High testosterone and no libido

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  1. I have no libido , no morning woods ... it's definitely not in the mind . My dick looks lifeless most of the time . I don't know which way to go next . Caber helped me on the first week , after made me very tired all the time . Could be low estrogen ? I heard that total test : e2 should be somewhere between 14-20. In my case it's 48.8 . I was not prone to gyno but I took a lot of ai after my first cycle . It is possible to have high amount of estrogen naturally and not being rebound yet ?

  2. How long ago was your last cycle incase I missed it?

    Your numbers may not be perfect and you may recover naturally in time especially if your last cycle was recent (3-6 months ago)

    I'm certain atleast in part this is an issue exacerbated mentally. You see, you're worrying about low libido which is totally understandable. That is the nature of psychological stress. It's also a reason trying a product regardless of whether it's sugar pills, caber or other can temporarily alleviate symptoms due to that lovely placebo effect. Also you mentioned you don't have morning wood. It's possible you're sleeping through it and it's happening earlier on. If your sleep schedule has changed that could be a cause. There's a pretty simple test you can try yourself here https://www.healthline.com/health/er...elf-test#uses2

  3. My last cycle was two years ago. I felt good even after the cycle, but after I started to take nolvadex and anastrozole(1mg/d) . My libido started to drop and my morning woods were gone and never coming back . How could I raise my e2 ?


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