This is what I'm looking at starting in two weeks. It's the same diet -3000 calories of carbs from bulking when I went from 155-185 and 185-215. It's the same diet for cutting I used to get from 215-185. Split has always been the same (All are 2 exercise supersets w/ rotation of one going power other going hypertrophy)... just looking for comments, critiques, and general advice.

4 Week Cycle + 8W:Liver/Cycle Support + 4W:PCT

Hexadrone 100mg

DMZ 50mg

Methylstenbolone 15mg

Pre: 5g Creatine 400mg Caffeine

Intra: 10g BCAA

Post: 25g Whey + L-glutamine

Night: 25g Casein


#1 2 Egg 40g protein Red Meat + Veg

#2 40g Protein Chicken + Potato

W/O - Intra

#3 Post + 40g protein White/Fish + Veg

#4 40g protein White/Fish + Veg

#5 Night + 1c Nuts + Peanut Butter

Veg = 2 Servings of Kale/Spinach/Broccoli/Cauliflower/Asparagus/Brussel Sprouts

M-F= 1 hour Bodyweight/Cardio (Mandatory)

Split- Abs everyday





Full Body

Heaviest: 215lb

Lightest: 180lb 7%

Current: 185lb 8-9%


Density & Strength

No more than 15lbs muscle gain