Fat Free (90 capsules)
Fat Free (90 capsules)


Applied Nutriceuticals

Price: $34.99

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars, based on 2 total reviews.
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Fat Free (90 capsules)

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    3 out of 5 rating for Fat Free (90 capsules)

    FAT FREE Review

    Energy: Great. Loved the energy it provided. Not a drugged out feeling like most DMAA products give you. I seemed to be hyper but not to hyper on it. Nice clean jitter free energy that was enjoyable. The come down on this product wasn't bad at all. Not really a crash more less I was yawning a good amount.

    Appetite Suppression: Worked pretty well. Have had better to be honest. I have ate less than I usually do today so I know it is working. Appetite was not completely crushed so this would be a great product for someone looking to recomp and not completely lose their appetite.

    Value: On Nutraplanet it's currently $34.99. Not the cheapest product in the world but I would be willing to give it a try again if I needed a fat burner. It's ingredient profile is unique thus it is going to obviously be a different price than other fat burners. It's uniqueness really catches the eye.

    Note: This review is based off samples not results of actual fatloss from the product. If logged the review for this product could come up with a completely different score.

    Final Score:

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    Thanks for the review!

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    I had a sample pack of Fat Free and I decided to put it to use as a preworkout stim. This is suppose to be a fat burner but I honestly don't use fat burners to drop weight I let my diet do that, but I do train in the early a.m. so I like to take a stim before I hit the iron.

    I dosed the 2 caps of Fat Free on an empty stomach and 30 min later I had a protein shake and I could already feel the smooth focused energy start to kick in and once I started training the energy continued right through my workout and it slowly wore off a little after my workout with no energy crash or stomach issues.

    This was definitely a decent supplement to take for a boost of energy and slight focus before a workout.
    I already use in my preworkout stim rotation 2 other App Nut supplements which work well for me RPM, and Black Cat 2 so will I buy Fat Free to add to my rotation I will make that decision when I try out APP Nut newest preworkout stim UNCUT, I definitely need to see how that feels first before I decided on which one to add to my supplement shelf.

    I would recommend Fat Free to anyone who is looking for a boost of energy that won't over stimulate and maybe help with energy that will help burn more calories while lifting or doing cardio

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