Blue GrowtH (150 caps)
Blue GrowtH (150 caps)


Controlled Labs

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Blue GrowtH (150 caps)

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    I used Blue Growth mainly as a sleep aid. I use sleep aides for 2 reason, to help fall asleep and wake up more refreshed. Well, Blue Growth does help sleep deeper and wake more refreshed, however it does not help me fall asleep. I understand it's not completely a sleep aide, but that is one of the big points of natural GH products. It does have some ingredients to also optimize test levels. I like the addition of LCLT and Alpha-GPC. Frankly, It's an expensive product, but it uses expensive ingredients! I would like to see Melatonin or GABA added to help with falling asleep, but Melatonin is inexpensive to add. Some ZMA would be a nice addition too, hit it from all angles, but more ingredients would add to the price. Overall, this is a solid product.
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    Like the title said, this product works very well keeping one in REM sleep but it is not very good at helping put one to sleep. There's also a lot of pills (5) but the ingredients are pretty comprehensive. I ran an entire bottle straight through and the quality of sleep it provided never declined.

    Please note however, if you are hoping for a product that would relax you and help put you to sleep, there are much better products out there.

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