Mid cycle question= sust to test e

  1. Mid cycle question= sust to test e

    Hey fellas. I'm currently running my first cycle. I'm about 4 weeks into 500 mg's of sust a week. I'm trying to take it easy on my first cycle, that's why I'm not mixing multiple heavy compounds. So I may not be able to get my second bottle of sust to continue this 10 week cycle. I may have to switch to test e. Is there anything I should know before doing this. I understand that the majority of sust is already long acting Esther's, so I don't feel as if it would be an issue. Regardless, I would like to get some feedback from some more experienced guys.

    Thanks for any insight

  2. Because the sust is made up of 4 different compounds and has fast acting and slow acting esters it will take longer for the test e to get into your system. But the transition should be fine since you had the sust already. You MAY hold a little water because the sust has some compounds known to not hold as much water, but honestly everyone reacts different.

  3. Thanks fitfreak. I appreciate you always being active in this forum and always being available to help.

  4. I like test e sust to keep blood levels even should be shot every day there's a great article on basskilleronline.com about it

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