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    Hi everyone, I need some advice on something,what's the best cycle to take to get rapid size after a break from training

  2. Depends. Have you cycled before?
    I'm not going to ask for your stats. People lie to often on here. So I will just provide you with advice

    If you have never done a cycle. Stick with only 1 compound. Such as Test Cyp. 8-12 weeks. AI.
    Definitely hit the gym again. Get in the flow of a routine before starting your cycle

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ian_swole View Post
    Something with dbol would be good
    Do dbol and a long ester test like propionate
    Dude... propionate is not a long ester.
    Training & everything else log:

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BamBam0319 View Post
    Dude... propionate is not a long ester.
    I know did you catch that too lol

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