SuperDrive (40 servings)
SuperDrive (40 servings)



Price: $32.99

Rating: 3.67 out of 5 stars, based on 3 total reviews.
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SuperDrive (40 servings)

  1. Not the best stuff around. No beta-alanine or taurine. I can't believe they said you can take two scoops when there is already 250 mg of caffeine in one! One scoop is plenty for me!
  2. 4/5

    caffeine was too much so I couldn't take two scoops, but one scoop gave me good pumps
  3. 4/5

    Pretty good pre workout, a lot of good energy and pumps from the product although Id like to see a few more ingredients. OVERALL, though, I enjoyed the strawberry kiwi version. I had used about 80% of the tub and decided to switch it up though as the flavor was getting a little blah for me.

    As I said before great energy and pumps, I would recommend it to potential buyers to try it if it was on sale somewhere!

  4. 1 scoop is potent, I can honestly say I would never go above one scoop on this. Energy wise, this is a really solid product.
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  5. I really enjoyed this product, and like the ingredients as well.

    Value: 5/5 Its a great price for what you get. It says 20 servings but it also has 250mg caffeine per serving so if your caffeine prone than you could dose it a little less. Ive seen it on sale for 25 bucks on a couple sites and has been around for a while.

    Ingredients: 5/5 I like the caffeine dosage as said before and i also like the fact that it has L-Carnitine in it. This helps reduce your muscle damage if your doing HIT. This product also has l-tyrosine which helps with your focus and intensity in the gym. Ive noticed a bit of a difference from this product compared to other products.

    Dosing: 4/5 As previously said if your prone to high caffeine dosage than you should be fine with a scoop. However if your just starting to workout or haven't been involved for awhile with pre's then I would start out with half a scoop and go form there.

    Overall: 5/5 I gave this product a 5 due to the fact that it has great taste, good ingredients and the dosage is good/serving having 250mg caffeine and the blend of focus and intensity aminos.
  6. 3/5

    I got the strawberry kiwi on sale at gnc. was just okay. better options out there for sure.


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