1. Cycle

    In November I am starting a cycle of tren-a and test-p l would like to add a third compound any one have any suggestions. NO ORALS. Thanks

  2. Well three basic types of steroids! You have two of the 3 represented! I'd suggest last one comes from that group!

  3. How many cycles have you done? How does your body look? Why did you decide to pick tren? Why do you have to add something?

  4. Masteron Propionate or maybe primobolan

  5. Mast prop or primo just like my boy bull nuts says as you have text and a 19nor, but also know plenty that have run npp w tren. Or dhb would be awesome bc it's so similar to tren without the sides and not a 19nor either. Pm if u need any help. Best of luck and be healthy!

  6. No doubt.... Masteron.... My anabolic of choice.... around 500mg a week for me is straight up filthy...... and why not an oral??? I bring in Proviron my final 4 weeks to polish me off.....
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