Supplements to add to cycle: Hexadrone, Epistane, Epi-andro, 4-andro, sarms, etc...

  1. Supplements to add to cycle: Hexadrone, Epistane, Epi-andro, 4-andro, sarms, etc...

    Hey everyone,

    First time posting here. I will be running a cycle in the next month or so (have been running gear for 6 years). stats if you need them: 6'4" 240lbs about 13%bf.

    I will be doing a moderate dose of about 400-500mgs of test E a week. I'm laying off the oral AAS (or trying to, got winny and tbol on hand). I'm going to try using sarms, I'm using Monster-Labs which is now out of business, but had some decent review and Purerawz. I'm stacking them all lol.. got LGD 4033, sr9009, GW, MK677, S4, osta, Rad140, and yk11. So I'll be adding like one new sarm a week for a 16-18 week run altogether.

    My question is that I've never done any prohormones so is there a point to add them? I'm looking at the ones with the least amount of sides like: Hexadrone, Epistane, Epi-andro, 4-andro, 1-andro, 7keto dhea, b-androstenetriol, Desoxy Test Ace, oral trest (have half a bottle left from vicious labs). Would any of those be beneficial? I'm going to be looking to recomp if possible, you know lose fat gain muscle, the hardest thing to do lol. I'm looking for decent effects with limited sides.

    Dylan Gemelli has all these very good videos on prohormones, and makes them sound pretty good, but then says to never use them, so idk lol. Also, which is better for each oral or transdermal. If you have suggestions on products, dosing, brands, please feel free to let me know.

    I know it's a lot to ask, but looking for some help, so thank you!

  2. Dylan gemelli lol.

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