First some background, I'm 5'9, 162 lbs. and currently on a cut. I'm on a cycle of Cardarine and Ostarine and will be complete in a month. I'm at around 9-10% BF and I'm planning to be about 6% when I'm done. Now, I'm curious if I need to take a PCT before I start my next cycle, I keep reading conflicting opinions about that. I plan on starting a bulk ASAP. I just ordered some 50 mg Dbol pills and someone to help with a guide to my cycle. Dosage, dietand what other supps I need. I was thinking of Novladren XT as an arimitose inhibitor while on cycle along with milk thistle for liver support. And I was thinking solo clomid as my PCT, or would nolvadex be better? Also I am reading with Dianabol you should run test as well with it, is this true? If so which test should I opt for? Thanks in advance for the help, I love the AM community!