1. Exhausted

    I'm on a 500mg week test c cycle. 250 Monday and 250 Friday. On Thursdays I can hardly work out cuz I feel exhausted. Should I switch to just doing 250mg every 3 days?

  2. You claiming the so called"test flu" ? Witch I've heard but never experienced. What's up? Your thinking is the test dosage is exhausting you?

  3. No just feel like it's wearing off by the end of the 3rd day. I starting pinning every 3 days now and I feel great

  4. Ummmmm....that should not be the case with test cyp. Not at all. To begin with it usually takes 4 weeks to kick in,unless you front load. If you feel better that's great! But test c is long estered. Unlike prop. Are you sure of the gear and your reasoning? Because it does matter!

  5. I'm 10 weeks in

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Dds852000 View Post
    I'm 10 weeks in
    Is oestrogen in check bro? Have u had any orals?

  7. I had severe lethargy on test cycle as well. Even with my estrogen blood tests in check. Some people get it. It's rare. But I still made incredible gains. If it's just tiredness it's not "test flu" . Some say your body is growing at a high rate which can cause you to be exhausted


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