I'm MSRIDER! First off I would like to thank MST for allowing me to try a bottle of the Joint Mechanic Plus to help me relieve shoulder fatigue aswell as pain.

Unfortunately as I began there product I wasn't able to kill it in the weight room like I'm acustom too, due to a herniated disc I was later diagnosed after an MRI. But I did continue to workout around the injury maybe not with the heavy weight but it wasn't light workouts either. Anyways here's my views on the Joint Mechanic Plus:

1) value- I think at $19 bucks you are getting a great deal. I've seen a lot of joint supps that have cost some bucks. Will I purchase this product? Sure! As soon as I get Back to hitting weights hard and get over my injury you can bet I will have me some JMP.

2) effectiveness- I feel that the JMP relieved shoulder fatigue and pain I've been dealing with for along time while on this. I actualy stopped playing slow pitch softball due to my throwing arm shoulder pain. I only had one instance where I was hurting in my shoulder and that was due to the fact that my DR asked me to sleep on that side to help relieve my herniated disc. It might not have been strong enough to relieve the inglamation in my spine but for something such as joints and shoulder issues related to dry joints and fatigue its a great product.

3) taste- nothing realy I need to mention as they were capsules, simply take 3 in the evening.

4) rating- I gave MST's JMP 5 stars due to the fact I've never taken a joint supp before and it helped with my shoulder pain so I would be unjust if I gave anything less than that. Thanks MST and Deuce for Hooking me Up.