PowerMax (40 Servings)
PowerMax (40 Servings)


Performax Labs

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PowerMax (40 Servings)

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by kenny76 View Post
    solid energy, great pumps, great focus. the only neg for me was the taste, which isnt really a deal breaker any way. overall very good pwo. thanks for the samples!!
    Even more impressive with the second sample.

  2. 4/5

    Sorry for the delay.

    First off the flavor is excellent. One of the best tasting Pre's I've tried to date. Right up there with Volatile. Energy and focus were very solid. Not stimmed out but a consistent feeling that lasted for quite awhile. Pump was solid. I've had better to be honest but it was noticeable. All in all I was surprised to be honest. I would recommend this product as well as give it ago myself.

  3. Awesome, glad you enjoyed it! Seems powermax is getting great reviews across the board!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.
  4. 4/5

    Taste 8/10: pretty good no chemical after taste I'm just not a fruit punch fan but the smell was very nice

    Mixablity 9/10: mixed with ease no clumps at all

    Now here is my thought on this product....if you want a lot of Stims and focus then this isn't for you...pumps are pretty nice but overall ill give this a 10/10 in the versatility department due to it's low stim formula it's great for when you need to take a stim break....I normally get around 300-400mg if caffeine pre workout so instead of shutting it down to zero I ween myself off with condense then lower myself to power max stacked with Hemavol or swoll-n for a great pump and just enough Stims to not feel crazy but also enough to actually have some energy! Love finding a pre I can stack with my EC stack or other stimmed or non stimmed pres....pretty good stuff here hope to see some more flavors and products by this company

  5. Its definitly not suppose to be a really strong stim. product but a product more based on performance, glad you enjoyed it so much! The pumps with PowerMax are pretty strong with the good doses of Citrulline + Agmatine however i did try a scoop of Hemavol with it and ive been loving it so far.

    Latley ive been doing 2 scoops PowerMax + 1 scoop Hemavol pre workout with 1 scoop SizeOn intra workout and a pro/carb shake post workout and i look alot fuller these last 2 weeks, loving it!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.
  6. 5/5

    Thanks to adizzle for the samples. I was definitely impressed with PowerMax. Great focus, great pump, perfect energy.
    Focus - 10. The gym I go to normally has good hard rock blasting through it, so I don't take my mp3 player. Well on the night I used PowerMax, they had some pop crap playing. Normally this would just screw me up to no end but with the focus I got from this, all I cared about was the next rep or set. The ability to block out Katy Perry BS earns this a 10.
    Pump - 9. About 5 sets into my bicep workout, I took a breather and noticed that my veins were just popping all out of my arms. That was a nice little surprise that early in the workout.
    Energy - 9. The energy on this is not overbearing, but just about perfect. After a good 45 minute workout I was ready to pack up and head home. Then a wave of energy hit me out of nowhere and the bag went back in the locker and I went back to the weights.
    Taste - 9. Tastes like Kool-Aid. Not much more to say there. What else do you need besides Kool-Aid? LOL

    I love the way that the effects come in waves. Just when you think you're done, PowerMax says "Come on dude, hit a few more sets, you got this".

  7. Thanks for the review brother, im really glad you enjoyed it! Seems most people are loving it so far!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.
  8. 5/5

    This came from my log. When I did my original review, I didn't think about the fact that people reading it probably won't look up where I posted about taste and things like that in the looking for loggers post.

    Well, my PowerMax just came in today. I just finished up working out with it. I was originally going to wait until Monday to begin my log, but I was excited to get started. Some of the things I am going tell you about, I talked about earlier in the original post asking for loggers. Since I do not know who all read that thread, I will go ahead and post that stuff again. Also, my favorite pre so far is Hyde and White Flood. If you have tried Hyde, you know that sh*t ain't happening at night if you want to go to bed. haha White Flood's energy and focus are fantastic.

    Upon opening the tub I appreciated that fact that they put an absorber in the container. DEFINITELY helps with clumping. I took two scoops because caffeine and I need to start over at some point. Stim tolerance is pretty high unfortunately.

    Mixability: Powder is pretty fine, almost pink in color. With this instance with a PowerMax tub instead of a sample I am pleased to let you guys know that the mixability is fantastic still. Just a couple of fine particles left in my cup. Nothing a little swig of water can't take care of. Very pleased to not deal with clumps.

    Taste: This has actually been stated by a couple of others that have tried it, but it tastes sorta like fruit punch kool-aid. Like kool-aid that had sugar in it, but not very much. Definitely not an overpowering flavor, but a flavor that has repeat drinkability qualities.

    Energy: As stated by PerforMax, this isn't meant to be a jittery, cracked out type of energy. The energy is very smooth, very clean. I enjoyed it very much. I know that it will be a lot easier for me to go to bed this evening versus being awake all night because of Flashover. As I said earlier, White Flood is great. Its energy is very comparable to White Flood, which is a good thing.

    Focus: Here is where I think these two products start to separate. The focus I think is a little bit better with the PowerMax. The desire to want to take on the weights without being on a stim high is wonderful. It's easier to focus. I don't feel like I spend as much time trying to focus on the task at hand. Sometimes ADD is a bi*chb haha. Now, I will make a final decision on both energy and focus when the tub is finished. Right now, I give the focus edge to PerforMax.

    Endurance: Another point that I appreciated about the product when I first tried it was what felt like an increase in endurance and strength. Not overwhelming obviously, but enough to notice. The strength and the endurance I think I tied together with the focus. Also, the ingredient content helps as well. You can be as focused as you want, but if you can't go, you can't go.

    Pump: Normally my workouts produce pretty good pumps without having to really dive into high reps and all that other stuff. But the pump is something else that this outshines White Flood in. The onset of the pump is what I was impressed with. After my first set, my shoulders already looked pretty full.

    Vascularity: Increased vascularity is definitely noticeable on this product. Veins that already come out protrude more and veins I do not normally see are making a welcome appearance. Very nice.

  9. Thanks for the review, were really happy you enjoyed it so much!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.
  10. 5/5

    I was intrigued by PowerMax with its simple formula, seeing as besides it lacking beta alanine its what i mix with my bulk products. Anyway im logging this now and here's my review:

    Mixability and Taste

    This is a straight 10/10 it mixes perfectly and no chunks or anything are left in my shaker afterwards. Now for taste, when I opened the tub it smelled like fruit punch and beer :D. I mean I thought Adizzle mixed me up a nice cocktail before my workout! But no alcohol unfortunately :(. Anyway the fruit punch flavor tastes great, it is a cross between Assault and Beast Mode. Not a really sweet fruit punch but really mild. I enjoy the taste .


    Mhm. This is where POWERMAX really lives up to its name. It was like the feeling slapped me in the face with energy after 15 minutes, taken on an empty stomach, and I just kept going and going and going. I really didn't want to leave the gym. I did legs and supersetted all my movements with agility sprints and still wasn't tired. I couldn't stop. Also no crashing for me, I felt fine for the rest of the day and did not feel cracked out at all.


    30$ for 60 servings (1 scoop) and I take between 1-1.5 scoops so 30$ and it lasts a month that's not bad at all.

    Prop. Blend

    This is where POWERMAX stood out, simple formula . Keeping it simple is much better than other PWOs like N.O. Xplode which is just littered with fillers. You won't find that here. Just a simple matrix.

    Over all a great pre workout.
  11. 5/5

    Mixability: Took about 20 seconds to shake up 2 scoops into 15oz of water. Completely dissolved, no little pieces at the bottom, a little foam at the top but it went away within 5 seconds or so.
    Taste: Tasted pretty good, a little bit like cough syrup with the after taste. Not the best fruit punch I've had but not the worst
    Intensity: Drank it about 25 minutes before my workout and right as I got the gym I had great energy and was able to explode out of parallel on squats. Plenty of energy to superset roman chair knee raises and back raises.
    Endurance: My lift was pretty short today but worked on quick movements and little rest. I could have stayed in the gym longer but I went to play hockey. After a heavy squat day, I feel like this was keeping me going during the 1+ hour of drop in. My legs were heavy but they kept moving and I was going pretty hard around the rink.
    Pump: My quads were rock solid while lifting. Felt like they were gonna burst out of my skin. Calves were pumped up as well. About on par with Hemavol, maybe a little less but my legs are pretty solid as is so it's hard to tell.
    Focus: Driving to the gym I could start to feel it kicking in. I was only focused on the road and barely listened to the music at all. Once I got to the gym I was only focused on my lifts. Rest time was spent looking at the weights, drinking some water and wanting to hop back in the rack. Fantastic.

    Overall, really like Powermax and look forward to using more
  12. 5/5

    This is aa solid Pre workout that tastes great, mixes very easily, and produces a superior pump.

    I have tried a ton of Pre-workouts. Lots of Jack3d. Lots of Hyperfx, Lots of Craze. Powermax is just as good ifnot better, and there are no jitters or crash.

    Give this stuff a try, it isn't expensive and I am sure that you are going to buy another one.

  13. Thanks for the reviews guys, for a brand new supplement we've gotten a lot of feedback and we really apprecaite it! Really glad that everyone is enjoying the product so much!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  14. Just tried this tonight! Good stuff here! Recommend! 5/5
    taste awesome, super focused, mixed easily, and great pump!

  15. Thanks brother, if you can give an acutal vote so it counts to our product. Its a great product at a great value, people jsut need to know about it!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  16. Just ordered a tub of powermax 2 hours ago and just received an email saying its been shipped already and got a tracking number. On a Saturday!! That's awesome service right there. I was crossing fingers it be shipped Monday at the earliest. Had to post it cus it made me smile:-)

  17. Thanks alot brother! Hopefully you got your Powermax and on your way to having some sick workouts!
    Former- Performax Labs Online Company Rep.
  18. 5/5

    I'm an MMA fighter and have been using a ton of different PWOs from N.O. Explode to Jack3ed and beyond. Performaxlabs was kind enough to send me out a sample after I heard from a friend at UFC gym saying great things. Got the samples and was hooked immediately and ordered a tub off of Supplementwarehouse.

    GREAT ENERGY, PUMP, ENDURANCE and I don't feel like I'm gonna pass out when taking highly stim laden products


  19. Just got mine in the mail this morning. Less then 48hrs between order placed and delivery is ****in unheard of especially standard shipping and I ordered on a weekend to boot. Get ripped nutrition just got a loyal customer , no doubt.

  20. Just got mine in the mail this morning. Less then 48hrs between order placed and delivery is ****in unheard of especially standard shipping and I ordered on a weekend to boot. Get ripped nutrition just got a loyal customer , no doubt.

  21. Thanks for the update brother! Glad your enjoying the product so much!!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.
  22. 4/5

    I've tried alot of PWO's as I see them as a staple supplement for me to get going in the morning before the gym. I look for good clean energy and focus mostly out of PWO's as those are the most important aspects for me in the mornings. PowerMax delivered the goods on those and I was very impressed with this product.
    Fruit punch is a flavor that you can find everywhere for different products and I've tried quite a few different products with it. That said, this is one of the best tasting supps that I've had. I actually enjoyed drinking it every morning, it's a pretty strong taste of fruit punch but I think that's why I liked it. No issues mixing at all either, even with 2 1/2 scoops.

    Energy: I don't like the cracked out feeling from pre workouts and PowerMax doesn't give you that so that's a win! Good clean energy that kind of sneaks up on you after about 20 minutes. As with all pre's the longer you take them, the less powerful the stim aspect seems. But after a tub of this I only noticed a slight loss of energy.

    Focus: This is where PowerMax turns into a definite buy for me. Serious tunnel vision in a very good way. I'd have my headphones in and be so unaware of anything else it was fantastic. I had to make myself leave the gym most mornings since I had to go to work. This really helped me with cardio as well, it's been cold here in the midwest and I hate treadmills but PowerMax definitely helped me power through some long cardio sessions.

    Pump: I've never really cared too much about pump from pre's but PowerMax definitely helps produce some good ones! I had one particularly intense chest workout and could barely lift shoulders afterwords due to the pump. Arm days were definitely fun with the pump that I would get from some of the more intense days.

    So in closing, definitely a top quality product that I will be using again!

  23. Thanks for the review brother, glad you enjoyed it so much!!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  24. Mixability: Mixed up perfectly in little amounts of water. 8oz for one scoops and around 14-16 oz for 2. I never got any clumping in the tub due to the card in there. No little chunks at the bottom of the shaker. Little foam at the top but subsided after a few seconds.

    Taste: Taste was okay. I might have been burnt out on fruit punch and it did grow on me towards the end. I ended up liking it more and more as I drank it but that may be due to my mind anticipating the awesome effects and sacrificing taste in favor of energy and a pump.

    Intensity: I drank Powermax anywhere from 10 minutes before my workout to 45 minutes preworkout. When I drank it 10 minutes before, the energy seemed to kick in on my second warmup set which is about 5 minutes after I get to the gym. I ran to the gym when I took it 10 minutes before and seemed to have the focus before the energy which was nice when running because I get distracted easily and sometimes break my run. When I drank it 20 minutes before it seemed to be the sweet spot. Driving to the gym and I would start to feel the energy effects. It is a clean energy for sure and that is what I loved about it. Even though it is clean energy, I still had the drive to bust out some PR's during max week when I was feeling under the weather with a sore throat and lots of coughing.

    Endurance: Endurance can be tricky with a preworkout and I think that Performax nailed this one. I would experiment with taking it before hockey, before HIIT cardio and when I was feeling groggy and needed a pick me up for studying. The energy was endless and as I am typing this, I feel like I could go back to the gym for round 2 if I didn't have work to do. I never experienced a crash on this product. When dosing prior to hockey, I actually lifted heavy squat day about 45 minutes before. Normally my legs would be done after that but Powermax kept my legs churning through an hour+ of drop in with minimal subs. I tried 1 scoop prior to men's league and I was flying on the ice. Energy for days even tho my legs were done, my mind told them to move so they did. Then I tried 2 scoops prior to men's league and sure enough we only had 1 sub for that game. I was on the ice for about 40 minutes of the 55 that we played and I had enough energy to out skate a few good players on the other team that had 3 full lines and get a breakaway to score. Even endurance lifting was huge. I would get done with a set and have to tell myself to slow it down and get some rest because I felt like I could take on more weight. Sometimes I would catch myself putting more weight on and the hopping under the bar to get back at it. I had a few 1:30-2 hour workouts when adding up lifting and cardio and I could keep going for days.

    Focus: As I mentioned above, no matter what time I would does the Powermax at, the focus would be there in minutes. Got tunnel vision basically driving to the gym (not too intense where I couldn't drive haha) and once I was in the gym it was go time. Every time I would be so focused on the weights and my form that I would forget to put on new music when the playlist ran out. Had to make bigger playlists haha. In another aspect, Powermax helped up my school grades. I had been struggling to stay focused, used adderall a few times to get focused but once I tried Powermax in an academic environment, there was no need for adderall. This might be a stretch for some but I cranked out endless hours of school work at a time when taking 1 scoop before. I would go for 5 hours and be focused on my work. I wrote a 7 page paper on artificial sweeteners in 3 hours and cranked out a 5 page wiki entry on SARMs in 2 hours(Got A's on both). I was killing it and it felt good to be able to sit down focus and be able to articulate exactly what I meant in my head on to paper. This was a huge bonus as most of the other preworkouts I've tried don't hold a candle to the cognitive enhancements that Powermax does.

    As you can see from pics above, my pump was pretty damn good. I didn't take any leg shots since my wheels are big but not defined. I must tell you that they were super pumped on leg days. For example, doing leg curls, as I progressed in my sets I would have to move the pad up a notch they were that solid. Fantastic pump. For arm assistance work, I was dying on a few sets throughout my log to finish off the contractions because it felt like my muscles were gonna pop out. Also got a few comments from some girls on how big my arms are haha. Nothing better than hard work and a great product getting recognized.

    Veiny as all get out on some days, others were just the usual suspects coming out to say hi. I did notice a few new veins but that may be to me getting leaner but I think I would attribute some of that to the Powermax. Wish my iphone would take better pics and that my hands could be steady enough to snap these pics but the veins usually would show out on a pic so I scrapped most of the pics I took. There are a few in this post showing some veins that were way more prominent in real life.

    Other notes:

    • Not sure if it was something in the Powermax or if it was just being able to go way harder during workouts with Powermax but I experienced a bit of weight loss and it seems to be mostly fat. I dropped about 6 pounds in the month using Powermax, all while upping my calories by about 600 for 3 of those weeks.
    • I felt genuinely better and more upbeat on workout days when using Powermax. The mood enhancement was a little below par than Alphamine for me but it was very close. I might just respond extremely well to something like PLCAR since I had never tried it.

    Pump - Equal or a little better than Hemavol
    Energy - Cleaner energy than White Flood, Jack3d. Better all around energy than Full Blown Extreme
    Focus - Out of this world but I have never taken any focus supps. Compared to adderall, about as close as your gonna get with a preworkout I would think. I didn't take another one the entire time I was logging.
    Mood Enhancement - Little less than Alphamine

    Overall I would give Powermax a 5/5. This is my new #1 preworkout.
    Instagram: legsthesizeofkegs

  25. This is definitely one of the better preworkout supplements that has come out lately and I
    also highly recommend it.


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