MK677 and Ostarine

  1. MK677 and Ostarine

    About 6 weeks into a light cycle of 20mg/day of Ostarine and MK677. Seeing water retention and blood pressure spike as well. I dont believe this is the Ostarine but could be a side effect of the MK. Anyone have similar side effects with either of these compounds. Both from EA

  2. Used both solo and combined. MK is more than likely causing the bloat and probably osta raising BP.

    Neither compound effected me negatively but I know a lot of people get bloat on mk. Try 10mg and see how it goes. 20mg made me too lethargic anyway so I always stayed at 10.
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  3. MK677 and Ostarine

    MK bloated me and increased my BP. There is a correlation between water retentions and increased BP. Hence why they prescribe ppl lasix with Bp meds
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  4. Makes sense and exactly what I was thinking. Not a lot of info on side effects of this stuff. Just proves everything has some sort of side effect.

  5. Is this the first time running MK? It was a nightmare for me the first run. Gave me insomnia and anxiety mostly. I had to drop the dose down to 5mg or so and work my way up. I upped the dose every week or so and eventually was up to 25mg without any sides. I then took a 6 month hiatus from MK and started up at 25mg again a few weeks ago. This time zero negative sides from the getgo just crazy hunger the first couple days. I seem to have built a tolerance to the sides yet still experience the benefits of improved skin and outrageous pumps while training so I assume MK is still doing its job as a GH secretagogue. I never got bloat or lethargy from MK mind you.

  6. MK will increase water retention thus swelling. My wedding ring was a bitch keyword SuppTalk Radio

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