First SARM cycle

  1. First SARM cycle

    Hi guys I am running my first SARM cycle in about a week. I bought 2 bottles of Ostamuscle and MK677 I have experience with MA Labs somatozine which was an amazing product. I have never ran anything hormonal. The only anabolic cycle I have done was 8 week of MassMax XT with the last 4 weeks adding Mk677 I started at 184lbs and ended up at 192 leaner than I started although a few lbs of that was water I am well aware I did though put a **** load of strength on my compound lifts. I am very well aware that diet and nutrition is key I am currently sitting at 188lbs playing junior hockey 3-5x a week plus lifting 3-4x a week my cals are roughly 3000 although will be cranking that up and making it strict not "roughly" haha so here is the planned out cycle:

    Week 1

    ostarine: 10mg ED
    Arimacare pro 4 caps ED (half the suggested dose)
    MK677: 10mg ED

    Week 2-8
    ostarine 20mg ED
    Arimacare pro 8 caps ED (full dose)
    MK 677: 10mg ED

    Week 9
    Ostarine: 10mg ED
    Arimacare pro 4 caps
    MK676: 10mg ED
    MassMax XT 4 caps ED

    Week 1-4
    Nolva 33/33/16.5/16.5
    Super PCT (suggested dose which is 10 caps ED)
    Massmax XT until week 3 of pct
    Week 4-8
    Testify by OL 8 caps ED (full dose)

    Lemme know what you guys think...? I looked into getting bloods done and my doctor isn't really one of "those" doctors who is knowledgable about this kind of stuff he's the type to say créatine is bad for your organs. So with that being said I know many are not really about using a SERM with ostarine but I want to minimize risk of post cycle sides which is why I also got another bottle of MassMax because I know it works plus I know Testify is supposed to increase free test which I know tomaxifen raises shbg lemme know if my nolva is too high, etc.

    Been lifting since I was 14

    Stats: turning 21 in a few months
    Current lifts:
    Max bench: 235
    Max squat: 315
    Max dead: 350
    Weight 188

    Personal best a few weeks ago before hockey:
    Max bench 250
    Max squat: 330
    Max dead: 405
    Weight 192

    Joints are a little messed got a sore knee and shoulders are a little stiff. Hopefully osta can help. I hope to get my weight up to 195. Lifts above my personal best while playing hockey.

    Also have a bottle of GW not sure when to run it I wanted to try it for endurance benefits for hockey I don't really care for the fat loss.

  2. I'm curious

    Why did you ever start using SARMs in the first place? At 20 and I'm guessing you aren't a scholarship athlete then why put the money into this venture?
    Current Log:

  3. First SARM cycle

    Quote Originally Posted by TheMovement View Post
    I'm curious

    Why did you ever start using SARMs in the first place? At 20 and I'm guessing you aren't a scholarship athlete then why put the money into this venture?
    I have chances of playing CIS which is basically top notch div III NCAA where I play ATM is basically NAHL caliber for guys from the states.

    Also forgot to say I want to compete in a bodybuilding show at least once in my life.

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