EndoSurge (180 Capsules)
EndoSurge (180 Capsules)


Body Performance Solutions (BPS)

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EndoSurge (180 Capsules)

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    this is one of my favorite supplements....the sleep, dreams and boost in libido from endosurge takes it into the top 5 of my 'best bang for buck' products. even at over 200lbs i still get a full months worth for around $30-no need to bump dose which is rare for me!!! GET SOME!!!
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    Tried most of top recommended libido boosters mentioned on this forum and still over and over again I end up saying to myself that nothing comes close to my overall experience with Endosurge.

    What I like with this product is that it's made of 2 ingredients and bottle has a written dosage of both (no crappy proprietary blend with 10+ ingredients that are mostly under dosed or do nothing for you).

    My experience with taking Endosurge is:
    - improved sleep (starting at day 2),
    - improved libido (starting around day 3-5),
    - one of only products that give me spontaneous erections just thinking on something naughty (starting around day 4),
    - overall happy feeling and being in a great mood (starting around day 3).

    I simply can't praise this product enough how fast it starts working on better sleep, mood, libido and erections.

    I do see that strongest results for me are from day 5-10 then effects go down in intensity but still remain above baseline.

    I even started stacking it with Tongkat Ali 200:1 and both worked really great even if I take both at just half the recommended daily dose.

    Yes, for me already a one 300 mg cap of Tongkat Ali 200:1 extract works great with just 3x 1 cap of Endosurge per day.

    Also have to say my body is very sensitive to what food or even drinks I put inside and lots of products tried gave me a diarrhea but no side effects from taking Endosurge.
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    Weird product, libido went up and down all throughout my bottle's run. Massive doses of L-Dopa made me tired for a month straight. Almost felt like finishing the bottle was a chore toward the end, but I leaned out a bit using it. Probably wouldn't use it again, DAA is good enough on its own. Didn't see any improvement adding this with DAA as some reported.
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    Please have your loggers post the reviews here.
    Bulk Performance Solutions
    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

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    During my run of endosurge, my Libido was definitely a positive. It's always high but I feel like it was definitely boosted. I would give it a 10/10

    I had solid sleep and several dreams which is really unusual for me during this run. I always woke refreshed and feeling on top of things.

    I had a good outlook at the gym and about myself while taking Endosurge. I felt confident in myself and my lifts, and I had a really positive feeling for the future. I felt strong and good and felt that I gained strength well during the run. I set a 35lb DL PR (585) and a 10 pound bench PR (325) and several rep PRs on deads bench and squats, and gained a good amount of strength. Overall I enjoyed Endosurge Turbo and would probably use it again as a test booster or solo/along with another product.


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