Finaflex G8 (20 servings)
Finaflex G8 (20 servings)


Redefine Nutrition (FinaFlex)

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Rating: 4.57 out of 5 stars, based on 14 total reviews.
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Finaflex G8 (20 servings)

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    4 out of 5 rating for Finaflex G8 (20 servings)



    The ingredients contained in FINAFLEX G8 are dosed at high levels to coincide with scientific research that proves HGH and IGF-1 levels can be elevated by using specific dietary ingredients. Most HGH pill products are SIGNIFICANTLY under dosed due to the fact that pills can only hold so much powder. One (1) Scoop of G8 is Equal to 10-15 Pills of the Leading HGH Product on the Market. FINAFLEX G8 provides the body with real levels of ingredients needed to deliver results!*

    Used as a mood elevator, G8 is unmatched in its performance as a psychonutraceutical as multiple ingredients in G8 cross the blood brain barrier and work to impact specific neurotransmitters, including Dopamine and Serotonin.*

    FINAFLEX G8 works to restore depleted neurotransmitter stores as well as impact the body’s natural levels of Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1) and Human
    Growth Hormone (HGH). Restoring hormone levels allows the body to operate at a higher level of performance creating an optimal environment for growth and recovery. FINAFLEX G8 will help restore sex drive and libido in men and women by impacting specific neurotransmitters that result in an increased desire for sex.*

    FINAFLEX G8 is best taken at nighttime just before bed. Recovery takes place during sleep cycles and G8 allows the body and mind to engage in a deep, restful sleep allowing for increased recovery. During restful sleep the body releases its highest levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) working to repair and rebuild damaged muscle tissue.

    Ok, the above is directly from Redefine Nutrition's website. I can personally say that G8 acts on its claims to trigger deep, restful sleep. During this sleep I encounterd many adventures in the form of exteremly vivid dreams. I have to say that this, for me was one of the best parts of G8 supplementation.

    Again sticking to its claims, G8 is an incredible mood enhancer IMHO! While using G8 I would have the most incredibly enjoyable days. I found myself more outgoing, more eager to offer my imput and ideas, definitely less stressed, and I just had an all around euphoric sense of being.

    Taste- I give G8 a 7/10 I was instructed to be honest, and I will do just that. I don't find G8to be undrinkable, but the taste is not very desirable. It does have hints of some kind of lemon limey flavor, but also relevant are hints of some kind of chemically notes. As I said taste will not hinder me from drinking G8 especially knowing what results will come. So I say man up, grow a pair, and chug it down! I found that the less water I used the better it tatses...could be just me though.

    Solubility- From my experience the bright green G8 formula does not mix well in the H20. Let me rephrase that. It mixes well, but it settles quickly so you better chug! I give solubility a 6.5/10. This is a mediocre score, but the effects of the formula far outweigh taste and solubility.

    Effectiveness- I have to give G8 a 8.5/10. Does it deliver? Oh hell yes, but for me the effects were short lived. I found that my body grew quick to risist the formula, and I no longer felt the effects I mentioned above. I did however find that a breif week or so away from G8 allowed me enogh time reset the resistance, and once again feel the effects. It may be best to try dosing at a half of a scoop until you no longer feel the results, then move to a full scoop. G8 is very potent at one scoop so one will definitely feel the effects at half the scoop.
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    G8 is top notch for putting you to sleep and staying asleep...not many products give you the restful sleep this does

    it would get a higher rating but the next morning groggyness is rough, it takes awhile to get out of the fog and be able to have full energy again
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    I first used Finaflex G8 over a year ago and although the flavor is not my favorite in the world when it comes to sleep and recovery this stuff is some of the best I have used.

    Sleep was excellent on this product, I would sleep very deeply and if I woke up to go to the restroom I could pass right back out with no issues. I really only needed to use 1/2-2/3 a scoop to get the desired effect.

    Dreaming was intense, there was a lot of vividness and realism to my dreams and may I say they often got a bit weird.

    Recovery was damn good on this product, I definitely was recovering faster and had increased performance each time I have used the product. This next run will be my 3rd container to go through.
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    I absolutely loved this product. It took a little bit for the taste the grow on me, but the product did exactly what was advertized, help me sleep!
    TASTE- I give this product a 6/10. It had a very distinct taste that wasn't too appealing to me at first. I was taking the G8 alone by itself, and was advised to try and mix it with the apple flavor BCAA/SAA, and that tasted great! I think these two products go hand in hand. I was getting the restorative sleep I needed while getting the BCAA support. I have tasted better products, but I am not very picky when it comes to taste. If the product works and it tastes decent I will use it.

    Solubility- G8 mixes ok. There are a lot of products that leave much residue at the bottom of the bottle. G8 did leave some left over, but not much. I give it an 8/10

    Effectiveness- Easily a 10/10.I slept like a baby the first night I took this. My wife and I just had a baby so we have been sleep deprived. G8 allowed for me to get some quality and much needed sleep. The product also boosted my mood. I woke up refreshed nearly every day and I felt that I was recovering a lot faster while taking this.

    Overall: 8/10 I loved this stuff. It worked very well for deep sleep and overall mood. I would have given it a 10/10 if the taste was a bit more to my lliking, but job well done to FinaFlex!
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    G8 on a scale of 1-5
    1) This product helped me fall asleep...
    2) This product provided deep restful sleep...
    3) This product enhanced my recovery...
    4) This product helped me relax...
    5) I really enjoyed this product and would recommend it to friends and family...

    1) 5 - Definitely aided in putting me to sleep fast. 20 minutes or so after taking, a relaxing wave would be the first sign, then out like a light.
    2) 4 – Very deep sleep. In fact, the only reason I can’t go 5 on it, is that some occasions it was too deep of a sleep & I would have some trouble waking. It was only in the last few days of use that I could even slightly recollect that I did have any dreams at all (while still remembering nothing as far as dream details)
    3) 4 – Most definitely helped recovery. I felt the best recovery effects when I would dose G8 & BCAA/SAA at the same time before bed. Even solo, it helped me keep a grueling schedule with minimum DOMS
    4) 5 – Like I said previously, drink it & a relaxing wave would come over me a few minutes after. I had been dealing with a quite a bit of stress & G8 seemed to help me break the habit & allow myself to relax & sleep.
    5) 5 – Most definitely will recommend to anyone interested in a sleep supp. It’s a solid product that lives up to the hype
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    1) This product helped me fall asleep: 5 - I have found with all but one instance, I was asleep within 40 minutes of taking G8.
    Typically it was in the 25-30 minutes range. Just felt relaxed when getting in bed, eyes got heavy and out...

    2) This product provided deep restful sleep: 5 - Most nights I slept through the night and for on average 7-8 hours. If I woke,
    it was a brief trip the bathroom and falling asleep was just part of the trip. Most mornings I could not recollect any dreams,
    which was a great for me - no night terrors at all while on G8. I did dose it close to carbs twice, and those in turn were my
    worst sleeps. I would not say that is a fault of G8, as most sleep aids instruct you to not take within an hour of carbs. I
    usually woke alert, refreshed and ready to go for my daily run. On a few occasions I was a bit groggy. However, was able to
    shake it off quickly. I did dose the product at 1/2, 3/4, 1 and a heaping scoop. Funny enough 1/2 was probably the best bang
    for the buck. Very effective and always woke refreshed.

    3) This product enhanced my recovery: 5 - I would have to say my recovery was improved due to having a deep restful sleep almost
    every night. I was stacking this with BCAASAA which would also play a role in regards to recovery. That said, it only makes
    sense that a full nights sleep will help with recovery.

    4) This product helped me relax: 5 - Even after a stressful day or evening I would take my dose before getting into bed and just
    feel comfortable and relaxed. Most thoughts, would just slip away.

    5) I really enjoyed this product and would recommend it to friends and family: 5 - Plain and simple, this product does exactly
    as it claims. And it does it well.

    Final thoughts: Being someone who rarely gets a full nights sleep I believe I would be foolish to not order another container of
    G8. I had no negative side effects from it, it mixes well and is easy to drink.
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    After spending a few hours looking for a quality sleep aid for my wife I read some reviews on G8. Found it for a fair price on Nutra and placed my order. I used it first the first couple nights and found G8 kept me asleep throughout the night and when I awoke I felt very rested. My wife tried it the following week and also experienced a much more restful sleep. We only use G8 on days when we feel its need based on activity level or needed rest. Our tub is now down to just a few servings and I felt a review was ideal. I also shared a few servings with co-workers and each one of them agreed that G8 is a quality sleep aid.
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    1. This product helped me fall asleep. 3/5
    After you take a scoop you'll begin to feel a slight tingle, a warmth slowly creep up and a numbness of the mind will set in. This provides a good mood for falling asleep but won't make you fall asleep, although with that said it's benefits can be felt hours after taken. If this product was just a sleep aid I'd find it middling...

    2. This product provided deep, restful sleep. 5/5
    Where this product shines in the sleep department is the quality of sleep you'll get, I've been getting mixed shifts which leaves me with little time for sleep. Even so I feel a lot more refreshed than I would otherwise. Even taking this product 5-8 hours before bed will yield super restful sleep. Whether sleeping for 12 or 3 hours it'll result in good sleep, the only thing bad I've noticed is a occasional grogginess in the morning

    3. This product enhanced my recovery. 3/5
    Working a physical job I tend to have doms always and I saw a moderate increase in recovery, slightly less doms.

    4. This product helped me relax. 5/5
    This is the main reason I'll be picking this product up in the future, a good mix of ingredients that promote short and long term relaxation. Used before bed it'll help clear your mind of stress and anxiety. If used during the day (Mixes good with caffeine) it'll make you calm, focused and talkative and you'll still receive the deep sleep benefits.

    5. I really enjoyed this product and would recommend it to friends and family. 5/5
    I've already got them hooked on it, and came home to a scoop or 2 missing every so often. The only stipulation is to make them aware of the breaks needed in between usage and alcohol contradictions.

    Overall: 5/5

    It's a great product, if dosed at night and you're trying to go to bed you'll have no problem getting quality sleep. If you use it in the day you'll have all day relaxation, easier time falling asleep and quality sleep. Even though it won't knock you out I prefer it this way and makes for a product I'll be buying for some time. P.S. It's taste is super awesome also
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    i absloutely love this product...i was chosen to log G8 in a promo, but i like it so much i am buying another jug before i run out...

    enough said!!!!
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    I actually am reviewing the new G8 40 serving tub and want to start with the new flavor..... in a word, delicious! It is like a tasty bedtime snack now that I'm out of it I'm finding myself missing that lemony goodness!! The real reason for taking this product however is for the sleep it is labeled to help with. Shines through like the North Star! Within minutes of downing this delicious drink I found myself very relaxed. Didn't knock me out but did get my body to a state where simply by closing my eyes I could fall asleep without my mind wandering about what I did that day or what I need to do. I would sleep through the night usually only waking up once, and would wake in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to face whatever the day was going to bring. In my honest opinion G8 is the premier product on the market for this!

    On a scale of 1-5 where 1 is strongly disagree and 5 is strongly agree this is how I rate G8

    1. This product helped me fall asleep.....5 Without question it helped me fall asleep each and every time.

    2. This product provided deep, restful sleep....5 I slept very hard and had some vivid dreams almost every night I took it

    3. This product enhanced my recovery......3 I gave this a neutral rating because I didn't notice an increase in recovery.

    4. This product helped me relax......5 Without question this helped me to relax!!

    5. I really enjoyed this product and would recommend it to family and friends.....5 I already do and my wife from hearing me rave about G8 tells people she knows about how well it works also!
    Life's a garden, dig it
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    Thanks to Finaflex for the opportunity to log G8 and hooking me up w/ such a solid product. I'm really tempted to buy another tub, and if you know me that's saying something. Really overall just enjoyed logging G8. It works just as it should.

    On a scale of 1-5: 1=Strongly Disagree; 2 = Disagree; 3 = Neutral; 4 = Agree; 5 = Strongly Agree

    1. This product helped me fall asleep. 5! Sleep was never an issue on g8. It really gets you settled for bed.
    2. This product provided deep, restful sleep. 5! I seldom woke up while taking g8 which is unusual for me. Just one long snooze!
    3. This product enhanced my recovery. 5! I felt good and was able to work at a high capacity in the gym while taking g8.
    4. This product helped me relax. 5! You get this calm, peaceful, relaxed feeling around 20 minutes after dosing. Great for going to bed.
    5. I really enjoyed this product and would recommend it to friends and family. 5! Solid ingredients, it's cheap, lots of servings, tastes phenomenal, and just plain WORKS!
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    FinaFlex G8

    This was the second tub that I have used, and this new flavor is delicious. I wasn't able to use this tub consecutively, and I apologize to the Company reps for such a late review.

    This was a sponsored tub. And this is an honest, no BS review.

    Taste - lemonade is the best way to describe it. It tastes amazing. No bitter after taste, no lingering sugar tongue feeling.

    Mix-ability- easy mixing with a spoon or shaker, no clumps or residue

    Onset- about 10 minutes to feel the calming effects. 20 minutes and generally it is lights out time.

    Sleep- the sleep is outstanding at the right dose. My perfect dose is 3/4 of a scoop. Sometimes I dream, sometimes I don't, but I always slept pretty good.

    Morning after- it may take a few tries to find your dose, and too much can make you feel groggy and hungover. At 3/4 scoop, I woke feeling refreshed and ready for action.

    Value- 40 servings/scoops per tub, my dose is 3/4 scoop, so just over 53 servings. GREAT VALUE.

    I will definitely be using G8 in the future. It is a great product.

    Have a G8 night!
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    this stuff was awesome. decreased trensomnia even. mixed great in the full amount of water the instructions called for. tasted great. i usually mixed it in half the recommended water to decrease midnight pee trips. very strong flavor with less water go figure, but i liked it. only thing i didnt care for was the grogginess when i woke up with less than about 6 hours. definitely going to become one of my "staples" that i keep around for sleeping difficulty.
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    I mixed it with 8 ounces of water and it mixed just fine.The flavor is Lemon Freeze but the color of it is green.It don't taste that bad and you definitely do feel the GABA in it.This product does exactly what is says it does.I slept great and woke up feeling great.Another solid product from a great company.


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