Best results vs severity of sides with Tren E

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  1. why soo much test?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by NoAddedHmones View Post
    why soo much test?
    Agree with this inquiry.

    OP: I personally have not run as high Tren doses as you have, but I have experimented with Tren at 4-500 And Test about the same va Test at about 200. I have found the sides of insomnia and sweats significantly reduced with lower test. Perhaps lowering your test dose could help and maybe even let you take more Tren. Just a thought.

  3. Yep! Seen tons of know it all in my day! You sir are one. Your primo real,As is your var,and your Chinese GH is too. Let me inform you(young niave,id guess) Steroid dealers are drug dealers! You could get primo,test it,it's good! Next bottle ain't.

    Ester weight has to do with how much a effective dose is. Moron. Due to the higher ester weight,the effective dose is higher.

    And no! Mast is a fairy expensive steroid. When the fake it? They don't care if it's dht,or ****ing a Nor. EQ is cheap as **** and it don't aromatize.much.

    So! Have you tried the steroid kit test! I have! Results are questionable.

    Tried alot of different steroids,from alot if different sources. One thing of learned. You can't fake test(unless your a newbie) And when it comes to expensive steroids,or GH,your gonna get ripped off occasionally. That's a fact,pal.

  4. To answer the original question, I was running tren a at 75mg everyday without any sides. The next blast I used it on I did 100mg/day and by week 3 I had nightsweats and became slightly lethargic and easily winded. Even with 20mg of gw501516/day. So, I found my sweetspot at 525mg/week

  5. My 2 cents.. Tren doesnít make me feel good. I donít take drugs/AAS that donít make me feel good, my rule... Although Test, Mast, and Dbol all make me feel good. I would feel great mixing these three without an AI. I would grow two pounds a day on that stack! Iíd run it for 20-40# weight gain every time, always works great!.. I canít lift to justify such a stack any longer, but my favorite stack looked like this:
    600-1000mg Test/week
    400-700mg Mast/week
    25-70mg/day; week 1 Dbol
    70-100mg/day; week 2-3 Dbol.
    I would feel invincible on this ****ing stack! Maybe a few hours here and there I could feel the androgens creep a little high, and a few other sides, but was mostly manageable for me.. I never ran it more then three weeks. My bloods were normal after a three week blast (liver,kidneys, cholesterol)... Iíve done many stacks. Tried many of the compounds. Those three mixed in that fashion for me, was nothing short of amazing! As far as the compounds mentioned in this thread and what I found to be very effective in my experience,,,, that is my two cents

  6. Im running 800mgs of tren e ive noticed for me the sides i get from tren ace are far worse than tren e even if the ace is at a lower dose maybe its just my body. Anyone noticed a different in sides from tren e to ace


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