Diesel Test Pro-Cycle (160 tabs)
Diesel Test Pro-Cycle (160 tabs)


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Diesel Test Pro-Cycle (160 tabs)

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  1. good for otc pct for 11-keto?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Toff View Post
    good for otc pct for 11-keto?
    yes. Its good PCT for anything way stronger. People was using Diesel Test for pct after superdrol and I use to get emails from people that had been shut down for like 3 months after using that. Some ppl 6 months. DIESEL TEST got them right.

  3. is there a discount code for the fefifo site?

  4. How do you combine Diesel Test on non work out days with Sunami?

  5. I work nights. So I have been taking 4 Sumani before sleeping and upon waking up 4 DTP then after six hours another 4 DTP. Should I decrease the number of tablets on DTP to experience a better result?


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