Why does Jeremy Buendia come across as a douchebag?

  1. Why does Jeremy Buendia come across as a douchebag?

    Every ad hes in it seems he makes faces like this.....Name:  D98DEDD9-C13E-4A7C-BD87-2AA7CD5D9E1B.jpeg
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  2. I would have to say that it's probably because he's a douche. But that's just my opinion.
    Twenty-Two Until None
    I Am My Brothers Keeper

  3. Or because his trainer is hany

  4. Little man syndrome?

  5. These two remind me of that Karate club Cobra �� Kai. ****er should have played the bully in Karate Kid. His coach would have been perfect for that role as the coach. He’s from California also where that movie was based.

  6. Perminent stink face. I have heard he is extremely humble. But win a couple Olympias, and you can have whatever look you want lol.

  7. Honestly. It is the photographer and company who tell him how to pose. What faces to make, etc.
    they are also the ones with the last say on any of the pictures


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