Speed X3 (40 Servings)
Speed X3 (40 Servings)


Lecheek Nutrition

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Rating: 4.55 out of 5 stars, based on 20 total reviews.
Rated: 4.55 out of 5 Read all 20 reviews

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Speed X3 (40 Servings)

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  1. 5/5

    This is not the first preWO i have tried but by far, the most potent and effective. The focus and energy is super clear(1scoop)
    2 scoops makes me a bit jittery, one and a half does the trick without pushing it.

    four and a half stars for pump
    5 stars for overall focus energy and lactic acid buffer.
    I have also noticed a post workout euphoria like feeling, my wife also definitely can tell a difference after I have come back from the gym. I can definitely say I'm impressed with this product and I would definitely recommend it to others who need that extra push through their workout. Dont believe me? Try it

  2. 5/5

    i use it at one scoop in order to enhance my HIIT (play of soccer 1 1/2 hours) and it really rocks....also stacked with athletix high volume, produces focus energy and pumps for a complete workout!
  3. 4/5

    This would be a 5 star review...for the old formula.
    New formula - new label - has had the PEA and Synephrine removed, with Choline and another form of caffeine substituted.
    It's a shame, as the old formula was amazing & the feel good element from the PEA matched the long stim sensation from the Synephrine.

    New version just doesn't have the same feel to it :-(

    But, if you're after a thermo, or just a pre-wo with decent kick this stuff is still the go to in my books. The burn lasts for hours, in fact training late at night in winter I'm still in tshirt & shorts, i'm that warm from the Speed X3!!
    What's more, I found that using more than 1 scoop gave me no extra boost, which was weird, but mixing it with another pre-wo produced some MAD results!! One of my fave products, I just wish they'd left it alone.

    Oh, adding an electrolyte powder is a good idea too, expect to sweat big time. And if you've got high blood pressure, go easy on this, real easy.
  4. 3/5

    AntM Reviews Lecheek Nutrition X3 Test

    Attachment 121231

    Mixability - Perfect. I shook it, waited a few minutes and as you can see, no foam. 10/10

    Profile - Assuming there is 3g of DAA in a single scoop, everything else would be under dosed. The creatine, beta alanine might be a full dose at 2 scoops, but then one may be over 3g of DAA. It is impossible to tell since it is a prop blend. It would be nice if the DAA amount was disclosed..6/10

    Energy - Nothing crazy, a little boost with one scoop, but nothing to write home about. I was disappointed with this aspect. I used the old Speed X3 and had a crazy amount of energy. I'm assuming this aspect is different in this version.7/10

    Pump - I had a really good pump in my back, especially considering I used this on a power day. I respond well to beet root powder. 9/10

    Focus - Nothing amazing to be honest. 7/10

    Taste - This was the grape flavor. At first, there was a nice grape flavor, not too sweet. However, after a second in my mouth, it became too sweet for me and did not remind me of grapes. It was more like an artificial candy grape flavor that I did not enjoy. 7/10

    Overall - It is hard to judge the profile of this product. If the DAA is dosed where it should be, then the other ingredients will not be dosed where they should. That means two scoops would dose the BA and Creatine at or near where they should be, but over dose the DAA. The taste was not up my alley either with a sweet after taste that made it seem more like a candy. I would like to see how much DAA is in the product to better asses if I should use two scoops or not. Personally, if one wants to run DAA, I would suggest buying a seperate DAA product and adding it to the stack that person is already running. 7/10

  5. Are there any LeCheek reps on here? I'm having trouble finding Speed X3 in quantity & my regular vendors are telling me there seems to be a problem sourcing it from the distributors.

    Ps. your contact page via the web doesn't work.
    You only get one body. Appreciate it, develop a good relationship with it, for when it's gone you will surely miss it.

  6. Well, if Speed X3 is your fave prewo then you best stock up - or contact LeCheek & make a lotta noise - as word from the horse's mouth is that it's now discontinued
    You only get one body. Appreciate it, develop a good relationship with it, for when it's gone you will surely miss it.


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