It was a good solid stimulant and not jittery or obnoxious and I had no trouble getting through my lifts. Definitely plenty of energy to go around at only 1/2 scoop, this stuff will last.
    3) This product enhanced my mental focus... 5. I was definitely focused in the gym and set out to get what I wanted. As a powerlifter, the mind is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to hitting big numbers and PRs.
    4) This product gave me the jitters... 2. No jitters, it was a clean energy.
    5) This product tasted great... 5. I loved drinking this stuff. Great taste, and mixed super easy.
    6) I really enjoyed this product and would recommend it to friends and family... 4.5. I would suggest my friends give it a try, it is one of the most solid pre workouts I have taken. Clean, strong energy and focus and 95% of the time I felt great afterwards.
  8. 5/5

    1) This product was a great source of clean energy/good mood...
    Within 10-15 minutes I would start to feel the warming and tingling feeling, and despite how strong it is it was a very manageable energy. I never had a mood or overall energy crash after the product wore down. I havenít (yet) taken a dose without working out, but believe this would be a great early afternoon product to substitute instead of coffee or a thermo.

    2) This product helped me power through my training sessions...
    On more than a couple occasions I went into the gym with almost no energy and left powering through more weight or volume than I thought I had in me.

    3) This product enhanced my mental focus...
    This is kinda an add-on to #2, but it put me ďin the zoneĒ on every workout. Tired or not, weak or not.

    4) This product gave me the jitters...
    Nah. The thermo effects and the sweats it gave me were pretty dang extreme, but I never had an uncomfortable jittery feeling. I am however very caffeine-tolerable though.

    5) This product tasted great...
    Very tasty. Iím not a huge fan of sweet products, but adding just a little extra water took some of the sweetness away. I didnít taste any Ďbiteí, or chalkiness. If youíre a fan of any apple flavored juices, this one will be a favorite for you.

    6) I really enjoyed this product and would recommend it to friends and family...
    Absolutely. Within the first week I already knew Stimul8 was in my top 3; but Iím now certain that itís at least in my top two, and my favorite now for when Iím trying to cut.
  9. 5/5

    You have to build up a bit of a tolerance to this before you can really use it. Start with 1/2 serving if your used to stims. If not start with 1/4 serving. Works as a great pre-workout - very long lasting energy, clear focus, clean feeling. It shines better than Dexaprine or alphamine for an appetite suppressant. Really makes it easy to follow an IF diet that is for sure. Due to its potency, a can goes a long way.
  10. 5/5

    This pre workout is INTENSE. Energy, mood, endurance are all thru the roof. This is also perfect before "performing the dirty"... I don't know why but it is! I paid 22$.. It has 40 servings.. I can only take half a scoop, that's basically 25 cents per serving!!!! Unreal deal!!!!!!
  11. 5/5

    1. This product was easy to mix and I enjoyed the taste?
    It mixed very well with only a couple shakes and there was nothing floating or sitting in the bottom. I had the new Tropical Storm flavor, it is a fruity piŮa colada flavor. It is absolutely delicious and the flavor never got old to me either so for me the mixability and the taste both get a 5/5!

    2. This product was a great source of clean energy/good mood?
    The energy on this product was something else! I lift in the mornings around 7 and I would be energized all the way into the afternoon! The energy was very clean, no jitters or cracked out feeling. It didn't come on strong, it was subtle coming on and the same as it faded away without leaving you tired or with any type of crash. For energy I'm giving it a hardcore 5/5, this product is in it's own category here with maybe only a couple that can hang with it!

    3. This product helped me power through my training sessions?
    Stimul8 did just that, my training definitely went up a level while taking Stimul8! I was so energized and had that "I just want to lift" mentality! I would find myself finishing my workouts early and adding in new exercises at the end because I didn't want to stop lifting! So did it help me in the training department, hell yes! 5/5 for sure!

    4. This product enhanced my mental focus?
    In this category Stimul8 shines like no other! The focus I received from this product was outstanding and I'm going to say I think it's the best focus I've ever had from a product! I would be in the zone especially while training. My rest times dropped just because I was so focused and new what lifts were next always getting the next exercise ready. Half the time I couldn't wait my whole rest time before I was hitting my next set. I could literally go on and on about Stimul8 in this category because I personally think this is the best factor about Stimul8. You know you will have products that will lose it's potency and your body just gets used to the product well with Stimul8 the stim factor may have dropped a little but the focus was the same all the way through the tub! It for sure gets a 5/5!

    5. This product had great thermogenic effects?
    I did notice an increase in sweating while I trained. Which I guess can be an increased thermo effect. I really didn't notice an increase in fat loss but it is hard to tell cause I'm pretty low body fat wise. Maybe someone else that needed to shed some more pounds could give a better opinion in this category. I really don't purchase products for an aid in fat loss because abs are made in the kitchen. I really don't believe in fat burners, I like these pre workout products for the energy and focus I need to get through my training session especially in the mornings. For this category I'll give it a 3/5 because the increase in sweating during my training was nice!

    6. I really enjoyed this product and would recommend it to friends and family?
    Definitely! This product was awesome and it is one of my top 5 favorite pre workouts, I enjoyed this product a lot and it will always be in my rotation of pre workout supplements! I have recommended this to almost everyone that I know cause it's more than just a pre, it's a great energy replacement for coffee, soda, etc. my wife loves it and replaced her morning coffee drink with it! She actually steals it from me. There's a couple scoops left and I let my wife have the rest to get her buy until her own tub of Stimul8 comes. Yes, my wife likes it that much! 5/5 here as well, everyone could benefit from this product.

    I just want to thank the guys at Finaflex, Snags, Wasme, Monte, JD. If I missed someone, I'm sorry. I really enjoyed this product and I'm glad you guys picked me to log this product. It was my first time ever trying this product and I will continue to purchase this great Finaflex supplement. Thanks again guys, this was a great log.
  12. 5/5

    This products exceded my expectations in every way. It is def on the high end of stims! I got great energy,focus and drive from Stimul8. I didnt get get the tweaked out shakey feel and there is absolutly no crash.
    It mixed very easy and tasted like a drink that could be sipped on for flavor alone.
    Stimul8 has a long lasting happy energy. Even after a month of use the effect was still there. If you you are stim sensitive a 1/2 scoop per wo makes this a great deal!
    This pwo gets my vote 100% as one of the most user friendly,effective and lasting pwo i have ever used. Thank you to Finaflex for letting me log this product!


    Just finished this tub and as expected it was amazing the whole time. This product offered awesome energy during every workout and no sudden crash after which was great. Not to just mention the rest of the feeling that come along with it. Hotter than ever and sweating my a$$ off, Chills at some point that just made me that much more pumped throughout my routine. I also had an injury while taking this so was down for almost 2 weeks and I would do like 1/2 scoop just to go through the day. Kept my appetite down since I wasn't working out and supplied me with some energy to get through the day. The thing I have to say that I enjoyed the most about this PWO is that I never adapted to it, at least not in this tub. With other PWO after about 2 weeks i'd have to start upping the dose to get the same energy whereas with Stimul8 this wasn't necessary.

    Scale 1-5

    1)This product was easy to mix and I enjoyed the taste... 5
    The taste was amazing and no chalkiness taste that I've had with some other PWO
    2) This product was a great source of clean energy/good mood... 5
    Supplied energy perfectly for whatever the occasion. Just have to find the dosing that works for you depending on what your going to be doing i.e. lifting, running, or just a plain day.
    3) This product helped me power through my training sessions... 5
    The energy and mood provided by this product had me always wanting to push hard and lift more. All of my lifts went up almost every session.
    4) This product enhanced my mental focus... 5
    This was yet another great benefit. At times I found myself in the gym in the afternoon rather than early morning when its empty, so needless to say there where some distractions in the afternoon. this stuff had me wanting to just lift everything in site and not giving a damn about anything else around me.
    5) This product had great thermogenic effects... 5
    You feel this everytime you take it. Even when I would take 1/2 a scoop and just be at work i'd be sweating. And at the gym I always walked out like I went under a shower.
    6) I really enjoyed this product and would recommend it to friends and family... 5
    I've already recommended this to friends at work. I actually just ordered 3 tubs, 1 for me and 2 for friends from work.

    This was by far the best product I have ever taken and can't think of 1 negative thing to say about it. As usual Finaflex released yet another great product that I will continue to use for a while. Prolly till they come out with something new and better.
  14. 4/5

    Big shout out to Snagency for getting me a packet of samples.

    Like always, anyone who sends me free product. I like to at least give them an honest review, good or bad.

    I was mainly looking into Stimu8 because of reviews I've read or random chatter. So lets get this started.

    Taste: I feel like I've had this flavor before or something very similar. I can't put my finger on what the other product was. But my sample was Tropical Storm and it wasn't bad at all. I didn't mind drinking, the only thing is, I'm not sure if I had a full tub if I might get sick of the flavoring. Like I said I can't put my finger on the other product with similar flavor but as I drank this I felt like that flavor wasn't something I enjoyed long term.

    Mixability: I put this in a blender bottle as I always do with my preworkouts. Mixed flawlessly. I had no chunks or grit at all. Even when I was done drinking it and got home to wash the bottle there was zero residue in the shaker cup.

    Effects/energy: To give an idea what my protocol is on preworkouts. I leave my gym stuff in my car, after work I get in the car and mix my powder up and drink it. It's about 10-15 minute drive and then I have to get changed at the gym. I was about a block or two away from the gym when I could feel the Stimu8 kick in which was super fast. At first it was one of those feelings of a stim rush that brough a smile to your face. The day seems to just get a bit brighter outside. So I got to the gym and was ready to go.

    The first thing I noticed as soon as I left the locker room and touched a weight was I was sweating like I had taken a strong thermo product. It was warm out but not that warm, probably mid 60's. I also noticed whenever a cool breeze hit me I was shivering and sweating at the same time. At the beginning of the workout I didn't feel too stim'd out but felt good to be in the gym. Focus was enhanced but not quite laser like. For whatever reason I was really into the music that was playing in my headphones.

    As the workout shifted from chest to tri's I started feeling different. As I was doing dips I felt like my heart was going to come through my chest after each set, the feeling didn't last long. I also started to feel shaky just a bit. I feel that if I had not been working out I would have noticed the shakes a lot more. I was speeding like a champ at this point and was wondering if I was going to be able to sleep at night.

    Cardio was a breaze and I stopped noticing the heart pounding when doing cardio which was odd because I do HIIT. Anyway I was feeling better than I had just 10-15 minutes earlier.

    Left the gym and even 2-3 hours after dosing the product I was feeling alert and good. I felt amazing at this point, smooth energy and in an overall good mood. But it was getting late and I was worried. Went for a walk around my town and started to settle down.

    Needless to say I was able to sleep just fine. This stuff is strong and lasts a good while in the enrgy department but once it starts to wear off it does so pretty quickly. But I didn't experience any harsh crash.

    I'd recommend this product but I'd probably use it at half a dose for awhile.

    Stack this with Hemavol or Potassium Nitrate and you'll have all the energy and pumps you can ask for during your workout.

  15. Bottle of stimul8 arrived!

    Flavor 5/5. I usually mix my Pre with whey protein I was still able to taste it. I got apple flavor, no chemical aftertaste. Tastes pretty good!

    Mixablity I couldn't really tell since my whey mixes like cr*p but there were no clumps left from it.

    Energy 5/5. The energy wasn't a sudden rush, I'm usually sensitive to pre's and it'll only take 5-10mins to kick in, I got the effects around 25mins after taking it. Which for me is absolutely perfect. The energy you get from this is crazy as f**k!

    Focus 6/5. The focus is the best I've ever gotten from a Pre workout, I was burning straight through my workout!
    I wasn't really in it for the fat burning effect but i did feel an increase in body heat.

    No crashes, no jitters, nice smooth but strong energy, focus was great.

    However I do recommend half scoop for the first (or even all) try, I went ahead and took almost a full scoop, made me feel a little bit sick, but nothing I can't handle.

    Price is amazing too!!
    Training log
  16. 1/5

    Take other preworkouts all the time. including Craze which I loved. Bad reaction to this Sweats, Chills, and Shaking and high heart rate. Went to |ER
  17. 4/5

    Profile (7/10)
    I wish this had a little more punch in a different way. The Caffeine in this product I have never heard of 1,3,7 trimethylxanthine which is normal caffeine. It also contains caffeine from green tea extract, Synephrine HCL which is a stimulant/fat burner. Hordenine HCL also a stimulant with fat burning properties. This also contains a small amount of Beta Alanine, this is where it is lacking I wish they could have put an effective dosage in here (3-6g)

    Effectiveness/PUMP (8/10)
    This definitely gives you the boost you need,While using this product I was sweating 3x as much as normal. I loved it as I am starting my cutting cycle! As said before this is definitely lacking on the clean energy department...You absolutely feel like your on CRAZE. The only con I have is it took about a week to get the right amount (half/full-scoop) The first couple of workouts I had to leave because I overdosed it. Jitters through the roof! The pump on this was pretty sweet! Leg day was crazy blasting through reps easily.

    Taste (6/10)
    This product does not taste great at all...It's drinkable but the Apple Blast had an aftertaste that I was burping up throughout my workout. Its sweet at first then somewhat tastes like a rotten apple at the end. The product mixed very well on the other hand. One major drawback was seeing the large amount of dye to make this product look hulk green.

    Finally 40 servings in a container! For $25 on amazon this was a great deal for lasting over a month.

    Overall (8.5/10)
    Im giving this an 8.5 because of its value and power to push you through a workout. I loved the fat burning properties in my mind it give PES Alphamine a run for its money. Great job Finaflex I wasn't expecting this at all. In the end it is definitely something to have in your arsenal of supplements.

  18. Profile (8/10)
    All top notch stims and dosed high, this is a very versatile pre-workout and can be used for just a fat burner.

    Effectiveness/PUMP (5/10)
    Actually didn't get anything for pumps on this alone, but stacked with MAX PUMP was epic.

    Taste (8/10)
    One of the better tasting pre-workouts on the market right now. I used Cherry Limeade.

    This is where the product really shines, for the effects + servings you can use this, I only use half scoop, so STIMUL8 will actually last me 80 workouts.... amazing price on this product, on top of lasts which seems like forever lol.

    Overall (8/10)
    Im giving this 8, def one of my fav go to pre-workouts to use right now, plus the amount of servings you get for the cost can't be matched.

  19. Here's my final review from my stimul8 log.
    Very happy with this pre workout.

    Quote Originally Posted by aceroni View Post
    Seeing as I've used enough servings of this product I think I am safe to give a review. With the holiday coming up I won't be on here much at all so I don't want to forget to do this.

    Here's the final scale, provided by the judgment day.

    My flavor was cherry limeade

    1)This product was easy to mix and I enjoyed the taste... 5/5

    When I mixed this in a shaker there's nothing left. No excessive foam, no chunks stuck to the side, nothing.
    I will say that when I used a spoon / cup, I had a tiny bit of sediment at the bottom.
    Seeing as everyone has a shaker, and how well it mixes in a shaker, I still give it a 5/5

    As for the taste, I was blown away. It was absolutely refreshing and I really enjoyed sipping it on the way to the gym.
    So many pres these days taste terrible, and I throw the scoop dry into my mouth, and chase with water. With stimul8 I didn't like to do this, I felt cheated out of the flavor.
    Easily 5/5 here

    2) This product was a great source of clean energy/good mood... 5/5

    The mood enhancement was the first thing I noticed with stimul8.
    Driving to the gym with a huge smile on my face, loving life. As I got towards the end of the tub this was not as noticeable as originally, but still there.

    The pick up on stimul8 was really smooth, never felt "rushed" or anything like that, just cool, calm, and focused. The come down was really easy as well, I noticed no crash.

    3) This product helped me power through my training sessions... 5/5

    I had plenty of energy to get thru all my sessions and move quickly. I felt great while training, love being at the gym.

    4) This product enhanced my mental focus...5/5

    Hands down where this product shines most. I had laser focus and determination. I haven't gotten that great of focus from a pre in a while.

    I even used this to keep me sharp at work all night long- practically every night I had to work. Really did help, and I'd recommend it just for that, even if you didn't lift.

    5) This product had great thermogenic effects...5/5

    I'd do prehab and already be sweating profusely.
    Cotton shirts = no go

    6) I really enjoyed this product and would recommend it to friends and family... 5/5

    Actually, a few people asked me about thermogenics, so I let them try a half scoop of stimul8... When you only use a half scoop at a time, you can afford to lend a few scoops out. So yeah, I already have recommended it, and will so again.
    If that sale is still going I might end up just grabbing more of this stuff.

    I must say I started with less than a half and now I use roughly a half scoop, maybe slightly more. I'm going to try 3/4 tomorrow and report back.

    Rating Scale: 1 - 5 (5 being highest)

    5/5 overall

    Loved it. Would recommend it, will use it again.
  20. 5/5

    Taste/Mixability 5/5 It was not to bitter and taste fine.I mixed it in 8 ounces of water and shook it.It mixed right up and no residue left on bottom of cup.

    Energy/Focus The 1 scoop serving gave me great energy and focus.I noticed no jitters and the energy lasted for about a good 3 hours for me.Another good thing I noticed was there was no caffeine crash either.

    This is a great energy formula and for about $21 at NP it is well worth the money and all you need is 1 scoop.

  21. Bought my first tub of Stimul8 a few weeks ago after hearing some many others brag! Let me tell you, they weren't lying! This stuff is GREAT!

    Flavor: Watermelon

    Mix-ability: not instantaneous but after a few good shakes and you're good to go!

    Taste is great! Not too sweet and slightly tangy.

    Energy- this is really where it shines for me! I started with a half of a scoop and within about 5-10 mins I was feeling ready to go! I bumped up to 3/4 a scoop and that's pretty much perfect amount for me! I am full of energy throughout my workout and for several hours after! NO CRASH!!

    Focus goes right along with the energy! Great focus-totally zoned into training and squeezing everything you've got into each workout!

    One thing some may not like are the sweats --this stuff will make you sweat like crazy but I love it!

    Solid PWO Finaflex!!!
    The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Isaiah 40:28b-29

  22. I stumbled upon a problem with this PWO

    Just a heads up if you live in a relatively humid area. This stuff reacts instantly to moisture caused by humidity and the powder clumps up.
    But I've managed to work my way around it, I simply weigh the amount I take, 2g. No loss in effectiveness at all!

    I hope my second un opened bottle is still good.

    Other than that, great still a great PWO.
    Training log
  23. 5/5

    Fruit Punch 5/5
    The taste was amazing. I could have drunk this just for the flavor.

    Mixability 5/5
    Mixed up without a single grain.

    Effectiveness 5/5
    It gave me great energy and drive. This was my first preworkout so it took some getting use to the beta alanine tingles. I took this about 4:30-5:00 and wouldn't go to sleep until after 12:00. That was about two hours later than when I didn't take it.

    Crash 0/5
    I never had a crash while taking this. Sometimes I would take it in the morning to get through work, and would never crash.

    Price 5/5
    One tube does 40 servings. There is no need to use more. A lot of people o my use half, which h makes this even more rediculose.

    After reading over my review it looks like I am a rep for finaflex but I assure you I am not. Lol just a great product.

  24. Name:  IMG_20141016_124045.jpg
Views: 2879
Size:  61.3 KB

    my friend's order after i gave him a sample.

    comes up to me at the gym the next day: "do they put steroids in that?!"

    it was that strong for him.

    guess it's a 6/5 for him
    Training log


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