White Flood Reborn (30 Servings)
White Flood Reborn (30 Servings)


Controlled Labs

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Rating: 4.58 out of 5 stars, based on 12 total reviews.
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White Flood Reborn (30 Servings)

  1. 5/5

    This is really a nice upgrade. It's a true 1 scoop preworkout, for most, now. The focus feeling kicks in quickly. The energy is super clean. The pumps enhancement is very solid. I really find no need to add any bulk pump ingredients to this. The flavor of Watermelon is delicious. It's not overly sweet/strong. This flavor mixes incredibly well with Green Apple GreenMag. I don't really see anything lacking with this product.
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    I have tried quite a few “Watermelon” flavored products in my time, and I have to say CL did a good job and improvement of the past on their flavoring. This is not a Jolly Rancher Watermelon flavoring, but its not a “Tart” Watermelon if you know what I am saying. Its not overpowering but its good, refreshing more like it. It should be called “Refreshing Watermelon” IMO because its not strong (even as stated on the bottle 8oz per 1 scoop) you get that initial watermelon flavoring and then it fades fast on the aftertaste on the way down. The initial burst of flavoring is very good, like a ripe watermelon not overly sweet and well done. It is misleading because it’s a clear color when mixed, but overall I found that 6-8oz per scoop (one scoop) sits very well and brings out great flavoring, nothing overpowering.
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  3. 4/5


    I really like this PWO, it gives good energy and pumps like a lot of products, however the one thing different I notice is that it gets me in the mindset to go lift weights in a way that I haven't seen before. There were days where I was feeling pretty meh, took a scoop of WFR, and 20, minutes later I'm sitting in my office chair screaming LIGHT WEIGHT BABY itching to hit the weight. Unfortunately, by the time I got 2/3 way through this container all 3 of these effects were not nearly as strong as when I started. At about the same time I noticed me left eye would start twitching after consuming WFR or even coffee. I could tell I had some CNS stress, like you see in people who drink pots and pots of coffee or anything like that.

    The fact that I felt anything at all off of this preworkout was surprising though, as I'm pretty stim tolerant and I have used a few other PWO's recently and not felt anything at all even with larger doses. With WFR I was getting good energy, pumps, and mental clarity off of 1 scoop -although as stated the effect did decline over time with use.

    On off days I felt fine, no negative side effects beyond the eye twitch which wasn't much to deal with. For the most part the Beta-alanine tingles weren't too bad, sometimes none at all.

    I'll break these 3 stated effects down into ratings at the beginning and end of use

    Beginning of use
    Energy: 8/10
    Pump: 10/10
    Mental Focus: 9/10
    Was there a crash? Y/N?: No

    End of use
    Energy: 7/10
    Pump: 7/10
    Mental Focus: 7/10
    Was there a crash? Y/N?: Yes, but only occasionally.

    Ending statement

    I like this PWO a lot, I was surprised how well it was working and was upset that the effects were declining with use, however even at the end I was getting better results than other PWO's give at higher doses. On off days I felt fine. The Pumps and mental clarity were the 2 most outstanding effects I noticed. Overall, I would recommend this to my gym buddies.

    Thanks again to Controlled Labs for allowing me to Log this product! If you haven't seen it, check it out!
  4. 5/5


    Taste: 9.5/10 - Smooth, crisp, clean fruit punch flavor.When chilled it is absolutely delicious.No aftertaste or any chemical taste to it.

    Mixability: 9/10 - mixes almost completely clear with only like 2-3 shakes of my shaker. The only downfall is a little bit of settling after a while (i sip my preworkout throughout my workout). It takes a while for this to occur and it is minimal but I must note it.

    Energy:9/10- I am a stim junkie so I dont give it a 10/10 but the energy that it does deliver with its 225mg caffeine per scoop is great. Very clean jitter free energy that lasts all day it seems sometimes. No crash at all.

    Pumps: 9/10 -Although this is not advertised as a pump product it definitely shines above the original white flood in this department.
    Endurance:9/10 I think the increased pumps leads to the increased endurance . There was def. an increase in endurance while on WFR. Rest periods between sets were much less than usual for sure.

    Strength:8/10- I set some new prs while on wfr so cannot complain

    Overall - 9/10 - Overall great product from taste to effectiveness. If you ever tried the original WF it is similar with added goodies that makes it even better!!! This is an extremely solid preworkout product that I would highly recommend!
  5. 5/5

    Let me preface this by saying I have tried almost every worthy pre out there. It's an addiction and I need help. Craze, new gameday, superdrive, fierce domination, jacked and micro, enhanced, old flood, animal rage, and countless others.
    Top 3 pre reborn-domination, micro with bronkaid, gameday.

    Post white flood reborn- micro with bronkaid, reborn, domination.

    White flood reborn is much improved from the old formula. I love CL but with the original and the beet root v2 I always had a metallic taste that I couldn't rid of. No matter how much I tried. This is gone with reborn.

    Improvements from old flood- taste- much better with no beet root aftertaste... Which didn't really bother me anyways energy seems to also be slightly higher. Focus- much better probably due to shizandrol a.

    Energy- 8.5
    energy was great. Very clean energy that onset about 30 min after ingestion and slowly tapered off 2-3 hrs later. Had no crash which was great for am workouts. Also did not keep me up during night workouts. Perfect clean energy without being jittered or nauseous.

    Focus- 8.5
    Focus was spot on. I used to like craze for focus... Then I realized I wasn't really working out. Drink craze....2 hrs later..... 3 sets of curls done in 10 min and 1hr 50 spent Internet browsing lol. Too much focus may not be beneficial without the energy. This was a perfect combo.


    Pump was the same as the old flood. Great as a stand alone! When I stacked it with hemavol it was an easy 10. On my higher rep exercises it was easily acquired and lasted throughout.

    Taste doesn't matter but it was great. I had lemonade and it had a slight lemon/tangy taste. Only used about 8oz and it was perfect. Most pres taste ok... This one was great. New superdrive tastes amazing too

    Overall-reborn can't really be beat. Price per serving with great effects makes it perfect for me And almost anyone out there. Controlled labs doesn't put out bad products and this one is no different. I highly recommend! Thanks again for the opportunity.
  6. 5/5

    So I am a bit of a stim junky and have tried almost every preworkout you can imagine at some point or another, yes, it is truely an addiction for me, but since I have low blood pressure, it's not exactly a bad thing lol. I've tried 1MR, Labrada Supercharge, Fast Fuel, Redline, n02 drinks, fast twitch, C4, Jack3d Micro, ConDense, Bullnox Androrush, Mass Machine Nutrition, Hemavol, Alphamine, Optimum Nutrition Pre, and countless other ones that I can't even remember. Somehow though, I always seem to default back to White Flood. It gives me a unique feeling that I cannot describe, unlike most other preworkouts, Anyway, I loved the old formula, but I was a little bit hesitant when I heard it had been reformulated. In fact, when I read the label, i was almost disappointed. Boy was I wrong!! The energy, taste, and PUMP, yes PUMP were amazing with the new one! I was actually quite happy because I never got much of a pump from the old stuff. Anyway here are the specifics

    Preworkout stack: White Flood Reborn (1.25 scoops), Purple Wraath (1 scoop), Glycergrow (3 scoops)

    Price: 5/5 For what you get, it's cheap! That's one of the reasons I've always loved this product! For what you get, you can't really beat the price.

    Energy: 4.5/5 Wow! I'm actually quite surprised that the new formula only has 225mg caffeine because it feels like much more, same thing with the old formula. With the new formula I only need 1-1.25 scoops, while with the old formula i needed 2-2.5 scoops. The boost I get from just that exceeds that of an entire redline energy shot which contains 326mg caffeine and is the strongest energy drink I've ever tried. Also, the old formula would wear off after about 90 minutes and would be fully out of my system in about 3.5 hours. The new formula keeps me amped for a good 2.5-3 hours and doesn't fully leave my system for 5-6 hours.

    Taste: 4.5/5 Spot on, watermelon flavor tastes like kool aid! Better than the old formula which always had a weird aftertaste and was rather harsh.

    Pump: 4.5/5 A PUMP!!! FROM WHITE FLOOD!!!! That was the only thing I didn't like about the old formula. Where was the pump?! Controlled labs did an excellent job at addressing that issue in their new formula. A nice solid pump. Not an insane (painful) pump, but not a little pump either. A nice good strong pump. Perfect!

    Overall: 5/5 Energy, focus, price, pump! Thank you controlled labs once again for an excellent product! Another reason why this is my favorite supplement company

  7. I love the stuff. My friend vomited after working out on it.
    Taste: who cares
    Energy/motivation: 7/10
    Pumps: 7/10
    Crash: N/A
    Overal: great product but it did quit working on me last time.
  8. 5/5

    Just about to finish my White flood reborn. This is definitely a staple for my pre-workout.

    Taste: 4/5 Juicy Watermelon tasted pretty good.

    Focus and Energy: 5/5 For some reason I was so focused when I took this. This is where it shines. Didn't get the jitters, very clean energy.

    Pump: 4/5 Got pretty good pumps from this. Muscles were fuller.

    Overall would I recommend this to a friend? HELL YEAH I would! Great Pre-workout guys.

  9. Looking forward to trying this sometime. I only thought the original version was so-so.

  10. So the Pineapple flavor of WFR is awesome! This is the first pineapple PRE that I have tried and it has set the bar high for anybody else that wants to do a pineapple flavor! There really isn't any need to go over how well WFR works but for the sake of the review, I will.

    Mix: Easy! Mixes very well in little water in just a water bottle. no need for a shaker.
    Taste: Great!
    Smell: Great! Smells pretty much like it tastes.
    Energy: 8/10 Just got done logging another PRE and was using 2 scoops at a time when I started using the WFR. 1 scoop of the WFR was just as good as the 2 scoops of the other with no crash.
    Endurance: 8/10 Could definitely tell a difference with the amount of reps I was able to perform before my muscles fatigued.

    Really happy with this product and hope that CL keeps the pineapple flavor available!
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  11. 4/5

    Mixability: 10/10 no problems with this
    Energy: 9/10 very good energy with 1/2-3/4 scoop for myself who is sensitive to stims.
    Focus: 7/10 It was Ok I was focused because I had energy but that tunnel vision type.
    Taste:8/10 I have the pineapple which is the cheapest on Amazon. Taste matters little to me so I am an easy grader
    Value: 10/10 On amazon I believe I paid $20-22. Among the most affordable of pre workouts.

    Overall a solid 8/10. I may never be blown away by controlled lab products but I am never disappointed. They have great customer service and sales reps and their approach to things is solid and trustworthy. I really liked the older formula of white flood. This new formula comes to those who have built up a strong tolerance to the old formula and other products.
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  12. 4/5

    Flavor was pineapple and it was a newly released flavored that I just finished logging. I was a big fan of V2 and was surprised when it was reformulated as I thought it didn't need to be.

    Taste and Mix : 8/10
    The smell is like a hard pineapple candy without any chemical smell so thats a plus. Its a white powder with specks of black here and there. It mixes clear and for the most part it dissolves but as I drank it there were some particles still left in my mixing container.
    As for the taste it wasn't very strong and overpowering and more of a subtle taste. I was kind of expecting a stronger and sweeter pineapple taste but I had to remind myself that its a supplement and not a drink so the less sweet and overpowering flavor the better.

    Performance 7.5-8/10

    The energy at 1 scoop is decent for the most part as it yields 225mg of caffeine which is borderline of being just right for me. Usually I like somewhere from 250-300mg with an average of 250mg so it would have been better it was 250mg a scoop. Which I know it isn't that much of a difference but its more of a well rounded number for me. But a little over a full scoop can help with that.

    Focus is about an 8 too with it being decent as well. Also depends on how my body is feeling that day. Either being tired, crappy sleep, life, ect.
    But focus is where I feel was better in V2.

    Pump and endurance 7.5/10

    I'm not big on pump as I feel that is doesn't really help with workouts only gives you a "feeling"
    But with Reborn I didn't get a strong pump as I did with V2. I enjoyed the Beet root extract on V2 which probably gave a better pump.

    Endurance is about the same, its there but not as strong as I felt with V2.

    Overall its a smoother feeling than V2 and as I get older smoother and cleaner is preferred these days. I still have some V2 left which is how I was able to make a comparison. But I've also stocked up on a bunch of Reborn from various sales. So I'm not disregarding it.
  13. 4/5

    Flavor: Pineapple – great flavor! Top notch for me as far as PWO go. not too strong, fruity, kinda tart but without that weird intense chemical-tasting “fruit” flavor. I like that they went with a subtle label, as opposed to something super loud & brash.

    Pump: Wasn’t a major factor in this, but wasn’t bad either. Not enough to make leg days uncomfortable, but still enough to look a lil extra buff after a workout.  Pop a couple agamtine caps if you’re looking for a bigger pump.

    Mind-Muscle: This product never failed at amping me up, but it did not send me into a frenzy. Just the right level – I’m ready, but not bouncing off the walls. Sometimes when the stims get way high, I get more flustered than drawn into lifting.

    Energy: 1 scoop did the trick the entire run. Smooth – definitely a stim PWO, but not a super high level. Probably in the 1-2 cups of coffee range?... I really like the relative lack of comedown. I’ll get to work & not be too tired or still all raged out & be able to sip a cup of coffee thru the morning without feeling my heart jumping from my chest

    Overall: 4/5 - I really enjoyed this product & will definitely be adding it into the arsenal! Awesome flavor & solid energy - It is the most well-rounded PWO I’ve had the pleasure of using.
  14. 5/5

    Cheers to Controlled Labs for a solid formula with White Flood. I can't find a single aspect lacking. I am adding a little more Creatine and Betaine Anhydrous to the mix, but that is of no concern or pain for me. Well stimmed with 300mg total Caffeine, the perfect amount for a single serving. I have absolutely crushed every single workout since I started using this. Stamina and drive do not fade at all for my 1 hour and 45 minute sessions. 75 minutes of weights followed by 30 minutes of intense cardio with energy to spare.

    Taste 5/5:

    I have the Raspberry Lemonade and it's pretty tasty. I mix 1 heaping scoop in about 6oz of water and throw it back, so it's not like I'm savoring the flavor or anything. But does the trick with no bad aftertaste.

    Energy 5/5:

    Like I said, it's the perfect amount for me with caffeine being the main stimulant in it. I have steady drive through intense weight sessions of all kinds and cardio after. I also find strength through energy, and I have felt very driven to push hard and heavy.

    Focus 5/5:

    Kind of hand in hand with energy for me. I've been extremely dialed in, feeling the groove and putting my mind into every movement. I can always tell when I'm making a good connection based on how I feel by the end of the week, and I feel like I really thrashed every muscle group this week. This is a good thing!! Also pulled a Deadlift PR so, you know how that makes you feel.

    Pump 5/5:

    Great pump. I'm also taking with a pump supplement so maybe not able to gauge White Flood on it's own. But pump is also a product of the energy and focus provided. When you can put your mind into the movement, the pump is going to happen. And with that, it delivers.

    This will easily stay in my rotation of pre's. I can't say anything negative about it. It's perfect for what I need it to be. A smooth moderately stimmed pwo with no fade and great focus. Well done CL

  15. I've always liked white flood
    The fight is won long before you step out into those lights, its won through all the hard work in the gym ,through all those miles ran-Ali
  16. 4/5

    This is a review of White Flood 2016 formula. i received a bottle courtesy of controlled labs.

    I know what i like, and i am not big on pre-workouts in general so this is more than likely just a reflection of that. to me this product seems like only part of the equation. Most doses are half the clinical dose so i have to assume this is meant to be ran with another CL Product. on its own i took pre workout for 15 workouts. it was very hit and miss for me. i even had one or two terrible workouts. but none the less most pre workouts either really drive me or make me feel bad. This was on and off. I rate it a four overall. taste and mix-ability were great. Raspberry lemonade. pumps were decent, but at only 3g cit malate, no wonder. energy was good, not great, but this isnt stimulant crazy either which i prefer. my biggest draw back is in the beta alanine. i think its just downright distracting. i get all the tingles and feel like sh!t. just not what i need when its time to train. All in all a good product, But i feel like its incomplete as a standalone.

    once again than you guys at CL for the product. I really appreciate it!
  17. 4/5

    It's been awhile since I received this product courtesy of Controlled Labs after their gym bag contest. This is for the 2016 version. I don't use preworkouts much - only every now and then for a max effort day. I have to say the flavor of the bubble gum was pleasantly surprising. It was a very light flavor but enough to know what it is. I was not overly stimmed, it was just enough caffeine to keep me focused on my mission in the gym. Pump wise I cannot say since it is used when the volume is low.

    It's a great preworkout that I will enjoy for the entire tub.

    Taste - 4/5
    Energy - 4/5
    Pump - N/A


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