Formeron (120 ml)
Formeron (120 ml)


Black Lion Research

Price: $37.49

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    Ok lil quiet in here! Anyway been taking formeron for six days! Congratulations on such a product been dosing 2-3 pumps a day with minimal training due to work commitments n I've lost lots of water drying up well be starting training tommoro can't wait to see affects! Chest area much better don't look lyk moobs as much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dexter 123 View Post
    Ok started my formeron last night 2 pumps to chest shoulder area! And today my right nipple is sore I've had gyno probs in the past any answers to this thanks, unless it's the product working?
    This is a Formeron review thread. PLease ask questions regarding Formeron or other products in the Formeron FAQ in our subforum.
    We dont want to muddy up the reviews with questions.
    BLACK LION RESEARCH Supplements for bodybuilder FOLLIDRONE- The king of natural anabolics.
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    i bought 3 bottles of this. i used one for my pct and the others i just continuously ran after my pct. i loved the extra boost in the gym and the drying effect it had on my body if i had the funds i would be purchasing more.
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    This was my first transdermal and I was not 100% first. It did what it was supposed to do. I leaned out a bit. I'll buy it again.


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