Quick overview
Tast great
I think best used for a Intra
Good profile.
Not the best recover ( compared to Bio grow )
Best if can find a good deal on this.

Ingredients. 8-9
I am not one to sit and pick apart what one has and does.
I have never tried a product that has waxy maze in it so that was new for me.
I like the added electrolytes in this Glutimine and Citrilline malate As I have used this in a Homemade PWO and enjoyed that.
After that its pretty much a Prop blend which I do not get bent out of shape over this like some do. I understand why they do this.

Taste 9
I had the citrus punch and I love this. But It will foo a shaker cup up for days if you leave it in the car. OMG. The smell while stay after several washing's Be warned.

Mixability 8
At one scoop Its great! At two scoops in a bigger jug of water It just seemed to never really mix . I would have major settling on the bottom and would have to constantly shake the Poo out of it.

Effectiveness. 8-9
Well Post workout and recovery would be hard for me to judge because of the bio grow. I do not think anything helps with recovery as much as it does. BUT I started using this as a Intra and wow. Workouts really improved!. Intra's have also been something I never really thought of but after using this as such I will reconsider. Now I know it was not geared toward it that much but I was able to recover a bit faster in between sets and just workout a bit harder and longer than normal . Just overall endurance and seemed to increase lung recovery too

Value 9
A quick search and I found this for 26 bucks on one site and around 28 - 30 on a couple more. At this price for a 30 serving container that is not bad. I mainly only used this on days I lifted so it lasted a bit longer too.

Overall 8-9
I really liked this and enjoyed this product. I think its just another solid product for this line.