New to pinning, cycle suggestions

  1. New to pinning, cycle suggestions

    Hey fellow bros, I'm gonna start my first pin cycle. I have about 5 PH/DS cycles under my belt. I've been training on and off for about 6+ years. Last 2 years been pretty consistent. I'm looking to get shredded. My stats are as folloes:

    About 18 - 20% BF...maybe less

    I have in my stash test prop, tren ace. Was thinking of adding Anavar, winstrol or masteron. I'm open to suggestions.

    Cycle support I have OL kings guard, A-dex. I have inhibit-p but will it suffice or is caber a must?

    PCT consist of OL kings blood, Clomid, nolva, and a-dex just in case.

    Thanx in advanced for your knowledge and input.

  2. If I were you...500 test e or c/week for 12-16 weeks

    Dude DO not run tren and test prop first time around

  3. Get your feet wet first before moving to much more extreme compounds

    Btw your body fat is wayyyy to high for masteron..get around 10%

  4. Sorry to keep chiming in but you have zero experience with injections...therefore why would you want to run compounds...tren a and test p which require frequent injections??? EOD do not know how pip feels (post injection pain)
    Pleaseeeeee do more research..ask me anything, I'm more than happy to help.
    I am more than willing to help walk you Though your first cycle
    It's not as easy as it seems. There's a lot that goes into doing it the right way.

  5. No need to apologize. Input is always appreciated. I've been reading William Llewellyn anabolics book along with a plethora of logs online. I've used tren oral before. If you don't mind me asking, what's your reasoning as to why not use a low dose of tren a with my test?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Misfits88 View Post
    No need to apologize. Input is always appreciated. I've been reading William Llewellyn anabolics book along with a plethora of logs online. I've used tren oral before. If you don't mind me asking, what's your reasoning as to why not use a low dose of tren a with my test?
    I'm not saying don't do it. Tren with test in a nice cycle.
    I believe for everyone's first time Around they should stick with a test only cycle. 500 test e or c a week will provide amazing results with first timers.
    After that can start building on top of that for your next cycle.
    Your receptors are fresh...using test only your first time will be amazing. You can even add in a oral towards the end to tighten up a bit..winny or Anavar is very very nice

  7. Tren isn't for everyone, and the oral version is nothing like the injectable. I am with bolt and recommend test only for first cycle. If you want to add an oral at the beginning or end for an extra kick. I will say though if your going to use it tren A is the way to go for sure. If your one of those people who get intolerable sides its in and out of your system quickly. At the end of the day its your choice your grown.

    Also I would ditch the prop and go for a longer ester
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  8. Yeah, EOD injections for a newer user isn't always fun. Plus, I know I prefer different gauge and length for different spots. Anyways, I agree with everyone with the running a longer ester for your first go. Adding tren and masteron second time around with be a solid cycle, but definitely not for everyone. I personally only run a tren base every now and again. Trens a mean drug man, great, but it's fairly potent. If you do 12 weeks at 500 test e or c and last 4-6 weeks run some anavar, you'll be solid man.

  9. Ok say you run test,tren and mast. All a first for you! Say you get gyno symptoms? Most likely the test,right! But hold up! Seen plenty of guys claim they have got it from tren. Say your BP skyrockets(who am I kidding,you won't check,lol) most likely the tren? Maybe! Could be test and mast though. Say you break out in hives! It's happened to me! What then? I can go on!!!!

    Test 500 a week. See how body responds. Next cycle 500 test ,and 400 tren. See how body responds. Personally I can take my test up to 700 before I start getting slight gyno symptoms. I can run tren in 500 a week and slight BP raise. 600 it starts to sky rocket. Plain truth is you need as much tren as people think. Anyway​! The point being. You introduce one new compound at a time. Or! A new dosage level(higher) that you've ran before. Take this approach if your smart.

  10. Don't need as much tren as people think! Lol!

  11. Your body fat is too high for mast. Anavar is kinda bad in my opinion and super expensive, winstrol Is harsh but effective. Listen your cycle is insane.. You don't go for the strongest compound first cycle and then stack it with more things. You have no idea how your body is gonna react even to test. I have tried things and test which is supposed to be one the most mild actually gave me gyno sides and that being said I'm low body fat and havent had any as a teen. Why does this matter? Well the more fat you have the more likely you are to have sides. People believe steroids are some miracle pills that just makes you ripped and buff. Well they don't. I can tell you that it's even likely that you get just as good results on test only first cycle due to your body not being used to it. Now when it gets used to it we can talk about adding something. I can clearly tell that you have no idea how effective test is for a beginner. There's a limit to how much your body can progress and if it was as simple as just adding more and more there would be thousands of big guys in every neighbourhood. Stay with the test only, and remember we're all different. People say it takes 3 weeks minimum to kick in. Well I had gained 6kg in these weeks and I looked leaner. Just goes to show were all different. you're not gonna add more by taking more on a first cycle.


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